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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Anivia Build Guide by kendrask

Support [S8] ANIVIA SUPPORT: Stun - Wall - Kill

By kendrask | Updated on December 18, 2017
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Why I love Anivia Support

A lot of people have told me that Anivia Supp "sucks" and the pick is often considered as a troll but it my opinion Anivia Supp is one of the strongest supports in the game - if you know how. You will need an adc that does a lot of damage fast and now how to handle an Anivia Support. I had some nice plays with adcs like Jhin, Vayne, Jinx, Draven, Khalista and so on. I will explain briefly how you will have to play in the next chapter.

The great thing about Anivia is that she can carry team fights all game and save A LOT of your team mates from death if they get in trouble.
You can also get away and outplay your enemies easily with some skill. You'll need to train that but it will be worth it!

1. If you hit one Q W Combo in early game correctly, your adc will have an easy kill! With the Sightstone you'll be able to push without fear. And if theres still a junlger wanting to gank, then just wall him (W) or stun him with your Q and fly away.

2. An Anivia Q in a teamfight can, for example, stun 3 enemies at once or a wall can hold 5 Enemies back from killing you or your team mates - Anivia can be really helpful!

3. She won't get a lot of farm in early, but she will get her farm in mid and late by splitpushing and/or defending towers (Anivia is great for defense!)- Just always R Minions and the enemy won't be able to attack the minons.

NOTE 1: Don't steal your adc's farm! You will get farm in mid/late! But you can turn on your R and turn it off right after that, so that minons get damaged but not killed.

NOTE 2: I wouldn't recommend playing Anivia supp in Solo queue Low Elo. Only if you and your adc can talk to each other and have trained together.
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UTILITY Support or AGGRESSIVE Support?

You may ask yourself "So... which kind of Support should I play?".

It depends on how much experience you have with Anivia and how your playstyle is.

Choose your type:
A - I've just started to play Anivia and I'm trying to learn her --> UTILITY
B - I'm pretty good at Anivia, but I sometimes have Mana problems in early game --> UTILITY
C - I'm an Anivia Pro but I'd like more sustain in the laning phase (due to mana problems through aggressive playstyle or in general defensive playstyle) --> mix UTILITY and AGGRESSIVE
D - I'm a super aggressive Anivia and know how to handle my mana, I like to play Anivia with ignite --> AGGRESSIVE

I personally often mix UTILITY and AGGRESSIVE, depending on the enemy team and how the lane is working out.

If the enemy bot lane has a tank support, I go more for UTILITY, because you probably won't be able to take the tanks down in early, even with the aggressive playstyle - you can also proc that Cleptomancy so easy against tanks. Also go for UTILITY if you get ganked a lot by the enemy jungler, so that you can stay in lane and take all the damage that your adc would take otherwise, and consume all the heal pots you get to heal up again.

If the enemy bot lane is quite squishy (Soraka, Sona, Janna, ...) Support, then I choose most things out of AGGRESSIVE Support.


In general, you should additionally buy a Sightstone and sell it later on if you really need vision on map, your team will flame you otherwise for being a useless support or no support at all.
Your movement speed is still quite slow, so wards are essential for preventing ganks.
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Most important Combo: Q - W

The key to bot lane kills is to stay in the bushes and Q -(Q)- W!
And if you have stunned that enemy, full attack with your adc and he will be dead in seconds!

(For Anivia Pros: you can also Q-W-Q of course, by pushing the enemy into your Q with the wall while Q is flying)
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Wall everything

Use your Wall if your adc gets attacked to hold the enemies back - or just to annoy them ;-)

W can also be useful when your team does a Dragon - just block enemies trying to get to the Dragon until your team has finished it

If theres a team fight going on, try so seperate one or two enemies (front line or enemies out of position) from their team bay placing a wall between them and their team so that they'll have to flash over that wall or, if they dont have their flash any more, die, because their team won't be able to help them.
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E for Damage

Never hit your E first, always second! (e.g. after Q or R on an enemy)
It will deal a lot more damage

(Of course you are allowed to hit your E first, if your Q is still on cooldown and an enemy is very low, but keep in mind: it will deal way less damage)
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R for wave clear

You can use your Ultimate for many things like defending a tower, wave clear in mid/late, Dragon, Teamfights and to get away.
You can also easily split push with it, but get away before the enemy says hi ;-)

If an you are chasing an enemy, you can try to slow him a bit by placing your R at max range and turn it directly off again. The enemy will be slowed and you will be able to place a good wall easily and/or land a Q / an Exhaust. If you get near to the enemy, your R will be up again, because you turned it off very early.
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How to get away with... Anivia

You can outplay enemies by getting away from a normally safe death and that is why Anivia is OP!

1. If someone chases you: Wall him/them, try to Q them while running away and put a R slightly in front of you so that you run through it and the enemies then too! And Wall/Q again until they give up chasing you!

2. If you are almost dead but still have your passive - the EGG: Press Teleport to a tower just a few milliseconds before you are "dead" and your egg will appear – it will TP your egg to a tower before the enemy can kill it! You will need to train this but it will be fun, I guarantee it!
But be careful to press TP not too early or it will be stopped by the enemy...
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After receiving a helpful comment that you can read below this guide, I've thought about taking Ignite with Anivia Support.

It absolutely makes sense, if you choose the [ AGGRESSIVE ] build! You will have more pressure on the lane. But I recommend taking Exhaust rather than ignite because your ADC will have more time to dead tons of damage to the slowed enemy, and of course you too!

But if the enemies obviously will have more pressure on lane or a that have a jungler that can easily gank, then I'd recommend building defensicely and taking Teleport or Exhaust for utility! :-)
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So why the hell Teleport? (UTILITY)

A) You can get back to your lane fast in early game if you are oom
B) You can easily split push or TP to a tower to defend it
C) The best outplay of all times with the egg! *_*

If you still don't like TP on Anivia you can also go with Exhaust. But first - try it a few times!
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The egg-tower-outplay

If you are low (but still have your passive, the egg) and the enemy too, try to get him to towerdive you and then put a wall there that he cant escape the tower - he will get killed by the tower because he forgot you still have your egg and you will be at full health and will have a kill :D yeah, this works!

But make sure you are behind your tower so that he HAS to towerdive to kill you!
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- Fast kill for adc through stun and wall
- Can get away easily --> not many deaths / no feed
- Carry team fights
- Help team by blocking away enemies
- Outplay enemies easily
- Splitpush possible
- Good in defending towers without risk
- The EGG everyone forgets about!

- quite Squishy
- Skill champ - training your Q is very important
- Weak to enemy stuns
- Mana problems in early if you choose aggressive playstyle
- Hard to dodge things because of low movement speed
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Vayne + Anivia = True Love

As Vayne can stun enemies by hitting them against a wall with her E, the combo Anivia - Vayne is perfect! Anivia places a wall behind the enemy and vayne presses E - enemy stunned. And before the stun finishes, Anivia just hits another stun (her Q) on the enemy and places, if already lvl 6 an ult under the enemy. So easy kills. But takes practice with your premade adc.
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About me

It's my first season in LoL, but Anivia Supp has worked so well so many times, so I decided to write a guide for this. Got some 400k on Anivia (what is not soo much) and I'm trying to improve her with every single game.

I usually play her mid lane or top lane, but I also enjoy playing her as Support - no one is expecting that! ^.^

Edit 1: Had some 1/0/15, 2/0/18, ... plays to prove my adc that I'm not trolling ;)
If someone tries to tell you what sums to take ("Supp tp?? Take ignite!") just don't listen to them and ignore their flame. You will be more useful with teleport than ignite.
It will be a bit hard to supp with Anivia in low Elo because your adc may not see the opportunity for kills when you hit your Q - W Combo and so they will give away free kills that will make them lose your lane. They will flame you for losing it but in fact it's their fault. Just ignore. Use bad adcs to train Anivia - protect them from suiciding ;).

But on the other hand - if you have a good adc that can handle an anivia support, then you can easily carry the game and make them ff at 20 minutes :D

Edit 2: I started playing Anivia on mid lane a lot and reached mastery 7 2 months ago with her by getting some S on mid lane and as a supp! 8/2/14 plays as support and so on. She's my main and still so fun to play! In ranked Solo Queue I still play her in mid lane because its hard to supp a random adc because of the lack of coordination.

Edit 3: Anivia Support is working so well, its really fun with a good adc! I just need to be careful to let my adc get the kills, 5/3/16 stats or 6/5/20 are totally normal. xD

Wall them, when they are getting chased by the enemy team to punish them for their flame. Just say you wanted to place it after them (to save them), but you missed it :-D

Info: My mains are Anivia, Master Yi, Kha Zix and Soraka (2 Jg, 1 mid/supp, 1 supp).

I'm very sorry for my English mistakes because I am a German girl but I hope it is understandable ;-)

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