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Blitzcrank Build Guide by MooshMooshMoosh



Updated on March 16, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MooshMooshMoosh Build Guide By MooshMooshMoosh 8 2 220,545 Views 8 Comments
8 2 220,545 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MooshMooshMoosh Blitzcrank Build Guide By MooshMooshMoosh Updated on March 16, 2018
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hey guys. This is my first guide so no hate. I've been having an insane start to season 7. I currently have a 72% winrate with blitzcrank, and at one point had an 81% winrate (50+ games this season).

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Summoner Spell

Flash is highly recommended on blitzcrank. There are so many cases in which flash is useful. Sometimes you need it for those sick flash hook plays. Other times, it is necessary for peeling your carry. For example, if a rengar is going to jump on your ADC, and you aren't close enough to do anything, you can Flash Power Fist making rengar useless and allowing your adc to run.

You can take Exhaust or Ignite but I suggest taking Exhuast. It's just a much better summoner spell in general. The current meta of rengar/khazix jungle makes supports required to take exhaust so that their carries don't get 1 shot.

However, depending on who you're against, Ignite can be more effective. Such as against a Soraka or Garen who either do insane amounts of healing or health regen. Just be smart about your decision. It's all about counter what the enemy has.
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The full build which consists of 5 items is a must.
This is the build order in which you should follow:

1. Sightstone
2. Boots of Mobility
3. Talisman of Ascension
4. Either Hextech Protobelt or Ruby Sighstone
5. Finish the one you didn't do in step 4
6. Normally I go ZZ'rot as my next item but sometimes, if they have someone carrying hard, go either of the following:
1. Thornmail for AD counter (like Vayne)
2. Randuin's Omen for AD crit counter (like Yasuo)
3. Banshee's Veil for AP counter (like Syndra)
Otherwise, go ZZ'rot and then either of the 3 items above.

If you get baron and you think you can end, get your Elixir of Iron. It really helps in that final push and secures the victory. This is in the case where you haven't finished all of your items. This happens often to me as I start or am part way through my ZZ'rot portal as my 5th item.

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Ability Sequence

Basic info about your abilities if you don't know already.

Q is Rocketgrab. The infamous grab that everyone dreads.
W is a speed boost with a slow at the end. Pretty basic.
E is a point click knock up. Can't really mess this one up.
R is an AOE silence + dmg. Pretty good DMG ratio too.

You want to max Q first. Then W. Then E. Level up your R whenever you can (at level 6, 11, and 16)
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Why do I get coin and all this off meta stuff?

The reason I get coin is because when you finish it as Talisman of Ascension, it is a great engaging and disengaging tool. As blitzcrank, you are constantly looking for picks. If you are grouped as 5, and you use your talisman speed boost, you are suddenly moving a whole lot faster. Also activating gives you A LOT of speed, catching an enemy off guard and closing that gap for a grab. Speeding up your team into a pick also allows them to collapse faster and secure the kill.

Talisman is also great for disengaging. Gaining 40% movement speed when running away from the enemy means that no one is going to get picked off. Unless if the enemy also has a talisman, you are almost guaranteed to get out in safety.

Protobelt is a cute little item I like to get. First off, it has great value. It's 2500, relatively cheap AP item. It also gives 10% Cooldown reduction which is great to spam your hooks.

However, the place protobelt really shines is its active. The active is an amazing item. For those of you who do not know, it moves the champion a small distance in the direction of your cursor and deals AOE dmg in direction you are facing (semi circle shaped). Great for wave clear and sometimes securing kills on enemy champions. It also however does a great deal of damage. As blitzcrank, a combo I like to use is...

talisman and W >> flash or protobelt or both >> R >> then E + Q whoever
This combo is great for many reasons. First, protobelt + R is guaranteed to clear all minions that the enemy may be hiding in (except for super minions). It gives a clear shot at an enemy champion because it clears all minions except for cannon minions, and it's unexpected with the speed boost.

Another combo is protobelt + Q. Since protobelt moves you forward a small distance, it is sort of like a flash. It is quick and sometimes allows you to catch your opponent off guard. It can also be a slight gap closer. This small gap closer is the difference between a connected hook and a not connected hook.
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Laning phase

During the laning phase, I'm on the passive side. Especially early on, there is honestly not much that can be done if your opponents are hiding behind minions. Also, you start off with around 250 mana at the beginning of the game and your hook costs 100 mana. It isn't a pretty sight. Unless you have a guaranteed hook, you don't want to be hooking. In fact, the fact that you have your hook up makes them even more nervous. In fact, sometimes, you can just w up to them and get their flash for free without even hooking.

Other times, you can be a total lane bully. Just walk towards them. Unless if it is a leona or alistar, they will definitely back off and your adc gets to free farm while the enemy adc losses a lot of CS. Finally, sometimes, flashing at the enemy will make them **** their pants and also waste their flash which is useful to get rid of the enemies flash and makes it easy for jungler to gank.

If your adc is good at freezing the farm and you can confidently trust them not to get murdered 2v1, spend some time mid lane. I usually gank mid after the enemy bot lane has backed. While they back, I back or go straight mid lane and let my adc push the wave and get extra XP alone usually for lvl 6. After I buy my items, I'll walk to mid lane. Usually you can get the kill. Walk up through the far sides of the bushes towards the red side and w in. They will back themselves up nicely into the wall dividing midlane and raptors. The best way to land the hook here is to hook when they choose if they will go towards the enemy red or to midlane. Once they make that decision, it is easy to hook. If they flash, no worries. Pretend you are going back to bot lane and wait in the bush while waiting for your w to come off cooldown. Once you have w back up, repeat the steps above. Easy kill for your midlaner.

If you are really far ahead, you can also gank top. Ganking top will relieve pressure off your top laner if they are behind and it usually guarantees a kill because the top laner never expects the support on the other side of the map.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MooshMooshMoosh
MooshMooshMoosh Blitzcrank Guide
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