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Sejuani Build Guide by tommytk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tommytk

Sejuani "The bully"

tommytk Last updated on July 30, 2012
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Jungle base build


Lane base build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fist I want to apologize this is my first guide so It may not look that great, I will be trying to make it look better.

Sejuani came out quite a few months ago and has gotten no love from the LOL community. Now I will admit that there are better champs out there, but There is something fun about Sejuani when you play her right (and you don't have a bad team). Sejuani is an interesting champ because she is more of a jack of all trades than a master of one.

she is a

  • Jungler
  • Tank
  • AP DPSer
  • Initiator
  • Crowd Controller
  • Lane pusher
  • ETC

The one thing Sejuani is not is EASY

With that said lets get on with the guide to Sejuani, one of the biggest bullies in LOL.

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This is a fairly straight forward concept for her runes. She get everything that she need for your early game Magic pen, Armor and health. While getting just that little bit for you middle and end game with your Magic pen and Magic resist glyphs. The reason for these is simple Sejuani is a tank at heart, and these runes give solid base coverage everywhere. The reason for the lvl`d Magic resist glyphs is because at endgame it is easier for Sejuani to pick up more armor than it is to get more Magic resist.

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Again Sejuani is a tank at heart so lets give her the masteries to match. So let go 9/21/0 getting CDR in the attack tree and some extra magic pen, while getting more CDR in the defense tree along with all those masteries that help keep you alive in your early game. Now there is another option and that is going 0/21/9 getting the same masteries in the defense tree but grabbing speed and buff duration in the utility tree.

either way is viable even in jungle again it comes down more to preference. Seeing as Sejuani is a slower character I tend to grab the utility tree.

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Sejuani`s basic attacks apply Frost, reducing enemy movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds.

Arctic Assault

Cooldown:19 / 17 / 15 / 13 / 11 sec
Cost:70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90

Sejuani charges forward, dealing (60 / 97.5 / 135 / 172.5 / 210) (+(0.4 per ability power point)) magic damage and applying Frost to enemies. Sejuani stops upon colliding with an enemy champion.

Northern Winds

Cooldown:10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 sec
Cost:40 / 40 / 40 / 40 / 40

Sejuani summons an arctic storm around her for (5) seconds, dealing (12 / 20 / 28 / 36 / 44) (+(0.1 per ability power point)) (+(0.01 / 0.01 / 0.02 / 0.02 / 0.02 per health point) [(1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2)% of maximum Health]) magic damage each second to nearby enemies.

Damage is increased by (50)% against enemies affected by Frost or Permafrost ((26 / 54.5 / 83 / 111.5 / 140) magic damage per second).


Cooldown:11 / 11 / 11 / 11 / 11 sec
Cost:55 / 55 / 55 / 55 / 55

Sejuani converts Frost on nearby enemies to Permafrost, dealing (60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260) (+(0.5 per ability power point)) magic damage and increasing the Movement Speed reduction to (30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70)% for (3) seconds.

Glacial Prison

Cooldown:130 / 115 / 100 sec
Cost:100 / 100 / 100

Sejuani throws her weapon, stunning the first enemy champion hit for (2) seconds and all other nearby enemies for (1) second. All affected targets take (150 / 250 / 350) (+(0.8 per ability power point)) magic damage and are affected by Frost.

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Skills-Tips and Tricks

I do recommend watching the champion spotlight. I don`t agree with everything Phreak suggests but I do think that he does show exactly what Sejuani is capable of. is your everything in this game. You can use it to jump walls to get way from or gank enemies, you need to be right next to the wall to do this. (it cant jump you between wraiths and mid lane) This is also your main initiator and also a great tool to make opponents back off in lane, nothing says back up like a giant boar and a crazy chick charging at you.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is necessary for jungle, no if ands or buts about it. but you second spell is really up to you.

teleport I personally use it because the ability to go across the map in a few seconds is awesome. I can save towers or alies, I can also Teleport to wards and gank.

Flash nothing quite says up yours like a double flash. not a bad spell to have considering the long cool down on .

Exhaust this is another good way to close the gap on an oponant but will also alow you to start off in a better position with their reduced attack. grabing this can also save you from using arctic assault which can let you use it to escape. I generally grab this when I lane because it allows me and my teammate to really wail on someone and possibly get a first blood.

Ignite another good laning spell we all know how this works cast it when an oponant is about ready to escape with a fraction of health and wammo kill.

the majority of the summoner spells are valid options on Sejuani save surge it is garbage for her. I do believe that balancing one offensive spell with one defensive spell is best unless you like a really aggressive or defensive player.

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Creeping / Jungling

Pass 1 is designated by red numbers and pass 2 by light blue.

basic jungle tactics are simple it the main creep then use northern winds and wail on the creature until dead. After lvl 2 use arctic assault followed by northern winds, and after lvl 3 pop permafrost 2 seconds after you start your attack. This should allow you to get the full effects of northern winds on all the creeps.

-Advanced jungling-

The most amazing thing about jungle Sejuani is the fact that you don't have to start at blue or red to jungle. With her mana costs being fairly flat it is fully possible to start at golems and work your way around. This allows for other possibilities for advanced team play, such as letting someone else get blue buff or stay clear of an invasion. Thus letting your team have more time in lane than their opponent.

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Taking out a creep wave is the same pattern that you would use in jungle. arctic assault in use northern winds wait a second or two then pop permafrost and watch the gold pile up.

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Now for what we have all been waiting for the "what the hack do I buy to make this chick good" portion of the guide. This really boils down to one factor Health. How much you have and how much you wanna tear away from your opponents.

Fist off I am going to tell you that an AP Sejuani is not an option, unless you wanna feed. with you ultimate glacial prison being the only thing getting decent ratios (80%) this makes you not even a glass cannon but more like a glass musket because 700 to 900 damage AOE is a lot of damage but I can get the same results by staying away from AP and will give more sustained DPS as well.

Why no gold per 5 items. that is easy unless you really want a randuims omen or shurelias revelrie they are pointless proof fist we take your 10 seconds goes into a minute 6 times (there are 60 seconds in a minute) so we go 6x5=30 gold a minute or 1 gold every 2 seconds. So a heart of gold costs 825 gold, so 825/30=27.5 minutes until it starts making you money, now im not going to say that the extra GPM is not bad but it is not worth getting to get it for the GPM.

first thing is first boots. Now most people say get mercury's treads, I say don`t bother. mercury's treads are mediocre at best on Sejuani the MR ad tenacity are great but you don't need them at low level. I will go over reasons later.

boots of swiftness are amazing on Sejuani now I know that the speed may be overkill when your passive is a slow but this is all about bullying the other players.

ninja tabi are my preferred option when I jungle. They build right off of your jcloth armorcloth armor and give 2 speed when most opponents don't even have boots yet. Ehe extra armor and 10% damage reduction are also good for continued jungleing.

The only other viable option would be sorcerer's shoes for the extra magic pen, leaving most opponent helpless to your onslaught.

I recommend grabbing at least 1 if not 2 warmog's armor the health benefit from these can not be ignored. With diminishing returns there is no point in stacking armor and MR on Sejuani with the obvious advantage that health gives her.

I would also recommend getting a sunfire cape the 40 MDPS would take an extra 2K health to get on your W, diffidently a space saver.

now for mana issues. I really recommend grabbing one of 2 items. First is Athene's unholy grail is an amazing item giving extra mana regen and some CDR. but what is nice is like chalice of harmony the more mana you are missing the higher your regen granting that a nice amount of regen to be able to cast off one last arctic assault to get away. Aslo with the added ability of getting extra mana on kill or assist is amazing, and the kicker is is 90 AP and 40 MR. The other Item i would recommend is shurelya's reverieShurelya's reverie, this gives you much of the same stats as Athene's unholy grail but is a little cheapers granting health and an active group buff.

Now for Magic resist items. If you find yourself needing magic resist I would see abut getting Athene's unholy grail over Shurelya's reverieShurelya's reverie. Yes there is a big cost difference but by starting out with the fiendish codex you will have the MR you need. Beyond this if you have 2 warmongs armors or plan on on getting two of them I would recommend getting a force of nature this stacks amazing well with Sejuani, granting speed, health, regen, MR, and more health regen. If you dont have 2 warmongs and arent going to get 2 I would recommend buying either an abyssal scepter or a banshee's veil. The scepter is a great offensive item and also drops surrounding enemies MR with is good in a team fight. The veil is more defensive but it is an amazing item against magic attacks.

Armor items first off if you need armor and haven't got a sunfire cape do so. If you need more get a thorn mail, for the cost this item it cant be beat for armor. However ever if you have not got a mana regen item I would try to get the frozen heart this may be more expensive but you are getting the armor, mana, CDR, and a nice passive, the only reason I don't include this in a base build is because it is better agents a AD heavy team. Where as Athene's unholy grail is an impressive item that solves all mana needs and with a sunfire cape give a good balance of armor and MR.

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now for the proof that this build is superior to an AP Sejuani build. After doing the math if you could combos Ult>Q>W>E you can put out 4000 damage in about in 10 seconds to a single target and more to surrounding targets this is including surge(having only 2400 health to play with). With my builds and the same combo I get a about 3000 damage in 10 seconds. now the damage output may be less however my way can give you twice as much health as well as more armor and MR. Also where as going AP your damage is mostly required on your skill shots, my way maxes out the use of your w doing most of your damage(1700) while you stay on top of your opponent. This also leaves open your Ult and Q for champs that get away.

"its over 9000!"

(on an interesting note if you get 5 warmog's armors and boots with the %health runes along with an elixir of fortitude and baron buff you will have a whopping 9500 health. now if you were to ride on top of someone with that your w+attacking you would do 2300 damage in 5 seconds)