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Shaco Build Guide by cojorts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cojorts

Shaco - How to be a pain in the ***

cojorts Last updated on September 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Work in progress

Please be patient.

I am not going to claim this is the best build,
but this is what helped me make the climb out of bronze 5 to silver 5.

I have around 40 games played on him with a 60% win ratio and 2.72 KDA.

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Early Game

I will start blue 95% of the time. The mana regen and CDR helps a ton early.
This also puts me in a position to steal their red right after.

You will not need a Leash at Blue to start.
Your (W)Jack in the Box will stay for 1min and will fire for 5 seconds after activating.

Jungle camps spawn at 1:55 so I prefer to place my first box at 57.
Everytime the cooldown is finished place another box. Continue till Blue spawns.

Your Boxes will take down blue buff extremely fast will your help AA.

As soon as Blue camp is cleared, put 1 point into (Q) Deceive.
Run straight into Dragon or Baron pit (Depending on whether you are Blue or Red Team).
Then (Q)Decieve over the wall to the back of their Red Buff. This will help you avoid
wards in the path that other scrub junglers have to take.

I Start with Ward trinket for this invade right here.
I place the ward in their Red buff to see if it has been taken already.

If they are playing a champion that is difficult to duel early levels then pull Red buff into the bush, kill him then deceive back over the Dragon/Baron pit.
Your ward will let you know if their jungler is at their red and give you heads up incase you need to GTFO.

If you are blood hungry and they are playing a champ that is easy to duel early,
then set up a box or two and get ready to ambush them. Remember to use ignite.

I typically don't prefer waiting on the jungler just for the fact that most people are aware that shaco likes to fight early and will head straight to your Red buff.

I prefer to steal their Red buff and do a quick early gank on mid or top.

Since Shaco is notorious for stealing Red Buff, Make sure your team helps ward your Red Buff. Chances are their Jungler isn't as good at escaping as you are. Trap them in your jungle trying to take what is yours and make them pay.

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Mid game

Shaco's Mid game is highly determined on how much chaos you can cause early game.

Let's say things went perfect and you had a great start.
Continue being a pain in the *** wherever you can on the map.
For example: Counter Jungle, Gank, Fight for objectives.

Lets say things went horrible and you died a few times on some poorly executed ganks.
This is OK. Shaco's late game is very strong and he is still useful even 0-10.
It is important here to realize you are behind and not try to duel and outplay for kills.
This is the time to put your head down and grind for late game.
Once of shaco's biggest Pro's is his ability to split push because of how slippery he is.
Split pushing will gain you and your team, Gold(Towers), XP, and map pressure.

When they come for you, slip away and switch lanes. Rinse and Repeat.
Make sure your team is on the same page with you.
Don't be that ******* shaco that refuses to team fight because you are going to split push to the nexus.
Make sure they know you are behind and to try and defend while you cause some havok and get some much needed XP and gold.

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Late Game

Once you have your 4 main damage items, it will not matter that you started 0-10.
You will be capable of making ADC's uninstall their game.

CC and Vision by the ememy are your worst nightmare.
In teamfights, wait until the chaos starts. Then once the enemy is focused on your team's
tank, you make your move. Stealth in from the side and focus their ADC.
Make sure to hit them in the back to take advantage of your passive. That with the crit bonus from (Q) deceive will chunk them down fast. (R) ULT - Your clone will help with damage and help keep them from being able to focus you. Then (E) Active for the extra damage and slow. Place your (W) Box to either keep them from running or to keep someone from pealing you off of them. Once their ADC is dead you should be able to clean up.

Now, Let's say your entire team is behind and will die in a teamfight faster than you can kill their ADC.

Focus on Split pushing. Late game they will have to send 2 people to stop you. When they do that Your team will have a 4v3 advantage and you will hopefully be able to slip away and join the fight turning it into a 5v3. Shaco destroys turrets late game with his clone. If the tower is already fairly weak then you can even take a tower just using your clone to tank it for you.

If the enemy has a inhibitor turret already down its even easier. (Q) deceive over the wall and take out a inhibitor and sneak back out before they can recall.

This will not work every time. Some games you are just meant to lose,
but I have had many victories even when our team is down 10-20 kills because of split pushing. The main thing is remember you do have a team, and your team needs to be on the same page. If you are split pushing and your team decides to fight them 4v5, this could cost you the game.

Because shaco's role is so versatile, decision making is one of the most important skills to learn on him.

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In Closing

This guide was not to teach you Shaco's Mechanics or how to use his (R)Clone.

This is about the strategy I use throughout the game.

Knowing when you are strong and when you are weak is very important.

When I have more time I will work on providing guides on ganking paths, tower diving and so forth.

I played my first game as shaco in ranked Bronze 5 (Season 4).
Now at the end of Season 4 I am Silver 5 43 games played on Shaco with a 60% win ratio
and a 2.72 KDA. Mechanically he is not as hard as people make him out to be.

I REPEAT ** Because shaco's role is so versatile, decision making is one of the most important skills to learn on him.