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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by MasterTomoe

Assassin Sejuani-AP Fighter-Doing it up Bronze Style (Update 7.5)

Assassin Sejuani-AP Fighter-Doing it up Bronze Style (Update 7.5)

Updated on March 13, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterTomoe Build Guide By MasterTomoe 32,704 Views 3 Comments
32,704 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterTomoe Sejuani Build Guide By MasterTomoe Updated on March 13, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

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As you probably can tell by how poor this guide might be, this is my first but I am willing to update this after I learn more things about Sejuani, after each and every update (if necessary) and if I get criticism that I think can benefit the guide.

I am not gonna lie, I started League just less than a year ago after hearing so much about it from the guys I played with on Vainglory(which I had been playing for just over a year before transferring over to League) and I found it difficult to get used to the jungle alone(on Vainglory, your support runs around with you in the jungle). I found out quickly that being a supp is difficult because of all of the flaming adc that you get paired with and that I shouldn't play top lane because I am Nasus by nature, I feel safe doing what I am doing on my island and the rest of my team are all out to get me so I never want to leave. Shortly after I reached level 30, I didn't bother with ranked after 2 of my placements as I noticed that I am not Dyrus, I cannot run get 3-5 kills within 5 minutes and carry the game from it so I stayed in normals, playing draft(because blind is full of toxic noobs who know less about what they are doing than I do) and of-course, I met my Queen of the North, Sejuani. Since then I have played many games with her and I now feel safe with Bristle in the Jungle.

I just realized that I ramble a lot so please forgive me if I keep doing doing it, I can't help it and enjoy the guide.
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Pros / Cons


- Good kill securing potential
- Good mobility for ganking and counter-ganking/jungling (Q ability)
- Can deal insane damage
- Does not fall off hard if she falls behind early (just keep farming, you will be fine)
- Everyone underestimates her early-mid game damage and will have learnt their lesson in the late game
- Good jungle clear
- Can completely flip fights with a well placed ultimate
- Puts off opposing damage dealers during team fights
- Great scaling
- Bristle


- Has no defense against ap jugnlers
- Hopeless against a good invade/counter-jungle
- Makes the "pop" sound when caught out in a team fight (Warning: A clean pop can be followed by hot flames and can generate extreme salt levels)
- If your team thought you were going tank because you went Sejuani, this can lead to a gradual rise in flame as they feed their their rear-ends to their opposing laners (Symptoms usually are shown by Ezreal mains, Syndra mains and occasionally Draven mains (but you don't find those in bronze, you have to be good to play Draven, this is bronze we are talking about))
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Summoner Spells

Flash is always a good option for anybody in any role/lane.
Smite is a must for jungling. If you didn't know that, get off my bronze guide, you don't deserve to be here (just kidding, please don't leave me).
Ghost is alright I guess, it is not my preferred option for Sejuani as speed is not what she needs, especially as the speed boost has to build up over time, this can hinder your hopes and dreams.
All other summoners are a no as they are really not needed, take Cleanse and I will hunt you down myself.
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Important Item Decisions

Build order:

Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes - Rush
Boots - It is questionable whether you should buy this while building skirmisher's blade but finishing the blade will give you increased movement speed anyway but it is your choice
Rod of Ages - Always second as it will give you that slight early game tankiness that all fighters need
Liandry's Torment - This isup to you whether you build this before you finish building your boots, does not exactly matter
Finish your boots - Unless you already have and then finish building Liandry's Torment
If you are ahead then build Abyssal Mask but if you are behind, build the appropriate defence item that counters the enemy team first.

Additional note - You can replace Abyssal Maskwith either a greed item or an additional defence item, I just find myself needing this a lot with all of the bursty mages around and my team never builds enough magic resistance.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity - As the build lacks serious cooldown reduction, this is always a good item. It is not needed if you build Liandry's Torment and Zhonya's Hourglass in the same build
Sorcerer's Shoes - Are required if you are wanting to focus down tanks or play against ad champions who have build magic resistance items
Boots of Swiftness - Not usually needed, the option is there if you keep fniding yourself being outrun by other champions (this never happens as it is almost impossible for that unless you get outplayed)
Mercury's Treads - Is only there if you are against an ap heavy team but that is very rare in the current meta
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Farming/Early Game

This is simple to follow, always start at blue and head straight over to red if you are fearing that the opposing jungler will take your red. A good combat combo would be the Q>AA>W>E combo but try and get as many AA off before you do the combo so that you are more likely to win the fight as the enemy will not be expecting the amount of health that the combo will chunk away(you can also use your W to start a fight as it deals damage overtime, wait for it to be off cooldown and then use the combo) Be careful if you are against a Shaco, Talon, Lee Sin or a Xin Zhao as they will most certainly beat you in an early brawl. If you choose to not go to red straight after getting blue, go and get Gromp instead and then head over to red. Make sure to smite red to finish it off and never smite blue. If for whatever reason your health is bellow half, back and start completing your Skirmisher's Sabre by buying an Amplifying Tome. At this point, you will be level 3 and have enough damage to be threatening enough to other lanes, I usually head over to the wolves, clear them and look at good potential ganks but it won't make too much of a difference if you go straight into a gank after you recover from recalling. Either way, you should be looking to gank at this point in the game. A good gank lane is one where the opposing laner(s) is pushed up hard against your team-mate(s). If all your lanes are winning or are roughly equal, take the Scuttle Crab that is closest to the lane that you think will have issues just in case something happens, you are close to help but if nothing happens for your team to need a gank, look at the map again and see if you can help any lane. You can try ganking if the lanes are equal. If your team is just dandy and does not need a gank or help in anyway at all then you could go and ward the nearest enemy red/blue buff, if you see someone their and they are on low health, try to smite the buff and initiate, if the champion that is there is not on low health or is a danger chamion(or fed) then just try and smite the buff and attempt to run away with your Q towards a lane that is pushed so that they can assist you if you get followed. If you are fine, just go back to your jungle and farm. Throughout the early-game, try to ward Drake as much as you can and it is always fun to try and steal it, if your bottom lane is winning and have just killed both of their laning opponents then ping them excessively to help you do drake, no matter what drake it is. One thing to stand by when jungling with any champion is that you do not have to gank for a lane that you don't like, whether that is because they are toxic or they are feeding. Never give in to the opinion that you have to gank for somebody ever, if they are feeding hard, that is their fault, not yours, if they have been "ganked 7 times in 5 minutes", that isn't their fault but it isn't yours, it would be nice if you did help but you never have to, especially if they are feeding. Just keep farming and ganking until 2 towers have been taken(yours or your enemies).
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Mid to Late Game

If you are behind, farm and don't get caught out but if you are ahead or fed, use that advantage well and try and get as many drakes and towers as you can. In team fights, wait it out a few moments after initiation, you are squishy and do not want to hear your precious Sejuani go "pop". If you are forced into an initiation, always make sure you have decent back-up or you will die, if you don't have back-up, do not waste your ultimate, you may need that when you spawn. For assassinating specific targets in team-fights that are slightly out of range to the rest of their team, I would use the Q>AA>W>E combo but if you are going to charge head-first into the entire team then go in with the Q>W>R>AA>E combo and remember to wait out your E until their team are no longer stunned so that you get the full effect of the slow to prevent any left-over champions from escaping. Try targeting your initial Q at a bruiser or a champion with a high health pool so that your W can chunk at their health fast. If you are not quite in the fight and the rest of your team look like they are going to die or lose the fight then remember that a good ultimate can change the tide of battle completely and give you enough time to jump into the fight to assist your team.
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Important Item Decisions

Build order:
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Ending Notes

1: Communication is key, whether that is in chat or by pinging a lot, it is always kay
2: Don't start fights that you know you can't win
3: Don't join fights that you know you can't win
4: Don't think you are NightBlue3, you are not, do not copy him! This will only end badly
5: Feed Bristle his lunch, he is very hungry, if he is full, feed him more
6: Enjoy and don't give my queen a bad name, I will know and I will beat you down with my Bronze III Badge (Trust me, it hits hard, misses nearly all skill-shots and cancels all needed AA but when it hits, you know)
7: Don't forget to regularly update your enemy jungler on how bad he is and that he is being beaten by a bronze player, regardless whether he is bronze or not or if you are being beaten by him. It is good for the soul

I hope you find this guide helpful, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated and taken under great consideration. I will be making another guide soon, maybe on a tank Sejuani guide or I might try and make a lot of decent, off-meta guides that work in Bronze/Silver. I don't know yet but it is very tempting(I have a few that I use and they are fun :P Example: full AD/bruiser Singed). In any case, comment and rate, I wanna know how bad I have done.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterTomoe
MasterTomoe Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani-AP Fighter-Doing it up Bronze Style (Update 7.5)

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