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Bard Build Guide by Ralter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ralter

[Season 6] Bard is the word Guide, Mid/Bot carry

Ralter Last updated on January 16, 2016
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This build is for fun and experiments with friends, however if you want to stun and make both teams ashamed because of them underestimating Bard's damage, here is a 'Fair' build.

No, I am not a pro player but have played Bard Top, Jungle, Support and ADC.(I dared not mid)

USE ANY MASTERIES, Preferrably Ap/Caster 12/18 With Thunderlord's OR
Warlords Bloodlust/AD.Critical strike page.

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I mean, well you have some Pros:
*Q,Frost Queen and R are great CC
**You provide sustain with your W, also some of these items supply you with enough AP to make the Shrines make a difference
*GREAT team fighting potential
**Think for yourself, be selfish and if your laners back (enemy and team 'mate') then you may pick up chimes
*Tell your laner that chimes will multiply your damage; Massively
**Hard to tilt when playing unless team mates flame you for no reason, very fun to play

And Cons :
*Q is short range and does not impact lane a lot in early game(This will change)
**E is hard to place, I recommend using Smart Cast or changing E to normal cast.
*R is hard to place, Perfect comes with practice.
**Early lane time may be hard/very hard depending on your experience with Bard.
*You may tilt yourself or your team by roaming too much, limit yourself a time for when to roam(Chimes last for 10 minutes.
**Meep control, yes I invented it, is important as this is your HUGE damage source.
*Have several meeps ready for teamfight.
**Ult is very punishing if miss placed.

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Skill Sequence

Get Q First (MAX FIRST)
Get W Second (MAX SECOND
Get Q Third
Get E Fourth (MAX LAST)

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Unique Skills

Your ult (R) can:
Win The Game;
Lose The Game:
Use it wisely, if you do not know then do NOT use it; if you do not know what to do when a team mate is being chased throw the ult behind team mate if that is where the enemy is or just do not interfere.
You may ulti the enemy team for your team cooldowns to go down, this MAY give the enemy an advantage if they also have abilities on cooldown.
You are a great roamer, can set up ganks easily with E, therefore being camped by a team mate jungler is hilarious.
Play for fun!!!

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Bottom lane support:
Do not farm!
Bottom lane Carry:
Use auto's to farm, have an eye on meep count and use the aoe effect of meeps to farm
I cannot stress how important Q is, land it hitting at least 1 minion and the enemy Mid laner, this will annoy them and assure pressure, as well as ownership of the lane.

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TIPS !!!

Use Q to stun either: 2 enemy champions together or an enemy champion next to a minion
Use E to set up ganks and escapes, a team in skype/curesvoice/TS will help coordinate Magical Journey baits, like a boss!
Use R when you HAVE TO or are guaranteed a good chance of success, ultimate an enemy that is chasing you or a team mate, use R to stop minions from killing you ( this has saved me many times due to winions doing so much damage), you can also tower dive and disable the enemy turret and use magical journey to then escape; remember this is basicaly a zhonya so the turret shot that is in air will still go for you and it is a limited time disable, very limited.