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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furber

Shaco - The joke's on YOU

Furber Last updated on March 22, 2011
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Back again with another quick guide. Shaco is my favorite assassin/stealth character. He can be a monster when used correctly. This build focuses on a dps Shaco. I am aware that some players choose to build him AP, but I find that AD works better. Once again, it's not quite as good of a guide as my top builds, but I will add to it over time and eventually it will end up as good as my top few guides, same format and all. For now, I'll go over his abilities and give tips, as well as explain my choice of items.

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Passive - You deal more damage when attacking enemy's backs. Keep this in mind when trying to gank, and also when last hitting minions. In the jungle, when trying to get a buff, throw jitbs behind the golem/lizard, they will turn around and then your passive will help you deal more damage to them.

Q - This is one of the best escape mechanisms in the game. A Flash that gives stealth, it makes for very nice getaways. Always remember you can use this over walls, in fact, it can flash through very thick walls, further than the radius shows.

I take this ability first and max it so I can have a lower CD on it. Getting it early can give you lane dominance, every now and then Deceive at your enemy and hit him in the back, then pull out. Doing this can be a very effective harassing technique.

Keep in mind it is a 100% crit chance when you deceive, so getting an Infinity Edge is key. Sheen will also make your deceive hit harder.

Most players will lose track of you if they're chasing you and you deceive over a wall. However, a more experienced player will predict where you went. A great tip for making a crafty get away is to be moving in one direction, but use deceive in a different direction. They will try to follow you, but you will be miles away from them by the time your stealth runs out.

W - Aka 'jitb'. This is Shaco's only form of CC. Jitb comes in handy as a sort of 'sight ward ward' ability. Use it in bushes facing the river to protect you and your lane mate from ganks. Also you can ward Dragon and Baron with it, as well as key locations in the jungle, like red and blue buffs.

If I'm chillin in a bush, I usually stack up some jitbs near me so if i get checked and I lose my advantage, I can retreat safely. Something funny that you can try doing is stacking tons of jitbs in a bush, and when an enemy comes by, they can take some serious damage. If you happen to be close, you can at them and grab a kill.

One thing in particular that jitb can be incredibly helpful for is countering Rammus's Powerball. If he's rolling towards you, throw it down in between him and you, and he will hit the jitb and stop rolling. Jitb can also block skill shots, so you can use them as cover.

When fighting a 1v1, while auto attacking your enemy, place jitbs behind them. Assuming they dont turn around and kill it, this will not only CC them, but expose their back to you, which allows you to deal more damage.

jitb is very helpful, but I choose to upgrade it last because imo, you only need one skill point into it until later on in the match.

Setting a jitb up as a ward also comes in handy because assuming you take teleport, you can sneak back into your lane if you teleport to a bush jitb. Then surprise your enemies and strike them from behind.

E - The passive this gives you is pretty much a free red buff. Use it to easily chase down enemies, or slow some one trying to chase you. Throwing the knife is helpful, but keep in mind that you will lose the passive until it goes off CD.

Also, throwing your knife while you're stealthed is usually not a good idea. You need to hit the enemy with your 100% crit chance auto attack to make use of , then you can throw your knife. Only throw it after deceive if it's completely necessary. Throwing your E can be good for ranged harassment.

R - Shaco's ult is all about deception. Having two almost completely identical champions to control gives you an upper hand, but you have to know how to maneuver your two guys to fool the enemy.

Keep in mind that if you have a visible buff on, like GA or red/blue buff, your clone will not have it. This could ruin any potential fooling of your opponent, unless they're dumb.

Always be moving your clone around, if you forget to move him with Alt + click, then the enemy might be able to know which one is the real Shaco.

When using your ult to escape, make sure you and your clone split up. Move them in the opposite direction of each other, hopefully the enemy will follow the fake. You can also use your clone to block skill shots for you.

One incredibly important tip about your R is for turret diving. If your diving some one and you get the kill, but the turret is going to kill you, press R and you will drop turret agro, assuming there are minions to take the place of the turret agro. This is a great way to have successful turret dives.

You can also do nifty things with your clone like check bushes or scout ahead. Keep in mind that your fake will explode when he dies, so use this as an extra burst of damage when attacking enemies.

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Summoner Spells

I take teleport and ghost. Teleport is really helpful because you can teleport to your jitb, which makes you extra sneaky if you switch to another lane to gank. Ghost is good for extra chase/getaway capabilities. You can use whatever you like, but these are my suggested summoner spells.

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I get extra crit stuff and damage in offense, then some utility to help out.

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Item Choice

I start with Sapphire Crystal and potions. Shaco is ultra squishy, so the hp pot will help out a lot. He's also pretty mana hungry, the mana crystal will help you out a ton. I build that into a Sheen for extra damage. Way later you will build it into a Trinity Force.

For boots I get Berserker's Greaves for good AS. Next I get Cloak of Agility for crit chance, and then build an IE. This item makes you hit like a truck, especially with your .

After that I get Zeal to balance out the AS/AD, the crit chance and movement speed also help. Next I get Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal. Then PD for more AS/Crit/Movement speed. Afterwards build a Blood Thirster for lots more AD and great lifesteal.

Then I go for survivability: Guardian Angel. I choose this item for survival, because by the time you get it, the enemy DPS will be very powerful, so having the GA passive to revive you will be more beneficial than slight mitigation of enemy damage. Banshee's Veil is also a good choice if you don't want to be CCed as much.

Afterwards I finish the Sheen into a Trinity Force for even more Movementspeed, AS,AD, some hp and ap which can help a bit too.

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What did the last patch do for Shaco?

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