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Lucian Build Guide by The Vergil

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Vergil

Seaon 6 Lucian The Critical Purifier

The Vergil Last updated on November 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Varus Easy to dodge everything. Not much of a range difference.
Graves Best pick of season 6 is nothing for Lucian. Same amount of early-mid game scale. However, Lucian has the upper hand in lane in a way that you can make some Graves players hate you.
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Welcome to my Season 6 Lucian build. Why Lucian? It is simple. Lucian got one of the biggest buffs in the League of Legends history at the patch 5.22 and most of the players are not even aware of it. The first buff was the change of his ultimate. Right now Lucian does not really need any extra attack speed so he can utilize his former Trinity Force build in a better way. Even this change was more than enough for Riot to make Lucian a Tier 1 ADC but they made him better than that without even noticing it. The changes on the Essence Reaver and Trinity Force somehow made Lucian one of the hardest champions to out damage. I am posting this build because I still have not seen a player who is actually playing lucian at full potential and I want people to be aware of what this character is capable of. He is specially stronger right now because of the fact that he has better match ups against other Meta ADCs like Graves and Corki.

I am not planning to cover every single point in this build for now. Most of the explanations for stuff like Pros / Cons and Masteries can be found in any guide. I am planning to cover what I do differently than the others. The parts I am planning to cover are:

1) Runes
2) Items
3) Laning

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Only part I find worth explaining is the Scaling Magic Resist runes instead of regular ones. Why I do that? In bot lane, it is not likely for you to face someone with a high amount of AP damage. So you will be fine with less MR at the early game. You will have more MR during the mid and late game, which gives you around 5-10 % extra damage reduction. Cutting the damage of a skill at levels 1-9 will not save you that much. But decrasing it twice more than the usual at later levels is life saving when you are expected to be focused more with higher damage dealing spells.

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There are 2 items I want to discuss.

Trinity Force: Finally this item has all the stats you need after the changes on the Sheen. It does not have any stats you do not really need anymore such as AP!!!. Giving you %40 CDR with the Essence Reaver, nice amount of movement speed for kiting and a great burst damage that synergies great with your Passive. Just awesome.

Runaan`s Hurricane: I buy this item as the only attack speed item after selling the boots. Another good alternative is Phantom Dancer. I prefer Runaan over other AS/Crit ─▒tems because of its higher stats and passive. After using a skill, you attack twice to 3 opponents, not one. You also deal the damage of Trinity Force to all 3 of the targets. Also with %90 Crit Chance, it is more like 2-3 hitting 3 champions at the same time.

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Playing as the Lucian is easy and hard at the same time. He is mobile and has a great burst at the same time. Which makes him easy. But has a really short range and he is squishy as hell cause of being an ADC. Which makes him hard. In order to fuilfill his full potential, you must know the amount of damage you can deal. you can easily check this by attacking your opponent once. Then you can calculate what you need to do in order to kill your opponent.

Lets say that at level 3, your basic attack deal 90 damage to the enemy laner. This means that you will deal 120 if you use your passive. You can use it 3 times. Which makes it 360-400 if your support or your minions hits on your opponent too. Also your Q and W will deal a great amount of damage. Lets say that your Q deals 100 and W deals 50 damage. It means that you can at most deal 550 damages to an ADC if you go all out. It is around a half of the maximum health. So you are free to go all out when the enemy laner has less HP than your output. You must also consider the facts of summoner spells and supports at the same time.

After mastering this skill, considering that you can perform all the plays you need with Lucian at the right timing, you can go for 1 on 2 and 1 on 3 battles if you are fed enough. There are fights you can win even against 5 other players.

Finally, before finishing my guide for now, I would like to warn you all about one important mistake almost every Lucian does. DO NOT ENGAGE IN LANING PHASE. Lucian is a champion who is better suited for punishing the opponent for their misplays rather than poking/harrassing them. Just wait for the other players to make a mistake that you can use as an advantage. It an either be missing a skillshot and leaving it in cooldown or getting away too much from their turret. Use those moments to punish your enemies. Otherwise, just farm safely. Without getting poked and ganked, cautious and ready to strike. Never forget that you will not be able to win a lane without others giving you the opportunity. So wait for it to happen.