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Sejuani Build Guide by Kazandu

Sejuani - In-Depth Guide to Laning with the Boar

Sejuani - In-Depth Guide to Laning with the Boar

Updated on January 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazandu Build Guide By Kazandu 4,640 Views 2 Comments
4,640 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazandu Sejuani Build Guide By Kazandu Updated on January 21, 2012
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Hello my name is Kazandu and this is my first guide on Mobafire. I find that after spending so much time on this site in recent months that I should give something back to its community. I welcome and encourage comments and criticism on this guide so long as you do so in a constructive manner. I also ask that before you call this guide on Sejuani **** or bunk that you please try it first, after all you might find yourself surprised at the results. I will gladly take any comments you have under consideration as long as you kindly provide me with a reason for doings so (and no, simply saying because it sucks will not suffice). Since this is my first guide I will also be updating it in the comming days so that it will look much nicer and contain more information for the Sejuani players out there. I ask you to be patient with me as again this is my first guide and I will be doing my upmost to provide you with all of the inforamtion that I have on Sejuani as a champion and a playstyle that works for me (and hopefully you too).
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Hello all, I'm Kazandu and this will be my first guide here on Mobafire. Today I will be showing you my guide and build for one of the newer champions, Sejuani. Sejuani is, first and foremost, a tank, and should be built like one. If you are interested in getting a whole lot of kills, I would recommend another character for you to play. With that being said, if you feel like playing a character that can soak up and unusually large amount of damage and slow/stun an entire team with ease, then you will probably enjoy playing Sejuani.
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Pros / Cons

-Incredibly tanky late game
-Has more crowd control then you can shake a stick at
-Her ultimate can stop an entire team in its tracks
-Very hard to get away from
-Ganks like a pro
-Can escape through most walls on Summoner's Rift
-Very good farmer mid to late game
-She's riding a boar

-Very low damage output throughout most of the game
-Very Poor chasing ability early game
-Cannot farm well early in the game
-Her aoe spell has poor damage output without a massive health increase
-The boar could use a bath
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Assuming that you read the introduction, you will know that Sejuani is a tank first and foremost on her team, so the masteries that I generally play her with aim at making her very tanky. Just about everything to increase her armor and defense is recommended. Another huge assist that Sejuani gets is having more health, so I have also selected a lot of masteries to increase her health. Breaking down her defensive masteries, we have the following:

Hardiness and Resistance : A tank without resistances is nothing more than a big target. These will help you stay in lane early game and will allow you to better survive all the damage that will be coming your way

Durability , Vigor , veteran’s scars: All of these abilities are used to increase your health as much as humanly possible, especially early game. If you combine this with all of the armor and magic resistance that you will be receiving throughout the game you will find that you are one hard pig to kill

Initiator and Swiftness : One of the major faults with Sejuani is that she happens to be on the slower side, so many champions will tend to outrun you. If you miss hitting a champion with artic assault then it will be very hard for you to catch them. To help combat this it is recommended that you take these movement speed boosts in order to catch, slow, and stun your target into oblivion. These skills mitigate one of Sejuani's larger faults, so it is my opinion that you are much better off for taking these skills

Honor Guard : This is an ability that helps you soak up more damage, and it is something that will allow you to survive longer in lane or protect a teammate from dying. The more damage you can soak up the tankier you will be so it is always a good idea to take this mastery.

Good Hands : The less time you spend dead the more time you can spend protecting and helping your team get kills. I strongly recommend this mastery for all of those who are looking to get back out onto the field as quickly as possible.

Juggernaut : The ultimate tank mastery. Reducing the time that stuns effect you and allowing you even more health on to your already ridiculous total? Yes please. Since I invest heavily in being a tank I think that this is something that would be useful and helpful for Sejuani to have.

The rest of the masteries I have are just my personal preference. As always, there is no one way to play with a champion and all of these masteries come recommended from me, so if you feel that you will have better luck playing with offensive masteries then by all means go ahead. I am focusing on building my Sejuani like a tank so I find that this set of masteries works very well for me, but you are not me so you may very well find a strategy better suited to your needs then mine.
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Recommended Runes
greater quintessence of vitality

The runes that are listed in this guide aim to make Sejuani as tanky as possible in the early game and helping to strengthen her armor and magic resistance in the late game. Sejuani suffers from being a bit squishy during the early game, so these runes help her survive. The choices for the runes that I have chosen are as follows:

Sejuani needs armor to survive those pesky melee champions that get a little too close to you. These runes I find are vital for you early on in the game and allow you to engage in combat earlier than you would without them. It will also allow you to halt anyone that comes to close so that you and your laning partner can pick up the kill.

Sejuani benefits from having magic resistance for surviving casters early on in lane. There is nothing worse than having to deal with someone like Annie while being totally unprepared for the encounter. These glyphs will help mitigate the damage you take from casters early on so you don't end up like crispy fried bacon.

greater quintessence of vitality

Again, the more health Sejuani has, the harder it will be to kill her. I strongly recommend these because they will give you more health than the flat health quintessence and, should you play conservatively early game; the lack of the extra health will likely not be that huge of a factor.

Sejuani is really slow early game and there is not getting around this fact. To help cover this weakness, in addition to the masteries provided above I throw in one of these quintessence to boost her speed. This will allow her to chase enemies more effectively and allow her to better catch up with the stragglers of your opponent's team

Other Viable Runes
greater seal of defense

For those of you who insist on building her in a more damage oriented fashion, since most of her abilities scale off of AP this is the optimal set of runes for it, although since she benefits more from the armor keeping her alive I would not personally recommend these runes.

greater seal of defense

These are perfectly acceptable seals and glyphs to run should you find that you wish to have even higher armor and magic resistances late game. I prefer to have more armor and magic resist early game rather than late game since the items you will be building will give you a ton of both stats, but again this is only my personal preference.

Again this is for those who find themselves wanting to build a more offensive Sejuani, but I find that the extra health is more important.

I prefer to have the health quintessence that scale with your level, although having the ones that give you a flat health boost at the beginning of the game are equally as viable as the ones that scale. Again I chose the runes off of my personal preference, but what works for me may not work for you, so feel free to experiment and try the out for yourselves.
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Skill Usage/ Skill Sequence

Sejuani's skills are designed not necissarily to get kills, but to control your opponents team and hinder them while your team mops the floor with them. As said I build an incredibly defensive and tanky Sejuani, and while I do get my fair share of kills early game (do in part to the huge range on Permafrost) Sejuani tends to benifet fromthe large amount of assists taht she will be getting when you play her. Remember as a tank you will be there to protect you teammates who lack some of the armor and magic resistance that you have and hinder your opponents when they try and run away.

Sejuani Has a unique tool kit to accomplish her mission as a tank. Her first skill of note and utmost importance is suprisingly her passive skill Frost. This skill allows Sejuani's basic attacks to add a 10% slow to any target that she has just hit. It is important to always, ALWAYS tag whoever the primary target on your opponent's team (whether it is Vayne, Annie, Morgana, etc) so that if they try to escape you will be able to use your Permafrost ability to stop them dead in their tracks.

Sejuani's Q, Arctic Assault, is her best tool for both initating combat and escaping combat as well. This is something that has a fairly long cooldown, and since this build does not recommend any cooldown items, it is vital that you be very careful when using it to inniate of escape combat. If you use it to inniate a teamfight, make sure that your team is behind you, and if you need to escape make sure that you have a clear line that will not be blocked by any opposing champions.

Arctic Assault is a skill that allows Sejuani to dash about the map, and more importantly through walls. This will allow you to gank your opponents with ease (nothing like a barabarian riding a boar piopping out from the trees to surprise the opposing team). You will charge right over minions and will not stop your charge until you hit an opposing champion. Any minions or champions (it is possible to hit more than one champion with this ability)will have Sejuani's passive, frost, applied to them, which means they are primed for becoming targets for Permafrost. I would max out Arctic Assault last, just because I use it as a ganking, initaiting, and escaping tool more than anything else. The damage is something I would tend to overlook, as I just use it to get from point A to point B fast. However, you may find you like to max this skill second in order to lowver the cooldown time on it. Again, maxing it third works well for me and may not work well for you, so I will leave it to you to experiment.

Northern Winds is an aoe spell that deals a large amount of damage once you are done with the majority of your build (since it stacks well with all the health giving items that you will be building). I recomend activaing this skill whenever you are about to charge off into battle, as when combined with Arctic Assaultit will quickly allow you to get into combat and start pumping out damage. It is also a great tool for farming mid game and your main source of damage throughout most of the game. I recommend maxing this skill second as you should prioritize Permafrost so that your opponents cannot run away from you.

Permafrost will be your bread and butter as a tank as well as your bread and butter early game. This ability has a huge range and can easily stop champions that would otherwise be well beyond your reach. The amount of slow champions hit with Permafrost increases with its rank so it should be vital that you max this skill first. It makes team fights that much easier and allows you to truly control the flow of a fight.

Glacial Prison is your ultimate, and let me tell you it is one hell of an ultimate. Throw this into the enemy team and watch the party get started. Any ultimate that can potentially stun an entire team (which will almost always result in an ace). It can be thrown through walls and whoever it hits gets a 2 second stun, while all champions surrounding the person hit will get a 1 second stun, which is crucial for winning those team fights. It is a great initiator and a great way to save your team from an unfortunate fate. The only downside is that Glacial Prison has a rather long cool down and again, I don't particularly use any cool down reduction items in my build, so be very careful when using it and very sure that you will hit something with it.

I normally would prioritize maxing out Permafrost first, then maxing out Northern Winds, which will become your main source of damage, while maxing Arctic Assault last. As always I grab points in my ultimate whenever I can (meaning levels 6, 11 and 16)
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Items (Primary Build)

I will divide the items that you will be getting into three categories: early game, mid game, and late game. As with all item builds, this is situational and it pays to vary from this build in order to help with what your team may need. I find that these items are generally what I will be building on my Sejuani and it tends to see me through the game fairly well The items and their reasoning behind them is as follows:\

Early Game Items:
philosopher's stone

I use this to keep myself fairly healthy during the early parts of the laning phase. The Regrowth Pendant will provide me with enough health regeneration to make sure I stay in lane during the beginning of the game while I will also have a Health Potion for a bit of burst healing should I need it.

philosopher's stone

This item not only keeps your health high but your mana constantly coming in as well. In addition to that, since you will not be getting an extraordinary amount of kills during the duration of the game, it provides you with extra gold, something that is very helpful as you try to complete this moderately expensive build. I would call this a core item, and late game this should be sold off for your final item, Atma's Impaler

You will need these to move faster to catch the opposing champions and apply your wonderful passive Frost to them. These are a must item in any build and Sejuani is no exception.

I would get these items in the order that you need them the most (based upon the currnt games situation). I generally find myself lacking health so for my third item I find myself taking a ruby gem. After that, if their team is ability power heavy I normally will take Null-Magic Mantle or, if their team is attack damage heavy I will usually grab a Cloth Armor for myself to wear. You will need all of these items to build into the Aegis of the Legion, but don't go completing the shield just yet, because you will need to complete your boots first.

In my opinion these are some of the best boots in the game, and one of the best boots for a tank to wear. You will be jumping headlong into a group of enemy champions who will be less than happy to see you. Taking these boots will decrease their stuns, taunts, and whatever else they have to throw at you. Combine this with your Juggernaut ability and you will shrug off crowd control effects like no tomorrow

A core item of this build. This item not only provides you with armor, health, and magic resistance but it buffs you and those around you to give you additional attack damage, armor, and magic resistance. This will allow you to become very tanky very quickly early game in conjunction with your runes, so it is simply a must have for when tanking with Sejuani.

Mid Game Items:

As a tank you will not only need armor and resistances to survive but health as well. Warmog's Armor provide not only a huge base health, but huge health regeneration as well. In addition to this the passive of the item lets you gain even more health and health regeneration, which will help strengthen your Northern Winds. Overall I find this item to be nearly essential on Sejuani, and something that she benefits greatly from.

A boost in your armor and health is always nice, and Sunfire Aegis delivers a nice boots to both in addition to a fantastic passive. All enemies nearby you will be taking an additional 35 magic damage per second. At this point you will already be leaping headfirst into team fights, so a little extra damage will go a long way. Combine this with Northern Winds and you are on your way to becoming a very tough to kill tank.

Late Game:

By now you have a huge amount of health (at level 18 you will have roughly 4000 health) and the force of nature will boost your health regeneration to unparalleled proportions. In addition to your health bar, which will never stay down for long, you will get a massive 76 magic resistance, which will put all those pesky mages in their place. Truly an item that makes Sejuani an immovable object.

I very rarely get to this stage in the game, but Atma's Impaler will make a huge difference in the amount of damage your auto attacks do. 4000 health will roughly translate into an extra 80 attack damage, as well as bonus armor (because you were definitely not tanky enough before) and a critical strike bonus. This item will truly make you a fearful tank able to shape what little outcome should be left in the game.
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If you have read this far down the guide then thank you for sticking with it this long. Sejuani is truly one of my new favorite tank characters to play and I will be updating this guide in the coming weeks so that I can show you alternate build items, a jungling guide, farming tips, as well as adding summoner spells and just making the guide look prettier. Thank you all for reading this guide and I would appreciate and criticism you have for this guide, good or bad, so long as you phrase it in a constructive manner. Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for updates on Sejuani in the near future.
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Update Log

1/21/12 - Added Pictures in the item (primary build) section and runes section
1/20/12 - Guide first published
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazandu
Kazandu Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani - In-Depth Guide to Laning with the Boar

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