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Wukong Build Guide by LeeSinToYourHeart92

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeSinToYourHeart92

[Season 5 Jungle - Patch 5.8 UPDATED] Super Saiyan Wukong

LeeSinToYourHeart92 Last updated on April 30, 2015
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This is not finished.

NOTE: I made this guide to talk about how I play Wukong along with small concepts that I believe are important. This guide is focused more on building a team oriented Wukong over a pure AD carry Wukong. I take no credit away from any guide on this website that only includes damage items, they are REALLY fun to play and can potentially allow you to carry games due to the unimaginable damage you can do. In the end, it's all about how well you play him that matters and how much fun you are having. I hope you enjoy!

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Items. Are. Very. Important. Wukong can be built as an AD assassin, or an AD bruiser. Seeing that the META is leaning more towards a tanky team comp over assassin comps. To that, I suggest you build your Wukong as an AD bruiser when jungling. It's nothing against glasscannon Wukong builds, it's just that a bruiser Wukong helps you jump the backline and make it out safely. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love seeing the health bar turn all red almost instantly, but I value the not dying part of league over the killing part. Not dying means no gold for the enemy team and I get to stay on the map and make a difference. With that said, I go AD bruiser Wukong in all of my games.

Your first item should ALWAYS be Stalker's Blade with the Warrior Enchantment. It gives you armor pen, pretty good damage, cool down reduction, and the true damage/movement steal from chilling smite is OP. Next up, you want to either get a Brutalizer, Phage, Hexdrinker, or Tiamat (Only get Tiamat if you're ahead). From here on out, that is enough damage. TRUST ME. His AD ratios are pretty boss. PAUSE.

(Patch 5.8 Update: Phage can arguably be a more viable option than Brutazlier due to its possible end items, e.g. Trinity Force/Black Cleaver. After your jungle item, Brutalizer is now only viable for early damage/CDR and one pretty offensive end item. Phage can give you 2 offensive items, and helps you sustain in the jungle while also allowing you to be more mobile. Its 200 health and IMMENSE movement speed when farming is way too valuable to give up. Phage offers easier/faster jungle clears, better positioning, tankiness, and flexibility on your item builds. Allow me to test the builds out and make any changes in the coming days.)

CONTINUE. Your third item should be your upgraded boots because more speed means better positioning. Then get a Sunfire Cape/Randuins/Banshee's depending on the situation. Get a Sunfire Cape if you're ahead and a Randuins if you're behind. Only get Banshee's Veil fourth if you just ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT handle the damage output by their AP carry. Other than that you can get Banshee's Veil or Locket as your fifth item. In most games your last item should be an upgraded brutalizer/hexdrinker you built early game. If you started Tiamat, you were ahead and you want to prioritize buying Ravenous.

I have started experimenting with adding Last Whisper because of the huge damage spike you get with this item. Since I have not done it much, I'd say get it after you get tanky enough. That's basically it for the items, it's just about buying what your team needs. Always pay attention to the builds of everyone. It can be challenging at first to pay attention to everything, but it'll get easier over time.

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If any of you have read my Jarvan IV jungle guide, you'd read that it is very hard to find the "right route" that would work 100% of the time. This section is to personally share my route along with how and why I specifically do them. With Wukong, I usually start at blue side just because the gromp buff is very strong. However, if I am at blue side, I might start Krugs because of the better leash and if I think bot lane is a better gank than top lane. Now, when starting Gromp, you want to smite it ASAP to get the smite off CD faster for your 3rd camp. Make sure you use a health potion to stay healthy. When you hit level 2, put a point in W and head to blue buff. What you want to do here is auto-attack the blue buff, E the big golem, and then W. Doing this optimizes the amount of damage you deal when initiating the blue buff while also letting your shadow clone absorb some damage from the blue buff. After that it's all auto-attacks and skill shots to kill it. Next is your wolf camp. You want to wait until your smite cooldown is around 9 seconds to ensure that your smite is up. You want to start this camp the same way you did with blue. MAKE SURE YOU E THE MIDDLE WOLF. Maximizing the damage output by your E is essential to your sustain in jungle. Once those wolves die, recall and buy yourself Stalker's Blade and a pot. You want to head straight to your red from base. Start the red by auto-attacking, Q, auto-attack, E, and W. Your Q is an auto-attack reset, meaning that if you auto-attack, and then press Q, your character will skip their end animation after they attack and immediately strike again. This is very important to master because it could sometimes be the difference between a kill and a death. Once you smite red, take a look around any lanes. Look for aggression on either side so that you can position yourself for a gank or counter-gank. If you see no opportunities, continue to farm. Just a note, when you farm the raptors, you want to E the little raptor in between the other two little raptors and then continue to kill the small ones first. Another note I'd like to add is to focus on the scuttle crab as part of your jungle route after you buy your jungle item. It gives you 80 gold and a ward with a speed boost right at dragon/baron pit. This is very strong and gives you better objective control.

If you start on red buff side, you want to follow the same steps, and start at the krugs to get the stun buff. Starting red is a good option if you feel as if you can get a successful early gank in the neighboring lane.

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As Wukong, you have a GREAT kit for ganking. His W will allow you to jump on targets without being seen! One of the most important things to learn as Wukong is how to disguise your W. You don't want the enemy team to know when you're cloaking. Knowing when and where to cloak can make or break a successful gank. If you don't know where they can see you or not, do not fret. It'll take a few games but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

Now on to the fun part! When engaging, you want to cloak, then proc your Q, and then dash in with your E, smite the b!$tch and ult. Doing this will make sure that the target doesn't see you and deals a TON of damage. The reason you want to proc your Q first is because when you use your E, your Q will land automatically right after. This is great because the Q will lower armor and your ult will do more damage. The only time you wouldn't want to do this is if the enemy has flash and missing an ult would mean missing a kill. If you need to land that ult to secure the kill, don't proc Q. Instead, ult as soon as you dash to immediately smite and knock the enemy up. The reason behind not using your Q is simple: Very good players will flash after you land your Q which will make you miss your ult. However, I've only played against very few players who can do that (at my elo). The great thing about Wukong is that his gap closer is a target jump AND hits up to 3 enemies. Chaining this gap with your ult is like have a Jarvan IV E-Q combo on steroid that never misses and does TONS of damage. That chain of skills and his passive makes it really easy to engage in team fights.

Now on to the mental part of ganking/jungling. As soon as you know which champions are going to what lanes, plan your ganks. Pay attention to lanes that are easy/good ganks. For example, if top lane is a Malphite vs. Nasus lane, I'd probably have little success since none are actual killing machines, early game. Let's say that at the same time, bot lane is a Caitlyn/Blitzcrank vs. Corki/Soraka. Corki is very weak until level 6 and until he gets his trinity force. Soraka is only there for sustain farm. Your team has Cait and Blitz which almost guarantees an automatic kill after a pull. A lot of fights can be turned our way in bot lane. Although Corki has a great escape, it is still a better gank than top.

Naturally, the enemy jungler will want to gank bot over top lane as well. Thinking like this will ensure that you get into a better position for a lot of early ganks and counter-ganks. If the enemy jungler were to try something like ganking your top lane, while you are near bot lane, you should turn on your aggressive button and gank bot with an all in attack. Doing this could get you an early kill AND/OR even dragon in some cases. Jungling is all about being in the right place, at the right time. Taking advantage of little information on the map can really help your team get ahead.

Sometimes junglers get tunnel vision when they're farming camps and forget to consistently check the mini-map for aggression. This is where most junglers struggle, including myself at times. It is important to always be aware of what is happening on the map. Even if you are in the middle of a camp, if there is chance for you to help in a fight, you should GO GO GO to your teammates' aid. Always ask yourself this question: "Can we turn this around?" Ultimately, it's a question that can only be answered through enough knowledge and experience, however you can get better at making these decisions by consistently focusing on the mini-map and just playing more games.

As a final note, I want to touch on when to push a lane after a gank. In general, pushing a lane to tower is the best thing to do when the enemy laner is not in lane and you, as a laner, want to back as well to buy items. After every successful gank (whether it's a kill or the laner recalls to base), if the lane is pushed at least halfway, ALWAYS PUSH TO TOWER. I've said this before on my Jarvan IV guide, push it, deny farm and exp. You will have the occasional players that value their cs in lane over denying the enemy cs and exp. For those of you who do not understand this concept, this is the best way that I can explain it: Denying farm equals Under-Leveled and Under-Farmed enemy, which means a weaker enemy. The enemy laner will FALL BEHIND. End of story. You can't "catch up" if the enemy is not being denied anything. It's like saying you're racing someone and you fall. Do you want me to help you up, or break the other person's legs? Doesn't matter what you want, I break their legs, you'll win the race (On a more serious note, don't break people's legs). The only time you should ask the laner what they want, is if the lane is pushed more towards their tower. This is better than pushing the lane because your teammate is in a better position to farm and the enemy laner would have to extend his position to keep up in cs.

All in all, if you keep these things in mind, you'll do really well in your games and get more wins.