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Shaco Build Guide by Pølsemanden

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pølsemanden


Pølsemanden Last updated on July 20, 2011
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My shaco Guide.

When i Started playing LoL i took a look on the several Champions in the all Menu. And when i saw Shaco i thought "THAT IS GONNA BE MY MAIN!?!?!?!?" well i saved for him, tried him, and i didn't quite love him. I felt that he literally sucked. And that although i had a Great game he really grew useless late game. I still think that he's UP in teamfights, but now i know that he has a lot of qualities to mention some of them:
NR.1!!!! ganker in the game, Great Towerdiver, Great towerpusher, Great 1v1(i have taken down every single character in the game in a 1v1. both less or more fed).

This is my first Build/Guide.
And it is still in proggress, and i would like to Know what u do like, and what u do not like about my guide.

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Take it easy Dude!

Please take the time to Try the build before voting it down, and plzz before u vote it down give me some critisism who knows. U might just end up improving my build(or improving urself)

*YES! i do use (theese) to express a point or adding additional info(or just some lame joke)*

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Pros / Cons

Pretty quick and decent jungler.
Best ganker ingame
Great 1v1 maybe even 2v1
Great burst
Great escaper(if u don't use deceive too early)
Good map awareness
Ppl underestimate him cuz there are a lot of nabs out there :D

He isn't nearly as good in 5v5 as he is in 3v3, as this being a 5v5 guide this is a Con
Pretty squishy
Getting targeted
Hard to play
With this guide, u need 3-4 ganks to keep up with ur opponents game(soto)
U get a very late mid game(sheen being ur core item is first bought at 4kGold. so also here u need to be pretty experienced in ganking/playing with shaco.
I feel like i need some cons - but i simply can't find anymore :/

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Items duude!

Normal jungling... Normal Jungling... Normal Jungling... Then u go for ur the reason i take the long sword over boots if i can afford them is: That ur boots will give u a faster way to ur gank, Ur longsword gives u a much greater succes on the gank. If u get a double kill or kills and assist u will maybe even have a chance of Buying ur 8 minutes into the game. If u by any chance can't afford ur Soto or Long sword on ur recall's. Get the . U don't want to wait for more than 20 seconds for a Soto Part or Soto itself. Then just get the less costy boot. Soo, Here is a must. U WANT TO HAVE WRIGGLES BY LEVEL 7! since dragon is aaaawesome to get that early into the game, so pleeease ppl. Get that 190 gold and awesome global experience for ur team! wriggles lantern. Why would i want a Wriggles lantern? Well here are a few Reasons for ya.

U can take the Dragon at level 7 if u use your ult. U wouldn't have been able to do that if u didn't have wriggles. And 190+25 gold is almost half it's worth. AND 190*5 for your whole team. And as shaco is very reliant on his team, that's pretty nice as well.

Will save u 100-200 gold in potions. When jungling u will be loosing health, and that requires potions for the ganks.

U will have it for putting wards. It can save it's own worth in wards during a game.

If the opposing team has a Fiddle or WW i would wait with the wriggles until after sheen, cause then one wont have a chance on getting the Dragon, in time u will learn which junglers u can out-jungle and which u can't! if they have a jungler TAKE CARE!

If u choose not to have a wriggles remember to get another source of lifesteal! And/or use JITB for wards.

After Soto is ur choice. It does really put a big-*** bonus onto ur , and makes thoose ganks even easier than they already are. Onto that it is a key compartment in ur Trinity Force.
I believe it is very great for its cost. And does really add a great succes rate on shaco's ganks
My ganks succes rate on full hp enemies are 60% and believe me i go for some reeally impossible ganks which i somehow do complete.
After sheen, i either go for a or a . Again it depends on ur Economy. If u can afford a phage on ur first return, i would go for that. In any other given situation i take the Zeal. After that i Finish my .
After that, u seriously need some arp/damage, wanna hear what has both, and at a cheap price.

And here we go with the Situational Items.

Normally i always go for my Core build. And after that the game will usually be over.
If not, i would begin building my and after that sell my Lantern And get a bloodthirster!

If one feels to squishy then that is because of one getting CC'ed or Bursted So a banshees veil is Ideal in that situation. But be certain that it 80% of the time will be your own fault if u are too squishy.

If u have 2 or more dps characters (3 plus u), if no one else gets a then u should get it. But before getting it ask the others, since that it's debuff aura is visible and can tell u being around(deceived).(IF U'RE BACKDOORING DON'T GET A STARKS! IT WILL TELL U BEING AROUND!)

If ur team consists of dumbass phys carries not carrying ARP then a could be a good choice. But normally i won't go for it simply cuz u don't get enough hits.

A general thing in my item's are. Always try to be able to buy something. If u need alot of money for stuff and port back, get an elixir. And health potions are great although u have lifesteal(Even though i play with 2-3 clarity runes i still sometimes buy a mana potion when my carry wants the blue buff >.<. EVERYTIME U BLUEPILL BUY SOMETHING!!! IT'S WORTH IT!

If u have any unsatisfied needs in my item-build. Then plzz say so.

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So, i have gotten a comment from spoon, out with one of the best trinity shaco guides out there (apart from mine ofc) - i looked up his rating, couldn't find it though :-/

Okai, why to get a SOTO.
well shaco needs a very good early-mid game and i only think that that can be acomplished by a SOTO - no other item offers the same bonuses for an ad ganker.

I think that every ganker should have a stack item making the ganks worth the while.

I never claimed that SOTO was a late-game item, and i am the first one to say, that by late-game if u can't get +5 stacks, Try getting a banshees, and if u still can't hold the stacks, then learn from ur mistakes, why do u die - when do u die - in what particular situations do u die. Well it's easy to hold stacks on shaco becuz of deceive, hallucinate, JITB and actually also shiv. Every one of shacos offensive spells, also serves as a defensive spell.
Not to say that u're a bad shaco, or well yes - I SAY THAT U'RE A BAD SHACO IF u die more than 1-3 times during a early-mid game U'RE A BAD SHACO!

Even if u die in late game, the awesome ad from soto will have carried u over the 1369 g u payed for it. and made u have better items than everyone else, so even if u can't stack it, sell it. I have had around 5 games where it got really late and i couldn't hold my stacks on very-late game. and i sold it to buy my slotfiller instead.(if it get's to really late game, u're doing baad - u NEED TO END IT BEFORE VERY-LATEGAME!)

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9 Desolation reds - This is crucial to the jungling parts, and i really feel like it's also the best late game item for shaco

7 Armor Yellows - Theese are the 6 needed armor runes for jungling + 1 simply for the extra health at end of jungle route
2 None assigned Yellows - u have 2 open slots on the yellows part. Personally i prefer 2 mana/level. Armor makes dragon easier, and mana makes ur mana pool sure to be at a decent level(if u make sure to get the buffs u would anyway have full mana pool, but 2 mana yellows gives u the ability to have 2-3 ganks without blue, and i like that freedom).

9 - CD/level bluees - Late game shaco is needing his clone since that he often is not able to be present in early team fights. - and it also gives him better box-map awareness.

Quints are up to you.
I actually think that 1 move quint and 2 arp quints are great choices for shaco.

Arp quints, well should be self explaining ;)

Move quints, can save ur live from another shaco hunting u, it's "only 1,5%" but it's 1,5% faster than ur enemy meaning that u will save ur life because of a rune. I loooove it.

Guide Top

Summoner spells.

- obviously, smite is gonna be your jungler spell - great for buff, dragon, baron stealing.
Crucial - Needed

- Great for ganking, fighting vs. heavy ad carries, slowing.

- if ur team has 3-4 exhaust already, i usually pick ghost. It's great for ganking as well, and no one catches nor gets away from u when it's popped.
Recommended in case of a lot of exhaust

- I only pick this if none of us have ignite and my whole team refuses to take it. I have gotten some kills from it, but mostly i take it cuz of thoose darn mundos, and other bothering healers!
Recommended if no one on ur team has it

- if u are new to jungle shaco heal is a great safety net for a jungle fail.
Recommended for newbs

- If u choose berserker greaves over mobility. Then it could maybe be a pick, but it's not viable anyway.
Not recommended

- Flash could also work. Sometimes it helps u to the kill, but the cd is very long, and in thoose situations exhaust would have done the job as well. Also good for escaping.
Not recommended though

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So, jungling is pretty easy, 2 boxes at double golem, 3 at lizard, run up smite blue wraith, fear golems-->kill them, fear lizard and minions-->kill them, put a jitb behind one of the wraiths-->attack the one jitb is attacking-->after that one is dead-->attack both wraiths to get red buff and miss chance on both of them, go to wolves-->JITB behind big wolf-->put dot/miss on all three wolves, go to blue buff golem-->check your mana can u afford 1 or 2 jitb after cd's-->also ask teammates if they need a recall or wether or not they need help.
1:u have enough mana for 2 jitb'es put a jitb in the bush-->wait for 2-3 sec left on JITB cd-->fear golem-->put jitb behind golem-->smite at 500 health.
2: U only have enough mana for 1 JITB--> check ur health are u sure that u have enough for a lot of golem hits??? if not, wait a couple of secs for both mana and health to go up.

BAM-done jungling!
Now u ask everyone again wether or not they're doing ok on their lanes. Cuz else, u go their and cover it for them while they're gone.

> Explained in the laning section(comming soon)
If noone needs help. it's time for ganking :D
> Explained in Ganking section
All of theese things might give u an opportunity for an early wriggles(and an early dragon OMGWTFPWNZ!?)

**************************'why not start blue buff u noob!*******************************
Because Blue buff start jungling is only viable in premades where u can make ur whole team protect u. Else, u might get ganked, and loose ur boxes, and loose waay too much health, and have to cut it at lizard. Which makes a muuch slower jungling. Also even if u didn't get ganked, red buff is faster. U save like 5-10 seconds and u will normally have 3-4 bars left of health. If u did start at blue buff however, make sure to make ur team protect u, it can really like slow u down 30-40 seconds if ur boxes get popped at blue.
For saving 4-5 seconds, use ghost(if u picked ghost ofc) when running to double golems, i know it aint much, but that little can be the difference between u reaching the gank or not(ghost cd will be off by the time u're route is done.)

Guide Top

Ganking (the loooove) section.

Now it's time to show some loooove! It's time to satisfy them opponents, time to show them that u actually care about them - make them happy/cry/troll/sweet loove to their towers :D

Off course u always want to have either lizard or golem buff(best with both buffs :D)

So here's a few things u should consider
- will u have to use ult to take them out?
- do they have flash?
- well, do they have some kind of blink?
- do they have ghost?
- well, do they have some kind of movespeed abiliity
- can u even gank them(are they just gonna focus u down, sucks to give double buff to them :-/)?
- is ur teammate ready?
- Are u OMGWTFPWNZ at ganking?
- do u look awesome

So here we go. if none of the above are answered yes too u deceive in. Hit them in the back, run half a second in front of them place jitb, and target them again. Jitb pops(half second fear and 90-120 damage), u just keep on rolling. If u know that u can reach to throw two two shivs(THEN DO IT FFS). BAM - u just got urself FB.

> 1 opponent got away screaming "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA fail gank." u go up to tower(deceive if necessary), two shiv him(for the slow), ult - sends ur clone at him(since he is slowed it will reach him. And now u hear the awesome silence of an opponent just being dead, and ur teammates screaming OMGWTFPWNZPROSHACOGETTINGDRAGONANDTOWERDIVEHALFHPENEMY! (now in 12 words) OMG WTF PWNZ PRO SHACO GETTING DRAGON AND TOWERDIVE HALF HP ENEMY!.
> no opponents got away( lane is free pushable) now u have a chance to make ur first towerdowning. OFC U DON'T GO FOR NEXT GANK U NOOB! u help them push the **** out of the tower, and give ur team the upper hand(and another great piece of global gold). This is where it would come in handy if u had ult up, since that it soaks up 2-7 tower hits and 2-300 damage to tower, and alot of damage to surrounding creeps.

Hmm, they have flash - damn! but don't worry they won't be getting away anyways.
1:Deceive in-->Usually they will flash right after getting hit. So be ready to shiv the **** out of them.
2:Deceive in-->they don't flash(underestimate shacos ability as the greates ganker ingame)-->u place jitb so they'll get feared--> here they will be using flash so be ready to shiv the **** out of them here!

They have moovespeed
Well, thats tricky... cuz i don't really know what to do then... almost half of full hp people with ghost gets away from me. I normally just hope for my JITB fear to pop. so regular routine...

Them *****es focused me :-/
U deveive in, and they focus u don't wait use ur ult RIGHT A(****ing)WAY! and get that double kill :D target the squishy one, and if they have a tank let ur teammates take that guy afterwards :D(safety first though - so be cautious about not giving them buffs)

Teammate not ready
So ur teammate crying about his health..? well, this get's u back to basis, think of everything again just without the factor of teammate helping u.


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but i use my school time for it since school is, well school :D
and spare time is for Having sex, going to parties, watching tv, whatever.
And spare-spare time is for playing LoL
Spare-spare-spare time is for school and sleeping (and this guide)

There will be a section with:
or whatever i really feel like. Or u comment about