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Jax Build Guide by BeyondGods

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeyondGods

Season 5 Top Lane Jax.

BeyondGods Last updated on January 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Brand Basically anyone else you can beat, if they're AP, take hexdrinker early and go on with your build.
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Hello Guys!

First of all this guide won't be pretty, or bad :).
I made it to give you an idea of Jax. And I used to main him, but recently I've been playing other champions, so guys this won't have pictures just a straight forward guide. !!

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Attack Damage marks help you farm early game, this is important because farm is everything in this game! You don't benefit from armor pen, until late game, DON'T GET IT!


Armor seals, or you can get Ability Power seals, both are good, but I prefer armor seal for the defense early game.

Magic resist are the best choice, but if you focus on damage you can get Attack Damage Gylphs.

3 Attack Damage quints are already a good choice because of how easily it is to lasthit like that, but you can split them into 2 Attack Damage and 1 Ability Power, after all you deal hybrid damage. And if you're going in for some early trades, it's best to take lifesteal
quints, paired with 2 Doran's and a vamp scepter it's pretty easy to sustain off minions.

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Pros / Cons

-Decent early damage
-Doesn't Fall of Late game
-Has CC
-Can Jungle
-Can GET tankier

-Squishy early game and in teamfights
- Not a good initiator
- Messed up combo makes you die ; combo is messable
- CC not that long

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Flash and Teleport is good on many top laners, one being Jax. He is kind of farm dependant so you WILL need to take tp to get all that delicious farm.

Flash is core on everyone except Olaf or others like Udyr's. Why? Olaf with ultimate and ghost is pretty scary. However Jax needs flash.

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Jax build order is usually like this.

Starting : Doran's Blade, Health Pots Ward.
You can start Cloth Armor or Flask, or even Doran's Shield. It's preference and situational.
Cloth vs AD, Flask vs annoying early, Doran's Shield for safe route/you don't know what to do.

Core Items :

BOTRK, Trinity Force, Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads.

Late Game :

Randuin's, GA, Spirit Visage/Banshee's Veil.

You can replace GA when it's off CD with a resistance item like Banshee's Veil.

Viable Items :

Hydra Good for splitpushing.

Maw of Malimortius Get hexdrinker early if your vs an AP heavy opponent. So, bilgewater hexdrinker, and then sheen to Trinity Force.

Bloodthirster, rare pick to be honest, usually wouldn't buy it. Get it if you want A LOT
of lifesteal.

Hextech Gunblade I love this item but it's not in the meta anymore. BOTRK outclasses this
by a long shot, so does Trinity Force. BOTRK might not give the same amount of sustain, however Jax scales very well with attack speed. The passive on BOTRK is very good too, shreds tanks. Only buy hextech vs armour heavy enemy, and even then get sheen before you build into it.

Guinsoo's Rageblade Same as Gunblade, it used to be THE item and now it's just not able to be as efficient as a TriForce or BOTRK. You can get this if you decide your going the assasin build which is still a bit tanky. Boots, BOTRK, Hextech Gunblade, TriForce, Guinsoo's, Omen/BV.

Iceborn Gauntlets : Actually this is a very good item against people like Yi, or Xin Zhao.
It gives armor, sheen proc, a slow on every attack. Don't buy unless you feel like your
scared of they AD top laner and want some damage.

Frozen Mallet : I get this against people like Darius,probably only Darius.
His true damage is so big, you need to buy health, but you need damage. TA DA!

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My strategy is to just go aggressive early or passive. If your doing a 2v1, don't worry.
Just wait until they push to the turrent, and farm. If they're really good and you can't fight them in lane, you can stun them when they're tower diving you, and get the upper hand. If they're too aggressive and tanky, I usually ask for a gank, and get blue and red, then go back to lane, and farm and poke. If they're zoning you so hard, I guess it's time to roam or you lost by now.

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Early Game

FARM, all you need to do is farm, and poke, and then kill the enemy when they're poked hard.
Then start rushing your BOTRK and Trinity Force, and last but not least Boots.

But some issues in early game is his mana drain, try to not to use to much mana, and only basic attack on minions. You should also plan an escape by putting wards in various places so you can run for it with your Q when your ganked. If they're damage is crazy, stay under turrent and when they're in range attack them and stun and let the turrent do some dmg, maybe flash to secure the kill too.

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Mid Game

Start building your defense. Keep an eye on your lane cause minions might be pushing, and there is always free farm somewhere. And if everyone is just farming go to your jungle and get the camps for the gold, and get your items. Once that is done you can start killing hard or just go crazy farming and be fed by farming. Jax is a good farmer anyway.

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Late Game

This is where the spells come in handy. If your a squishy melee champ, you need something to keep you alive. Hence your E allows you to negate the enemy ADC's damage, your ultimate
gives you a armour/magic resist boost. It's your time to splitpush too, so be annoying, apply
pressure anytime you can. Carry a ward if your getting caught out to jump to in heated situations.

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Tips and Tricks!

Jax Tips and Tricks

In lane once you hit 6 you can do this secret combo, double aa on a minion, then Q onto your enemy, then AA reset with your W, if you have sheen you can deal even more damage. If they're low enough you can E. Or Ignite if you took it.

Jax's E deals 25 percent more damage per AA. Including minion attacks. Minion aggro = Damage, abuse this fact. At level when trading hit your enemy in front of minions, then E and take a quarter of their health and attack and back off. At 3 you can execute them like this.

With Jax try freezing your lane near your tower so only go for the last hit, or push very hard. Freezing lane for a scary lane, push against snowball enabling you to roam.

Jax's Q allows him to jump to a target, including wards, allies, minions, enemies. This means you can escape a gank like this, jump over walls and even use this as a poke ( if you can). Buy a trinket ward so in some tight situations you can jump to it, even a normal ward is good too.

Here's a cheesy build, to perma slow someone. BOTRK, Boots of Distortion, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force, Omen, Rylai's.

That's all I can think off right now! Bye

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Jax is a AD Offtank bruiser who can carry SoloQ and is effective in duels. He is very good at splitpushing, and is terrifying late game. He is a very versatile with item as he scales
with both AD and AP.

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Must READ!

Please upvote and give some feedback, I am still new to this, I couldn't figure out how to use images other than the links, I'd rather not to :D. And thanks to the upvoters, and any feedback is appreciated!