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Shaco General Guide by mr banana cool

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mr banana cool

Shaco s6 crit/ad

mr banana cool Last updated on December 21, 2016
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an introducition

hello summoners!! this is a guide for shaco with ad/crit. I have tested different builds and i find this as the best one. Shaco is so funny because he has this awesome ganks. And if you play him good you can be really sneaky. He is so difficult to play but he is in my opinion one of the best champions when you master his skills. With shaco you can do some tricky steals, some epic backstabs and some awesome jukes. Shaco is nothing but truely awesome!

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I have tested several build as shco in season 6. I find this as the best one. The crit on Shaco will make Your q really epic and Your basic attacks will also be very strong. Your e is AP but With ad build it still does a lot of dmg. And i chosed the guardian angel because when you Wake up again from the dead you can fast click a crit basiic attack or e, or if you just want to get away then you q away. Give me feedback if you dont agree with me in the items i have chosen :) Good luck with this awesome build!

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you may ask yourself, how shoulD i farm with shaco? well read this and you will know HOW. Shaco
in early game is very special, thats because hee needd no help to startup! You start with the red buff (at 55 seconds start placing w untill you have 4 jack in the box) After the red buff you can choose if you go golems (stone monsters) or the razorbeaks "the birds). If you want to play sneaky then ask your bot lane to ward enemy team blue buff. Then you invade it after you have taken red buff. The best way to steal it is to upgrade your q so you can sneak into them and give them a big suprise!

Now listen, Your job is to make your team AHEAD the enemy team, plus enhance this by making the enemy team being BEHIND what should be normal.

Your job is to make your team incredibly fed and strong, and enemy team incredibly useless and weak so your team can stand a 4vs5 lategame while you splitpush like a beast and destroy all the turrets.

And to do this you have to do things that solves both missions:

1.Abuse your strong ganks early.

2.Partially steal enemy jungle creeps so they don't regenerate.

3.Let your mid have your wolves/chickens whenever possible so he get ahead in gold.

4.Steal enemy buffs whenever possible (care with wards)

5.If your midlaner is mana-dependant, make him have always your Blue buff.

6.Shaco traps are strong early. Try to kill enemy jungler to make him stay behind.

If you do these jobs correctly, you'll get as much Gold as you would if you kept farm your camps over and over.

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- really strong ganks
- Probably the best counterjungler out there.
- So good splitpusher.
- One of the most fun champs to play with.
- So Slippery champ, almost impossible to catch.
- Fast wins.
- He is the most mental champ out there.


- Hard to play. Extremely hard to master.
- You MUST stay focused and calmed to play him efficiently: You overextend, you die.
- You'll get flamed sometimes for picking him.
- Squishy champ.
- Doesn't fit well with the current meta.
- He is the most mental champ out there.
- He have troubles against Thornmail and revealing champs like Lee Sin.

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