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Vayne Build Guide by SaskioLoL

ADC Saskio ADC Vayne Guide [In-Depth]

ADC Saskio ADC Vayne Guide [In-Depth]

Updated on September 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaskioLoL Build Guide By SaskioLoL 189 6 185,653 Views 3 Comments
189 6 185,653 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaskioLoL Vayne Build Guide By SaskioLoL Updated on September 15, 2022
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Runes: Standard Saskio Page

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Flash Exhaust
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Ability Order Standard Leveling Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hello my name is Tony "Saskio" Chau. I am an NA Challenger Vayne player bringing you my in depth guide on how I play Vayne . My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to find success on Vayne at any rank!

Proof Of Challenger: CLICK TO VIEW

Night hunter (Passive): Gain 30 movement speed when moving towards a nearby VISIBLE enemy champion. (Having your ult activated increases this movement speed to 90).

Tumble (Q): Vayne dashes in the target direction and her next basic attack deals bonus physical damage. You will be using this mainly to reposition and trade.
NOTES: You can put extra points in Q randomly if an all in occurs right when you level up to lower the cooldown. If you level up to 11 but your ult is on cooldown and a fight is about to happen, level up your Q instead

Siver Bolts (W): Every 3 stacks, Vayne deals bonus true damage. Auto attacks, Condemn, and Guinsoo's Rageblade on hit applies stacks.
Notes: Press the Attack does not amplify Silver Bolts damage.

Condemn (E): Fires a bolt and upon arrival knocks back opponents 475 units. If the target collides with terrain, they take bonus damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Notes: You can Condemn then Flash to redirect the direction (Explained later)
Terrain: Anivia Wall, Trundle pillar, Azir Ult, Jarvan Ult, Taliyah Ult, Ornn Q, and walls.
You can E people into Veigar E but it won’t Vayne stun.

Final Hour (R): Vayne gains bonus attack damage and triples Night Hunter (passive) until ult runs out. Tumble’s cooldown is reduced and grants Vayne invisibility for 1 second. Scoring a kill or assist within 3 seconds of damaging then extends final hour by 4 seconds up to its original duration.

Exhaust is a superior summoner spell because it allows you to dictate how much damage you will take in any given trade. It is versatile, allowing you to Exhaust somebody when you are chasing or running away. It is also very strong in 1 v 1 situations giving you a huge edge over an adc running Heal . Make sure to use Exhaust when you know somebody is about to burst you rather than after the burst has all come out. Run this summoner spell and you will not be as afraid of assassins anymore!

If you are new to Vayne, you can simply run Heal and use it when you get into an engagement. The reason why I don't take Heal is because it gets reduced by Grievous wounds and won’t save you when an assassin gets on top of you

Only take Cleanse into Leona support. Make sure to cleanse her Q IMMEDIATELY or her ultimate.

Only take Barrier if you have a Yuumi who is running Exhaust + Heal

Press The Attack

Press the Attack is a staple rune on Vayne, it synergizes with her very well because she wants to proc her
Silver Bolts W which is also 3 stacks. Keep in mind that Press the Attack doesn’t amplify Vayne’s true damage. You simply run this rune to burst people and make them take more damage from all sources. A very common trade with Press the Attack will be to Auto + q + auto, you will be abusing this combo A TON while you play Vayne.

Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo is taken in very specific situations. I have come to the conclusion it is only good in this specific scenario. You must have a mage or enchanter support while the enemy support is a melee character. This will make it very easy for you to auto space the enemy with all the extra attack speed and range. The general idea is when the enemy melee support starts running at you, you can get a couple procs on them, if you outplay their engage and start chasing, your Lethal Tempo will proc allowing you to gain extra range and space them accordingly.DO NOT RUN Lethal Tempo WHEN BOTH SUPPORTS ARE MELEE since both sides will just fly at each other anyways. Also if you play Vayne top into a melee matchup, run this rune.


This rune is significantly better than Triumph. It gives consistent shielding throughout the game. Run this if you are not a streamer.


Run Triumph if you are streamer giving you a better chance at making highlight plays. Otherwise rune is not good compared to Overheal.

Presence of Mind

Only run Presence of Mind if you play Vayne top, matchups tend to be tankier and will take awhile for you to poke them down so you want the mana sustain.

Legend: Alacrity

Extra attack speed is busted on Vayne. There have been too many times I have run Legend: Bloodline and lost early 2 v 2 because I don’t have the early attack speed. Run this rune 99% of the time. If possible, try to hit dragon or herald to get a free stack if possible.

Legend: Bloodline

Only run Legend: Bloodline if you KNOW FOR SURE you will buy a Kraken Slayer. ( Kraken Slayer discussed during builds) If possible, try to hit dragon or herald to get a free stack if possible.

Legend: Alacrity

This compliments Triumph because it allows you to kill targets faster so you can get your healing. Same concept as Triumph, I only run this rune since I try to make youtube highlight plays.

Cut Down

Cut Down is really good if the enemy team has 2 primary tanks such as Sejuani and Poppy. If you run Cut Down make sure you do not build hp items throughout the game otherwise you will lose some value out of this rune.

Last Stand

You should probably run this rune most of the time since most times you will get bursted immediately at the start of the fight proccing Immortal Shieldbow protecting your last stand value.


Domination tree use to be the best rune giving Vayne more sustain but after multiple nerfs to
Ravenous Hunter, you need to be very selective when you run into this tree. You should only go into Domination tree if you are going against a melee support to easier proc your Taste of Blood. Ravenous Hunter is only good if you have champions that you can consistently proc W Silver Bolts on in teamfights. Examples of these champions regardless of role include Sejuani, Tahm Kench, Maokai.

Taste of Blood

Taste of Blood is the only good secondary rune if you really want to enter this tree. This will give you sustain during laning phase and even teamfights.

Ravenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter is only good if you have champions that you can consistently proc W Silver Bolts on in teamfights. E.g. Sejuani, Tahm Kench, Maokai. Basically, when you proc your Silver Bolts on baron nashor you deal 200 damage, which will heal you 12 hp assuming you maxxed out the rune. Run this page at your own risk.


Resolve tree is the highest gold value page that Vayne can run secondary. The biggest problem is you are sacrificing your laning phase even more than you have to by simply picking Vayne but if you are able to survive and reach the mid game, you will have more stats to work with. Go into this tree if you are confident you can survive the early laning phase or have many shielding supports.


Conditioning is the biggest reason why Vayne wants to go into this tree. At 12 minutes you will gain roughly 12 armor and magic resist after base stats are taken into account. From this rune you are gaining roughly 475-500 gold.

Second Wind

[Only run this rune if you are against Caitlyn + long range support ( Senna, Nami, Karma, Zyra). This will help you farm and sustain the laning phase a bit more.

Bone Plating

Run this rune against Draven. This rune will single handedly give you more opportunities to all in Draven or soak up his damage.


Run this rune if your game does not match Unflinching and Revitalize. This will help you scale and give a lot of gold value once it goes off. It also synergizes really well with hp items you build at later stages of the game if it proccs.


Run this if you have 2 consistent shielders/healers. Examples include Lulu+ Ivern, Soraka + Karma. This will give you more shielding and make your Immortal Shieldbow and healing higher.


Run this if you are against multiple cc opponents like Leona, Fiddlesticks, Ashe. It’s also okay to run this rune if you want to lower the amount of cc from things you can’t qss like Smoke Screen, Volley,and 90 Caliber Net .


You generally only run into Sorcery tree if you feel like your team has low damage so you can run Gathering Storm. The main thing you should be worrying about is the secondary rune you go in this tree.

Nullifying Orb

You should only run this rune if you are going against double ap bot lane.

Nimbus Cloak

Run this if you are trying to all in early on. This will give you the movement speed needed to run down targets early on. I will often run this rune if I want to flip lanes early and try to all in.


Run this if you are against a double skill shot lane. ( Jhin + Xerath) ( Ezreal + Vel'Koz). This will help you dodge skillshots a bit easier and give more movement speed once you purchase Boots.

Absolute Focus

Run this rune if you want to try to go full damage. I really only suggest this rune if you have double shielders and lack a lot of damage in your team composition.

Gathering Storm

If you go into Sorcery make sure you always have Gathering Storm. This rune is broken and will give you the extra damage you need transitioning to the mid game.

Magical Footwear

This will give you free boots and extra movement speed on the Boots once you get them.

Approach Velocity

Approach Velocity is the biggest reason you run into this tree with Nami. It makes it easier for you to run down the weak bot lane with Nami E and other various crowd control abilities.

Doran's blade + Potion

Start this if there is a good chance for an early all in. This will give you the hp to get through the early skirmish. Examples: Double melee support bot lane. You have enchanter and they have melee support but you expect an all in anyways.

Long Sword + Potion

Run Long Sword 3 Health Potion in a hard poke lane. This will give you the necessary amount of potions to survive through the early laning phase before your first base. (Examples: Caitlyn + Zyra, Aphelios + Soraka, Ezreal + Yuumi )

Doran's shield + Potion


Long Sword + Refillable Potion

Run Long Sword Refillable Potion if you think you can 3 wave cheater reset in a double poke lane. (3 wave cheater reset discussed later)

Situational Items - CLICK TO VIEW

Berserker's Greaves: Build this 98% of the time, this will give you the movement speed and attack speed to dish out more damage.
Plated Steelcaps: Build this if they have a really fed ad champion or they are majority AD
Mercury's Treads:Only if they have 4-5 AP.


Immortal Shieldbow

This is a staple item on Vayne. The item is too broken and helps Vayne function. It gives you the ability to absorb a ton of damage. The lifesteal is also very useful allowing you to run alacrity in your rune page.

Kraken Slayer

You can only buy Kraken Slayer if you have predetermined that you will build it beforehand because YOU MUST RUN Legend: Bloodline. Here are the ideal situations to build Kraken Slayer :
- You have 1 or 2 reliable shielders
- The enemy team has a lot of tanks and aoe that you can dodge


Guinsoo's RageBlade

You should always go Guinsoo's Rageblade on Vayne since it double procs her W stacks. This item synergizes really well with Vayne because it gives attack speed and makes all her damage consistent by converting her crit into ad.

Wit's End

Wit's End is really good on Vayne because the on hit damage gets amplified by Guinsoo's Rageblade while giving Vayne more movement speed and magic resistance to survive burst.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer isn’t a bad item but you either build this item 2nd or 5th item. If you build it second, that means you plan on building Infinity Edge (see ie on when you build it). Otherwise if you went full on hit, you can build Phantom Dancer 5th or 6 to stack on top of all of your items.

Infinity Edge

You only build Infinity Edge if the entire enemy team is squishy and you need the Phantom Dancer movement speed. This item isn’t as good as it once was because it is overpriced and not as gold efficient compared to on hit Guinsoo's Rageblade build. On top of that, you normally max W which does not synergize well with the crit.


Titanic Hydra

This item is really good as a tank item after your core on hit build. This gives you hp while giving you an on hit effect meaning that Guinsoo's Rageblade will double proc the Titanic Hydra effect. This item also gives you aoe wave clear which is what Vayne lacks. This is a very solid item choice for every single Vayne game after Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End.

Mercurial Scimitar

Buy this when the enemy team has a lot of cc or Twisted Fate. ( Leona, Twisted Fate, Fiddlesticks, Malzahar, Skarner etc.)

Blade of the Ruined king

This item is terrible after the changes. I would only buy this 5th or 6th item if the enemy team is really tanky to layer on top of the rest of your build. You would build this item as a Lord Dominik's Regards replacement.


Only buy this item if your Guardian Angel has procced and there are no other good alternatives. Sell the GA and use this item until the GA timer has come back. Otherwise you never really build this item 4th or 5th.

Guardian Angel

This is a really solid choice as a final item to revive you. Sell this for another item when it has been popped.

Randuin's Omen

Buy this item if the enemy team has a lot of AD damage that you want to lower. Don’t forget to use the active most notably on Hecarim players when they charge at you with E to lower their damage.

Anathema's Chains

Buy this if the enemy team has 1 really fed member and MAKE SURE TO apply the effect to them. Examples of good champions to use this on: Rengar, Evelynn, Kayn, Zed, Qiyana.

Spirit Visage

Only buy this if you have a Soraka and the enemy team is heavy ap. You are actually unkillable with this because you will be healing a ton while also being tanky.

Runaan's Hurricane

Only buy this if you went crit build and you are down 3 inhibs.

Mortal Reminder

Only buy this if your entire team REFUSE to buy heal cut while the enemy team has an absurd amount of healing ( Soraka, Vladimir, Seraphine) Before you buy this item, kindly ask your teammates to buy heal cut and see if they do.

Examples of Core builds

-> -> ->

-> -> ->

I can’t explain every single scenario but you want to build based off of your knowledge and experience on past games. Adapt to every game and be flexible with how you build.
-> -> -> -> ->
It's safe to buy this variation every game.

-> -> -> -> ->
If you need movementspeed or more attack speed.

-> -> -> -> ->
If the enemy team has a lot of ad threats or a Hecarim you want to slow.

-> -> -> -> ->
If the enemy has a lot of tanks.

-> -> -> -> ->
If enemy has 1 really fed carry.

Examples of Crit Builds
-> -> -> -> ->
Build this if the enemy team has some sort of CC you need to escape.

-> -> -> -> ->
Buy this is you are confident you can dodge or the enemy team has no cc.

Early Game: If you base with 1100 gold, you can rush Berserker's Greaves or go Noonquiver if you started Long Sword and go Refillable Potion
If you base with 900-1000, go Vampiric Scepter and Health Potion's
Only get cull if you successfully 3 wave cheater reset

Mid Game:

If enemy team has no ap you can still build Wit's End, the item is really high value
I dislike pairing up Guinsoo's Rageblade and pd early on, but you can do it
If enemy team has no ap, you can build Phantom Dancer or Blade of the Ruined King instead if you go Guinsoo's Rageblade

Condemn Flash Combo:
This combo is really good if you want to stun somebody by redirecting where the condemn will end. It is also really fast and hard to react to so you can surprise a lot of people with it. Bonus points if you dodge an ability while pulling it off.

You pull off this combo very similarly to Lee Sin insec combo by using Condemn, while the Condemn is winding up you Flash to a different location to redirect where it goes.


Auto Attack+

Auto attack + Tumble Combo:
This combo allows you to instantly attack and will most commonly be used only when you are leashing level 1 and while doing objectives such as dragon , baron nashor , and sometimes towers if its safe. It is a very simple concept, the faster attack the faster your next attack will be available.


Condemn Tumble Combo:
You rarely use this combo. You will mostly use it on gromp . You use this combo to look stylish or if you want to conceal your Condemn.]


Auto Blastcone+

AA Blastcone Condemn combo:
You also rarely use this combo but it can be good sometimes if the situation comes up. You auto the Blast cone, while your auto is in mid air you Condemn your target.


The PTA Trade: The PTA trade is specifically for level 1 but it can be applied to any other stage of the game. It is very simple but sometimes can be very dangerous to execute if you do it incorrectly. You auto + q trade on somebody, and space back or forward 1 step and weave in an extra attack and back off.


The hard freeze is consistently maintaining a push that goes towards you and forcing the enemy team to react. If not it makes the enemy team lose minions. There are very specific times you can do this (normally when you come off base) and how many waves you can freeze depends on the game.


Wave is on your side
Wave is on your side: You want to stack 2 - 3 waves and crash it when you want to base or do an objective. When you crash waves you can either base, or go get vision, do objectives, or dive if possible. If the enemies try to fight you, fight with the big wave and try to win with it.


Wave is even
Wave is even: Generally depending on the situation when the wave is even, if you think you can get pressure you can do a 2 wave crash or just hard shove and find something to do whether it is to base or go ward. If you are losing you can also just last hit and wait for the enemy team to start pushing towards you.

Wave is stacking towards you
Wave is stacking towards you: You must call your support to come help you soak the wave otherwise you will get dove because the wave is now stacking towards you. The enemy team can either do a 2 wave or 3 wave crash and zone you from the wave.

Push Vision Push Execute
This concept is a bit harder to execute in solo queue but you can still naturally do it with your teammates if you are winning. Don’t bother trying to explain this concept to your teammates but you can ping your teammates to move with you.


This is where you push the lane, since you are winning if the enemy steps up you can fight because you are winning. Pay attention to side lanes and see if the enemies are showing before fighting.

After you push you can see the enemies clearing the minions which means you can move with your teammates to clear vision and establish control for your desired objective.

From here go back and push the next wave that has come while also being open to fighting if enemies are showing on side lanes.

Execution can look like many things from: Starting the objective, Sieging towers, Sitting on your control wards and looking for a pick, Stealing camps, Rotating hard to another lane and/or Basing.

Zone of Influence
Zone of influence is very simple. It is understanding the maximum range and how fast abilities or auto attacks are. In order to use this concept effectively, you must know what every single champion in the game does.

Team Fighting
During the dance before the teamfights, you need to be calculating the things that are lethal to killing you and running the concept zone of influence through your mind. You need to be very proactive on surviving the initial burst, from there if you can dodge it you will pop off since your damage is very consistent. While fighting try to do a concept called isolating the 1 v 1 situation. While the fight may be 5 v 5, you want to hold a front to back position and only put yourself in range of 1 enemy person to be able to hit you. While focusing this person don’t tunnel your vision and forget about other dangers that can pop up while enemy cooldowns are coming up. This concept will also serve you very well if you ever end up in a literal 1 v 5 situation.


Early Laning Phase:

Generally speaking you should always look to ego your opponents in laning phase and see if you can cheat control of the lane. Ego means: (To see if you can walk over your opponents and control the wave regardless of matchup)
Vayne is surprisingly very strong level 1 with Press the Attack so if you commit you can push a lot of people out of laning phase. Even if you have Lethal Tempo you can still attempt this but your spacing needs to be really good. If you take control of the lane SLOW DOWN THE PUSH and continue zoning your opponent. This is to make them miss as much gold as possible while looking for opportunities to continue trading/poking if they decide to walk up. Once you reach level 2 start hovering up on your opponents, if they disrespect you then kill them, if not do a 3 wave crash. After you crash the 3rd wave, if you poked them hard enough you can suicide dive them and trade 2 for 2 or base for a cull.


Mid Game:

During the mid game you generally want to group with your teammates mid and look to try to pop off in team fights. Normally if you are winning the game, you want to push vision push execute.

Late Game:

At this stage try to wait out the initial engagement and focus targets in a front to back manner. Front to back means killing the enemy team from the front to their backline. Generally speaking their tanks and bruisers will be in the front allowing you to hit them while their mage and adc will be in the back line. However if the enemy priority targets ever step forward it's okay to hit them too.

In conclusion Vayne is a highly rewarding ADC but is generally weaker during the earlier stages of the game. Many match ups are not in favor of Vayne and you will often have to sacrifice many resources to avoid dying. However if you can make it through and push through the hard parts of Vayne, you will find yourself carrying more games and creating those highlight plays.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my guide and I hope you guys have a better understanding of how to play Vayne. I will always be available in my discord or stream to answer any further questions you guys may have!

In the future I plan on releasing a gigantic guide on specific matchups in a separate document that I will update on this guide and discord.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaskioLoL
SaskioLoL Vayne Guide
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Saskio ADC Vayne Guide [In-Depth]

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