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Miss Fortune Build Guide by A_Drunk_Carry

ADC Season 12 OP Dmg PTA Kraken BT MF Build

ADC Season 12 OP Dmg PTA Kraken BT MF Build

Updated on January 8, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Drunk_Carry Build Guide By A_Drunk_Carry 133 14 411,006 Views 2 Comments
133 14 411,006 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Drunk_Carry Miss Fortune Build Guide By A_Drunk_Carry Updated on January 8, 2022
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Runes: PTA Runes

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order Leveling Path

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Season 12 OP Dmg PTA Kraken BT MF Build

By A_Drunk_Carry
Hey everybody! Welcome to my Miss Fortune season 11 guide. My name is StarCraft/A Drunk Carry and I'm an ADC player who peaked at Plat 3 in Season 9. This build is a hybrid of one popularized by MissFortuneDaBes, a well known EUW MF one-trick. This build is EXTREMELY strong in solo queue, especially at lower levels. At the top of the guide is one of my first games playing it, where I was able to solo carry and rip apart the enemy team.

Also fun fact, Miss Fortune's real name is Sarah Fortune. Yep.
Why Kraken Slayer?
So you're probably asking yourself, "why Kraken Slayer?" Surely there's better options, right? Galeforce makes you a real gamer, and gives you a second escape. Muramana gives you annoying spammability in laning phase. But theres one thing Kraken Slayer has that the other two don't. And it's this.




That's right. It's a round trip ticket on the pain train, and you're the conductor. Kraken Slayer synergies insanely with your kit. I'll go more in-depth about the individual abilities themselves further down in the guide, but I wanted to quickly touch on this.

Your passive grants bonus physical damage to new targets. Your Q applies on-hit effects and can crit for 200% dmg. Your W gives you additional attack speed, which means more Kraken Slayer procs. It all works together so well.
Miss Fortune's Abilities
I'll do a quick rundown of Miss Fortune and her abilities for anyone that's new to the champ or the ADC role.

Passive: Love Tap:Love tap deals bonus physical damage (+50-100% total physical) whenever she attacks a new target. Deals half damage to minions.

Not the greatest passive in the world, but it'll do. My biggest gripe is that you have to hit DIFFERNT targets to deal the additional damage. Most of the time you'll want to be prioritizing and hitting the same target in skirmishes. At worst it's just some free damage though, and some champs have much more useless passives. Oh well. Fairly useful in early laning phase as you can alternate at lvl 1 which creeps you're hitting and rush to lvl 2.

Q: Double Up: MF fires a bouncing shot through an enemy, dealing physical damage to both targets. Both apply on-hit effects. The 2nd shot can crit for 200% damage, and always crits if the first shot kills its target.

This one is sneaky. Note that the range of your Q is 650, while the Area of Effect range is 500 past that. So try to hit those back-line creeps and bounce the shot onto enemy laners early. This applies on-hit effects which is why Kraken Slayer and Press the Attack both work so well for MF.

W: Strut: A two part ability here

Passive- After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage MF gains 25% mvmt speed. After another 5 seconds this bonus increases [55/65/75/85/95 based on level]

Active- Instantly activates the full Strut movement speed buff and grants additional attack speed for 4 seconds. [40/55/70/85/100%]

I can't reiterate how much I love Strut. This is an ABSURD attack speed and movement speed steroid for a measly 30 mana. And the CD of it is lowered by 2 seconds for every time you proc your Love Tap passive??

E: Make it Rain: MF rains down bullets in a location (circular hitbox), dealing magic damage across 2 seconds and slowing enemies that are hit. The slow is 40/45/50/55/60%

Miss Fortune's only real form of CC at all. The slow is pretty brutal on this, especially when you factor in your Strut movement speed buff. You can run down most ADCs fairly easily.

Note: The cast range is 1k units for Make it Rain, with a 200 unit area of effect on cast. To put some perspective on this your Auto range is 550 and your Q range is 650. So you can start chases/engages/reap fairly hard by dropping Make it Rain either on your opponents, or behind them and blocking off their escape route.

R: Bullet Time: MF channels a barrage of bullets for 3 seconds (+75% ad + 20% ap) dealing physical damage per wave. Bullet time can crit for 120% damage.

12/14/16 waves of bullets, based on level.

This ult is so much fun. Position yourself on the safe part of a teamfight, press R, and laugh maniacally along with Miss Fortune as you shred the enemy team. Do note that it is VERY easy for this to get interrupted, as any form of CC or disrupt will do that. And it can also be cancelled by moving. You may want to abruptly cancel your ult at times if you're not hitting anyone any more, or need to re-position from their front line.


Heavy burst/dps
Lane bully
Relatively simple kit
Good teamfighter
Strong in lane and scales extremely well


Short attack range (compared to many other ADCs)
Mana-hungry (with this build)
No escapes/dashes
Susceptible to poke
Not good at sieging
Can have difficulty getting on the enemy backline
Constantly focused in teamfights
Laning Phase
Before we get into laning I'll say who I usually ban, or who I see MFs ban. Very annoying champs for you are Jhin, Swain, and Lucian. If you're looking in terms of assassins I'd go for [Master Yi]], Zed, or Kha'Zix. Ban by comfort though, you know what champions annoy you.

Start off by grabbing your Doran's Blade and potion. As stated earlier in the guide I like going your W Strut first. Activate it and begin autoing the wave ASAP. Your goal is to rush lvl 2. Your power spike of having Q W is immense. Remember to also auto different creeps to lower the cooldown of your Strut.

Go aggro as soon as you hit 2. You're a lane bully and want to take advantage of it. Obviously bounce your Q off a creep or the support/adc if you can hit both of them. Even if not I'd still advise to hit with Q and start wailing on them with autos. There's very little chances that you won't win the trade tbh. Remember to turn your W on when fighting.

Beware your mana pool early on. Since we aren't doing a Tear build, you won't be able to perma-spam your E or Q. Reserve it for last hits and guarenteed double-ups.

Back around 1.6k if you can for a Noonquiver and Boots. If you have to back early or are getting a reset in then build components and come back to lane with that. You want to get your Kraken Slayer asap.

As stated earlier in the guide MF is very easy to gank and if you aren't just last hitting your passive will naturally start shoving the lane. Make sure both you and your support ward up for safety.

Something I want to touch base on quickly is the use of your ult. The first one or two times you have ult it is PERFECTLY fine to use it to waveclear. Especially during the cannon wave (or C wave, if you're counting waves). Using it to get a recall while clearing out the cannon wave and denying the enemy CS and EXP is JUST as good as getting a kill sometimes. Especially if you're in a lane that has low kill pressure.

Of course pay attention to the map and try not to waste off your ult right before a dragon spawn.
Mid game/Teamfights
By now it's probably about 12+ mins into the game. People are starting to finish off their first item component, a tower might be gone with the use of Rift, or a Dragon fight might be breaking out.

Be very careful how you present yourself as MF in teamfights. Sure you're powerful, but as I've said time and time again is it very, very, VERY easy to pick off a mispositioned MF player.

And your bullets do 0 dmg if you're on the gray screen.

Remember that your Q and R both apply on-hit effects, so don't be afraid to ult the front line if that's the best situation that presents itself. By midgame your Kraken while rip up most tanks as they'll only have 1-2 items. Play front to back (focusing the nearest target) if that's best for you. Save your Flash for as long as possible, as people will begin focusing you HARD once you pick up some kills.

I tend to buy a stopwatch once the first tower has fallen as well. It only takes one roaming Assassin or Tank to run straight at you and ruin your bounty and your delicious LP gains.
Late Game/Closing Remarks
Not much changes from Mid to Late Game, honestly. Make sure you're buying pink wards whenever you back. It'll save you while collecting the mid or side waves. Be sure not to push too far out, as you're often a sitting duck and a very easy target for champs with CC or burst. Refer to the item guide further up for itemization. I always go Kraken Slayer and my boots (get merc treads if there's a ton of CC, Ninja Tabis if ton of AD, etc) into a Bloodthirster. It feels SO good that it give crit now, and the shield you get from it on top of the Overheal rune is super nice. It'll help you avoid dieing in one hit. You die in 2 now. Yay. :^)

Always keep a vigilant eye during teamfights, especially for flanks. One miss-step from a Miss Fortune (pun intended) could result in Baron or Elder Dragon or just GG, tbh.

MF Isn't the easiest ADC to survive on. But man is she fun. And luckily very meta at the moment. Give her a try, especially this build if you like hard carrying in solo queue. I've had great success with it, and feel the pros do outweigh the cons. You get a nice mix of burst, constant dps, survivability, and carry potential with it. Thank you for checking out my guide, and good luck on the Rift!
Current Patch
11.24b: Nothing for this Miss Fortune build this patch. Varus and Kai'Sa saw slight buffs due to their global winrates, and Vayne saw a nerf to her R bonus dmg because of her dominance in the bot lane atm.
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