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Vayne Build Guide by Laverenz

ADC Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23)

ADC Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23)

Updated on November 27, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laverenz Build Guide By Laverenz 17 2 53,179 Views 0 Comments
17 2 53,179 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Laverenz Vayne Build Guide By Laverenz Updated on November 27, 2019
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Runes: Standard Rune Page

Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm
Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


Basic Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order Standard Ability Maxing

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23)

By Laverenz
Hello! My name is Laverenz and welcome to my Vayne guide. I stream every now and then on
I started playing Vayne back when she was first released. I actually learnt everything from a friend of mine, who was really good at playing Vayne. But i eventually developed my own way of playing her. Vayne is my go-to when it comes to ADC. Vayne has a lot of outplay-potential and is, without a doubt the funniest and most interesting ADC in the game. Let's get to it!
Vayne's Lore
Shauna Vayne is a deadly, remorseless monster hunter who has pledged her life to finding and killing the demon who murdered her family. Armed with her wrist-mounted crossbows and a heart full of vengeance, Vayne is only truly happy when she’s slaying practitioners or creations of the dark arts.

As the only child to a wealthy Demacian couple, Vayne enjoyed an upbringing of privilege. She spent most of her childhood indulged in solitary pursuits – reading, learning music, and avidly collecting the various insects found on their manor’s grounds. Her parents had traveled across Runeterra in their youth, but settled in Demacia after Shauna’s birth because more than any place they’d found, Demacians looked out for one another.

Shortly after Vayne’s sixteenth birthday, she returned home from a midsummer banquet and saw something she would never forget.

An unspeakably beautiful, horned woman stood before the bloodied corpses of her parents.

Vayne screamed in agony and terror. Before disappearing, the demon looked down at the young girl and flashed her a terrible, lustful smile.

Vayne tried to brush the bloody hair out of her mother’s eyes, but that haunting smile lingered in her mind, growing and consuming her. Even as she shakily smoothed her father’s eyelids closed – his mouth still agape, frozen in his last horrific moments of confusion – the demon’s smile seeped through her thoughts.

It was a smile that would fill Shauna’s veins with hatred for the rest of her days.

Vayne tried to explain what happened, but no one truly believed her. The thought of a demon on the loose – in the well-defended, magic-averse kingdom of Demacia, of all places – was too far-fetched to consider.

Vayne knew better. She knew from the demon’s smile the enchantress would strike again. Even Demacia’s tall walls couldn’t keep dark magic from creeping through the cracks. It may disguise itself with subtleties or keep to shadowed corners, but Vayne knew it was there.

And she was done being afraid.

Vayne had a heart full of hatred and enough coin to outfit a small army, but where she would go, no army dared follow. She needed to learn everything about dark magic: How to track it. How to stop it. How to kill those who practiced it.

She needed a teacher.

Her parents had told her stories of iceborn warriors who fought against an Ice Witch in the north. For generations, they had defended themselves from her unknowable forces and dark minions. This, Vayne knew, would be where she would find her tutor. She evaded her appointed custodians and booked passage on the next ship to the Freljord.

Shortly after arriving, Vayne set out in search of a monster hunter. She found one, although not in the way she intended. Traversing a frozen ravine, Vayne was ensnared by a cleverly carved icetrap. After tumbling to the bottom of a jagged, crystalline pit, Vayne stared up to see a ravenous ice troll, lips smacking with anticipation as he gazed upon his catch.

His gigantic blue tongue fell limp as a spear whistled through the air, pierced the troll’s skull and planted itself deep in his brain. The giant toppled into the pit and Vayne rolled aside just in time to escape being crushed. A sticky pool of drool and blood collected at her boots.

Vayne’s savior was a grizzled, middle-aged woman named Frey. She bandaged Vayne’s wounds as they clung to the warmth of a campfire that struggled to stay ablaze in the frigid canyon. Frey told Vayne of her life’s work spent fighting the Ice Witch’s minions who had murdered her children. Vayne implored the woman to take her on as a student and teach her to track the dark creatures of the world, but the Freljordian had no interest. Vayne stank of privilege and money, neither of which kept your teeth gritted or your blade sharp through the grueling perseverance of a fight.

Vayne couldn’t accept Frey’s answer and challenged her to a duel: if she won, Frey would train her. If she lost, she’d offer herself as bait to the Ice Witch’s minions, so Frey could ambush them. Vayne had no reason to think she’d win – her training amounted to a single afternoon of studying fencing before she wearied of trying to fight with one hand behind her back – but she refused to back down. To reward Vayne’s mettle, Frey threw snow in Vayne’s eyes and subsequently taught her the first rule of monster hunting: don’t play fair.

Frey saw a determination in Vayne she couldn’t help but respect. The girl had a long way to go as a fighter, but each time Vayne pushed her bruised body up from the dirtied snow to continue the fight, Frey saw a little more of the relentless hunter this girl could become. Beaten in skill, but never in spirit, Vayne beseeched Frey one last time: both of their families were dead. Frey could spend the rest of her days tracking ice trolls until one of them caved her head in, or she could teach Vayne. Together, they could kill twice as many monsters. Together, they could save twice as many families from experiencing the pain that defined them both. Frey saw the same hatred and loss in Vayne’s eyes her own had burned with for years.

Frey agreed to accompany Vayne back to Demacia.

Together they made the journey south, heavily disguising Frey to illude Demacia’s border guards. Once back at Vayne’s estate, the two spent years training. Despite the pageant of suitors who solicited Vayne’s company, Shauna had no interest in anything other than training with Frey. As a result, the two became incredibly close.

Frey taught Vayne the fundamentals of dark magic, conjured beasts, and vile spells. Vayne committed every word of Frey's teachings to heart, but found it slightly unnerving that Frey never explained how she came to know so many specifics of these malefic practices.

Due to the kingdom’s watchful soldiers and antimagic trees, dark creatures were rare within Demacia's walls, so Frey and Vayne would venture into the border forests at night to hunt. Vayne earned her first kill – a bloodthirsty creature who preyed on traveling merchants – at the age of eighteen.

Soaked in the creature’s viscera, something awoke within Vayne: pleasure. The hot flush of vengeance and violence raced through her blood, and she relished in the sensation.

Vayne and Frey spent several years hunting dark creatures, their respect for one another growing with every kill. One day, Vayne realized that she loved Frey like a mother, but her emotions of familial love were so tangled with pain and tainted by trauma, Vayne fought them as she would any beast out to hurt her.

Vayne and Frey traveled Valoran, until tavern tales from the highlands caught their ear, whispering of a demonic horned creature of mesmerizing beauty. According to the stories, the demon had been busy: she’d formed a cult, designed to attract worshippers who would do her bidding. People would walk into the hills, never to be heard from again. It was said the cult’s high priests had a holy grounds near the cliffside, where they’d prepare the demon’s sacrificial offerings. Vayne and Frey immediately set off on the hunt.

As they journeyed into the hills by cover of night, Vayne found herself distracted. For the first time since their partnership began, she felt worried for Frey – worried she might lose her mother figure for a second time. Before she could confess her fear, one of the demon’s priests lunged from the brush, swinging a mace into Vayne’s shoulder.

Vayne was badly wounded. Frey had a brief moment of hesitation, but her eyes steeled with certainty as she apologized to her friend and transformed into a monstrous Freljordian wolf. As Vayne watched in shock, Frey – in her animalistic form – tore the priest’s tendons from his throat with a swift snap of her mighty jaws.

With the priest’s body laid strewn at Vayne’s feet, Frey retook her human form, yet her eyes betrayed the scared animal within. She explained that after the death of her family, she had become a shaman, inviting the curse upon herself in order to gain the power to change shape and fight against the Ice Witch. The ritual that gave her these powers involved dark magic, but she made this sacrifice to protect–

–Vayne put an arrow through Frey’s heart without allowing her another syllable. Whatever affection she had felt for Frey evaporated upon discovering her true nature. A tear formed in Frey’s eye as she collapsed, but Vayne didn’t notice – whatever warmth the two had shared died with Frey.

There were still hours left before dawn, which meant hours left to continue the hunt. Vayne thought only of the demon. The kill that would be hers to savor. And all the kills to come. Runeterra’s underworld would come to fear her, just as she had once feared them.

For the first time since her parents’ death, Vayne smiled.
I would always go for Fleet Footwork as my Keystone as it gives a lot of sustain in lane together with a lot of outplay-potential from the movement speed bonus you get. The little healing Fleet Footwork gives, is a big lifesaver when it comes to late-game and when being ganked by the enemy jungler. Fleet Footwork is insane. Just go with it!
Pros / Cons

+ High mobility with Tumble
+ Can stun with Condemn
+ Blade of the Ruined King gives outplay-potential
+ A lot of true damage coming from Silver Bolts
+ Attack speed steroid
+ Can go invisible with Final Hour
+ % Max HP damage as true damage
+ Extremely strong late-game

Vayne is a great pick in solo queue. She is an easy champion to solo carry with, as she can fight each and every champion 1v1 throughout all of the game basically. Also, Vayne is one of the "Right Click Champions", which makes her easy to play. Vayne is also one of the, if not the best late-game ADC in the game, as she has almost no cooldown on her Tumble and she deals an insane amount of true damage to tanks. She is great at escaping one-shot-carries from the enemy team with her Tumble + Condemn.

- Really bad early game
- Vulnerable to binds/slows
- Needs good farm early game
- Squishy
- Short ranged
- Condemn removeable with Quicksilver Sash
- Easily falls behind when destroyed botlane
- Takes a lot of practice to master

As per all champions, Vayne has her strengths, and her weaknesses. Compared to other ADC's, Vayne's late game can be considered extremely strong, if ahead. Well it's hard to get back in the game if behind from early game. Vayne's Condemn can be removed with Quicksilver Sash, which makes it easy to counter. A lot of people have a bad mindset when playing Vayne. Many people think they are "Doublelift" or "Hi Im Gosu", which makes it really for the player to overestimate him/herself, thinking they can go 1v5. Also, her E is very inconsistent. Make sure the enemies are close enough to the wall to get stunned. It's quite unreliable
Farming is really big part of vayne, always aim for having more farm than the enemy ADC. Keep your farm up, it's important. It's really important for a Vayne to have a lot of farm for late-game, as late-game is the strongest part of the game as a Vayne. If against a hard matchup, make sure to farm a lot, and play passively. Farming is usually better than a kill.
You can see the ability maxing order in the top of the guide. For this chapter, I'd like to add some more important combos and tactics to use your spells. If your Ult is up, make sure to always use R before Q, as it gives you stealth. Make sure to Condemn enemies, who are close to a wall. Dodge most CC abilties with your Q, as it helps you survive throughout the fight.
Team Fights
In teamfights you should always go for killing easy targets, you have no real single target, but rather easy kills. Prioritize in saving you teammates by using Condemn, if you see they are in danger. Dodge. Dodge. Dodge.
Early-game (Minute 1-10)
In Vayne's early game, there is a lot of farming. Remember that Vayne has a really bad early game, as she needs quite a few items to scale. Make sure to farm a lot for late game. I can't tell you enough times how important farm is when playing Vayne. Make sure to play passive in lane, until your jungler ganks.
Mid-game (Minute 10-25)
This is the point of the game where Vayne starts to scale. Make sure to contest in every objective, as you can fight pretty well at this point of the game. See if you can make pressure around baron, as baron buff is the best buff in the game, which most-likely will get you a win. Your W has a lot of damage against objectives, like Dragons and Baron, because it will deal %MaxHP as damage, making it strong against Dragons and Baron. If you get the Baron buff, make sure to spread out. Buff your minions in as many lanes as possible, this is where Baron is most effective. Make sure your enemies won't get Baron buff, because then their minions will push a lot, which is a problem for Vayne, as she doesn't have any waveclear.
Late-game (Minute 25-∞)
This is where the fun begins. Vayne is so overpowered at this point, because of her scalings from your items. Make sure to get Elder Dragon as this buff is really REALLY strong. If you get Elder Dragon make sure to force fights, as the buff gives you a really good DOT. Also, if Baron is not dead at this point of the game, make sure to secure it, as Elder Dragon + Baron Nashor gives extremely good stats, so make sure to force fights if you get either of them. Enemy assassins or divers will hard-focus you at this point of the game, which make it hard for you to survive, because you have to rely on defensive items and your support to keep you alive. Make sure to stand backline at all times throughout fights, because you if die, you will lose the game.
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