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Wukong Build Guide by qtANG

Top season 9.8 wukong top guide

Top season 9.8 wukong top guide

Updated on April 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author qtANG Build Guide By qtANG 7 0 40,622 Views 0 Comments
7 0 40,622 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author qtANG Wukong Build Guide By qtANG Updated on April 23, 2019
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Wukong
  • LoL Champion: Wukong
    against tanks


Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace


ignite gives you early game pressure and helps you to finish off low health champions.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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introduction: why choose Wukong?

hey guys,

Wukongis a high damage, easy and fun champ to play. he has a good early, a really great mid and late game. He is one of the top laner that can be blind pick in ranks. However, due to his high win rates, He got nerved heavily, which makes him not as good as before.
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-high early burst

-can one-shot squishies easily after lvl6

-can escape ganks with his W

-good gap closer

-a lot of AoE damages (W,E,R)
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-weak to kiting

- Warrior Trickstercan be countered by trinket

-squishy during early

-bad sustain
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summoner spells

Flash is the most basic spell for every champ in league. Flash can be use for a gap closer and escape.

Ignite is taken for high early game killing potential that will lead two double-kill when being ganked. This spell is really useful for those high healing champs.

Teleportis mostly taken in games where you scared of lowing tower due to some simple mistakes. For example, when versing a Darius, both of you have 50% chance of dying. A death in this situation may cause you half tower plates and maybe a tower. Though, if teleport is taken, try to minimize the mistakes made, and be ready to teleport into fights in bot lane and mid lane.
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starter items

:this is the most standard starter item in summoner rift. It provides health, a little damage, a little life steal and some sustain.

:provides high sustain against that will help you out sustain champions with healing abilities or tanks.
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During Rank

if you are playing as a top Wukong, your job is not really simple. If you are versing champs like Jax, Irelia and Teemo, a early kill is pretty easy for you if you play properly and engage in the right time. if you manage to win lane against the enemy top laner, always try to get the top tower. After that, get Mobility Boots and go help your mid laner and bot laner. If you mess out during early game, try not to fight him, as if u lost the fight, it makes you even behind. Just farm and try to help mid lane and even bot lane and get some kills in order to get back to the game.
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when behind

when you are behind, it is easier for Wukong (compare to other champs) to get back into the game. if you know that you mess out and getting solo kill by the enemy laner, don't try to get jungle help if the enemy laner is half to full hp, and u and ur jungle is low in hp. This will eventually lead to a double kill, making the enemy laner even fed. If you really want to shut him down, call for your midlaner and your jg, this will probably be enough.

To get back into the game, try to focus on farming and join teamfights whenever you can. After you have some lethality, you can pretty one-shot a half-hp enemy squishy with a E>Q>R combo, unless they are really fed. Or, you can start a teamfight by focusing your full combo on the enemy squishy and try your best to hit as much people as you can with your Ult. After that, Flash out of the fight (if needed)and let your teammates finish the rest. If you teammates are winning the fight, try to go back in and get some precious kills which can get you fed.
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against tanks

I always dislike playing against tanks, especially cho gath. when playing against him, try to dodge his abilities. Wait for him to finish his mana, then E into him and try to kill him. You can only solokill tanks in early game, unless you are really fed. If you cant win a fight against the enemy top laner, try to just farm out and wait for jungle help. Just try to farm and push the wave in before ganking other lanes.
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against other champs

Wukong has a really great lvl1,especially against those who have not much health. During lvl1, always find a opportunity to E into the enemy laner and AA him. with lvl1 attack speed buff and the extra attack speed + damage from Nimbus Strike, you can easily get first blood. During lvl2,get Q Crushing Blow which will strengthen your combo (E>AA>Q). You can also use Q to poke the enemy laner when they come up to take cs. after you have Warrior Trickster, you can pretty much kill the enemy laner if you are always poking him with Q. if your enemy laner is some squishy like Quinnor Teemo, they are just free kills for you when you reach lvl6 and have some lethality.
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team fights

During team fights, you can either be a starter or a cleaner. If you have Guardian Angel or you think you have enough damage and sustain to burst someone down, you can try to aim a squishy and E>Q>R (can add ignite if you cant one-shot) and make sure your R hit the other enemies and become a five man knockout. After that, your team will clean out the rest. Though, try to kill the fed but squishy one and make sure she doesn't has any annoying things like Zhonya's Hourglass or Stopwatch.
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Electrocute- provides great damage for your combo and allowing you to one-shot easier. However, it fall off during late game.
Sudden Impact- works well with your E Nimbus Strike as it provides damage whenever you dash.
Eyeball Collection- provides ad and damage whenever you get kills, helps you snowball better.
Ravenous Hunter- helps you to tower dive safer gives you more sustains.
Triumph- almost the same use as ravenous. It gave you extra gold for every champion kill.
Coup de Grace- gives you ad and helps you to secure kills easily.
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lastly, Wukong is a great champ for you to climb ranks and destroy the enemy top laner. feel free to comment or give suggestion of any improvements I need for this guide. Good luck and have fun playing Wukong!!!
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