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Evelynn Build Guide by eitanoodle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eitanoodle

S8 Evelynn - The Best Assassin for the jungle!

eitanoodle Last updated on November 9, 2017
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Evelynn Build

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Threats to Evelynn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sejuani Do your clear, outgank her. Your "dark frenzy" (w) will make half her CC useless against you.
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Hello, fellas :3
Do you want to stomp bronzies?
Do you want to kite?
Do you want to one-shot?
Do you want to be a complete ****head?
Then Evelynn, The Stealthy Chick Who Kills People While Half Naked, is for you!

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Pros and Cons

- She's perma-stealthed, so she has always global preasure.
- She is bursy as heck, and can send her enemies to hell in less than a second.
- She snowballs like a boss.
- She doesn't give a **** about any slow.
- She has percentage health damage.
- She kites like a beast.
- She has great ganks.
- She has no true counters.
- She clears fast.

- Her first and second clear makes her very unhealthy.
- She doesn't have enough damage early to solo kill.
- Falls of easily and needs to snowball.
- She's difficult to play correctly.

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"Shadow Walk" (Passive)
Evelynn is stealthed when she isn't in combat. While she's stealthed she regenerate extra mana based on missing mana.

"Hate Spike" (Q)
Eve is dealing damage in an AoE line, that is aiming for the target you right-clicked last time. It scales with both AP and AD, but AP ratio is slightly better. Also, the ability has 1.5 second cooldown so that's why "Sheen" is a great item and must be rushed. Also, the ability has no cast animation, what makes Eve a kiting god.

Dark Frenzy
you get a movement speed buff and become unslowed from anything you effected by correctly.

single target short ranged ability that deals physical damage, and procs on-hit effects twice. very simple.

Agony's Embrace
ranged AoE ability that deals damage based on the enemy's correct health. Also shields Eve based on the amount of enemies hit.

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Jungle Clear

My personal favorite is a clear starting at golems, to red to raptors and then you try to gank mid or bot. Also i like to go from golems, full clear without buffs. From the moment you get your Sheen you can do a full clear and stay healthy.

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Early Game

So, here's what you wanna do:
Look at the map. If there's a low enemy, you go behind them and erase them from earth.
You do this over and over until one of the following happeneds:
one: the preasure pushes all enemies to their turret.
two: laning phase is over.
after this, mid game has officialy started.

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Mid Game

You have to prioratize actions (1 is best):
1. teamfight (if your team has already grouped, don't force it).
2. assassinate splitpushers.
3. objectives with the tank.
4. bait with the squishy.
5. clear incoming minion waves (solo), but don't keep pushing with them.

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Late game

Group up with your team and push. Nothing much to say. Try to buy "Mobility Boots" or "Boots of Swiftness" and splitpush, and try to bait the enemy team play with you tag. I wanna see them try. Even if you do die, you can buy time for your team to take a major objective since Eve is very hard to catch.

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You ult the whole enemy team and then dive in after the tank. After you do, you run like a coward. In the end teamfight, clean it from low health enemies. And yes, you should definetly dive again if you still have HP. Why would i just dont keep fighting you ask? Well, after you run, your enemies are sure that they can still win the teamfight. But in reality you are just waiting for the right opportunity.

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Sheen is a core item on Eve, since her "Hate Spike"(Q) is on 1.5 seconds cooldown.
Hextech Revolver is a great item on Eve, since it increases her burst significantly better with the proc of "thunderlord's decree".
Caulfield's Warhammer is a very good item on Eve since it gives her AD, and CDR, wich are both very good for Eve. Also, it complete's her jungle item.
Skirmisher's Sabre is a jungle item for late game assassinations against high damage targets.
Tracker's Knife is a good item against an easy jungle matchup, that can be counter-jungled.
Stalker's Blade is a great item for solo-assassinations and ganks on lanes without any CC. This one is my personal favorite.
Phage is awesome, since it lets you stick to your taget even more, and lets you proc that sweet, sweet Sheen.
Bilgewater Cuttless is a great item for solo-assassinations and ganks on lanes without any CC. It also sustains your clear, something that Eve doesn't have.
Youmuus Ghostblade everything with this item is just screaming "Take me!". It gives you AD, armor pen, and a great ganking and assassination buff that synergieses with Eve's (W) and stalker's blade.
Lich Bane is the cheap AP version of tri-force.
Rylie's Abysal Scepter Now its going to be absolutly impossible to run away or run after you. It also gives you AP and tankiness.
Maw Of Malmortius is great against AP bursters, like Diana, Lux, etc. also it gives you some more flat pen.
Dead Man's Plate The best defensive item for roaming and ganking.
Abyssal Scepter Its the AP version of Maw Of Malmortios. You should get this one instead of the Abyssal over maw if: 1, you are behind (it costs less), 2, if you are against an invading AP jungler. 3, if they build magic resist.
Bunshee's Veil is a great item against CC and AP comps that rely on stacks (lux, vel'koz, etc).
Luden's Echo is a basic one. A load of AP and percentage movement speed.

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Extra tips

    Know your limits! You need to know your many power-spikes.
    You can kite with your Q since it has no cast time.
    Wards are important more than ever! Max your stealth's full potential.
    Remember to use your Q properly in a way that hits all the monsters.
    Remember to always smite the golems since your (E) procs it twice.
    If you do it right, the shield from your ult is about to be big twice your health bar.