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Jayce Build Guide by VituVonDoom

Top Season 12/Patch 12.7/ Everything you need to know about Jayce!

Top Season 12/Patch 12.7/ Everything you need to know about Jayce!

Updated on April 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VituVonDoom Build Guide By VituVonDoom 15 1 22,128 Views 2 Comments
15 1 22,128 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VituVonDoom Jayce Build Guide By VituVonDoom Updated on April 27, 2022
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Runes: Standard Conq page

1 2 3 4
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Season 12/Patch 12.7/ Everything you need to know about Jayce!

By VituVonDoom
Hello peeps! My name is VituVonDoom, and I am a semi dedicated jayce OTP, with over 100K mastery points on the guy. I may suck at league, but I do know my stuff when it comes to Jayce, and I would love to share it all with you! But, first off, why you should be playing Jayce in the first place?
The Pros and Cons
-Very fun to play
-High skill ceiling, loads of skill expression to be shown
-Very versatile
-Excellent blind pick
-Deals a **** ton of damage, in both poke and burst
-All of his skins are great

-Very hard to play and master
-Very vulnerable to ganks
-Hard to play once behind
Abilities tricks and tips
Hammer form:
Q- To the Skies!
= The Q radius has a little circle around the target it hits. In laning phase, Q to a minion, and use the splash damage to also damage the enemy champion.
=Instead of Flash-Hammer Q, try Hammer Q-Flash. This removes the dealay of jayce jumping once he flashes, and ensures an easy kill.

W- Electric field
=Jayce's hammer W counts as a stack of damage to all runes and items(One stack to proc eclipse, elec, 2 stacks on conq, and so on), use it as such
=Other than that, it is really great for wave clear, so use it like that as well
=You can turn this on while Jayce is jumping in hammer Q, do this every engage

E- Thundering Blow
=Jayce's E has a bit more range than an auto attack, so you can safely knock a Garen Q, a voli Q, a Darius W without getting hit yourself
=When casting E in melee range, click on the opponent while jayce knocks him away to sneak an auto in while the target is flying
=If you are in the jungle, and see someone alone in a lane, hammer E the camp you are doing(Like a Gromp, for instance). This will make the camp go over the wall, allowing you to Q it, to jump the wall and scare the **** out of the unsuspecting enemy.
=Jayce's E has a weird interaction with dashes and blinks, making the target go allll the way back, right onto jayce's face. When you are up against an opponent with a dash, try to position yourself in front of them, so when they dash, you bring them back to where they were.
=Jayce can insec with his E: Go behind the opponent(With flash or Phase Rush Ms)and knock them towards your team, tower, whatever makes you feel like T1 Zeus.
=Auto that does extra damage. Don't misclick on a minion

Cannon form:
Q= Shock blast:
=You don't need to always QE to use this properly, poke with this while E is down, works out either way
=This ability has a little "Splash" hitbox at the end of it, making it so that you don't neeeeed to really have a precise aim to poke properly
=Speaking of which, the ranged poke combo is QE, not EQ. Q has a delay, while E is instant,use this to throw out an empowered Q with little to no time to react to

W= Hypercharge:
=You can W in ranged form, turn into melee, and deal 3 melee autos with the attack speed boost
= Don't stand still, the second an auto leaves the cannon, move and attack again, to maximize dps
= Hypercharge works as an AA reset, so to use it effectevely, AA-W.

E= Acceleration gate
=Whenever you are going to QE, try to place the gate as closest as you can to jayce. To do this more efficiently, Q with the cursor on the opponent, and then quicky draw back to jayce to E. It takes some time, but it is worth it.
= Don't be afraid to use it to run, you won't be able to poke properly if you are dead
=It also boosts your teammates speed, so if you see an opportunity to save the feed adc, don't think twice.
=For maximum effiency with QE poke, play with vision, try to always hit them in their blind spots, always looking for non-warded areas to bombard the enemy squishies

=Auto attack that reduces armor and MR, use it as soon as you enter Ranged form to make all your other abilities do a lot more damage
Jayce has a lot of variety when it comes to combos, due to him having 6 abilities instead of 4. But there are some bread and butter ones you can always rely on

Basic Cannon Combo:

Basic hammer combo:

Facecheck bush combo: Start cannon form

Full combo: Start hammer form
How to play?
Now, to the creme de lá creme, the cream of the crop.
Laning phase: Abuse your range, poke the melee matchups for every CS they take, make sure to pressure them for every single step they take outside of a bush. Don't QE poke before tear, poke with Q instead. After Tear/Dirk, you are at one of your biggest power spikes, use this to poke and engage at all viable times, do not let the enemy lane at all. Be agressive, draw pressure, and make sure it's a 4v5.

Mid game: After 2 items(Eclipse and Manamune), group for objectives, and poke the ever living **** out of the enemy with QE's. Two items is Jayce's strongets point, your damage is way too high, use it to force a good objective fight, and force the enemy jungler to go back to base with a colored screen.

Late game: Jayce is like an assassin, but with a ranged poke that deals huge damage. Play as such, keep poking with QE, when you see an opportinuty to jump on someone and kill them, and leave with your life, do it without thinking twice. The only thing you offer is damage, rain damage upon them for ****s sake.
Thank you!
That's it folks, thank you for reading until this part, and I hope you enjoyed the guide! Please leave any feedback down below, and let's discuss the Defender of Tomorrow in a setting that does not involve him killing a kid. Which, tbf, 150 gold is 150 gold. Cheers!

Also, a shoutout and special thanks to the r/jaycemains subreddit! The folk there have helped me iron this thing up quite a bit, as long as giving some very useful matchup info(like the yasuo windwall bait thing) and generally being very nice and receptive folks!
League of Legends Build Guide Author VituVonDoom
VituVonDoom Jayce Guide
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Season 12/Patch 12.7/ Everything you need to know about Jayce!

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