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Ekko Build Guide by Adynimis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adynimis

Shatter them into Salt In-Depth Ekko Mid/Jungle Guide 6.4

Adynimis Last updated on March 10, 2016
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Ekko with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie Annie has limited mobility. she doesnt have a constant stun, so its easy to catch her off guard.
Ashe No mobility, squishy, only has her ult to sve her.
Bard He has some escapes, but relitively low offensive power. All in him.
Heimerdinger You counter him. Your Q takes out his turrets no problem. They are his main form of CSing, so getting rid of them early will set him behind so much.

Heyo!! My name is Aynimis, and welcome to midlane, and jungle Ekko guide! I have almost 100k mastery score as of publishing this guide. I will explain the different methods, techniques, and paths you can take with Ekko.Please take the time to upvote/downvote, comment, or question this guide, as it helps me and my content improve. Danke schön!

Ekko is one of those champions that just fit well in any team comp. Need CC? Ekko. Need an Assassin? Ekko. Need a good teamfight engage? Ekko. Besides these roles, he provides: split-pusher, peel, AOE, poke, disengage/reengage, AP, vison, and more. He can even be played in the support role, though i advise against it.


[+] Good CC
[+] Anti Death Ult
[+] Burst
[+] Good Waveclear
[+] Fits in any Team Comp

[-] Squishy
[-] Must Have Good Timing

Ekko has decent AP ratios, when you land them, and provides great lane pressance, and applies great map preassure while roaming/jungleing. He has seen his fair share of nerfs and buffs since his release in May of 2015, and since then has still been a strong champion which has seen a decent amount of pro play(mainly in the Asian circuit). I would like to see Ekko played more in the NALCS :D

Midlane Ekko


Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Hybrid Pen Marks is better for Ekko because of these reasons. Ekko's AP scalings on his basic abilities are not that high. Because of that reason, and the fact that you use your auto-attacks a lot in your combos, Hybrid Marks give you the edge you need. Armor Seals are just good in general. Scaling MR is vs an AD Midlaner like Yasuo or Zed. Because you are going to be facing the AP of their team later in the game, scaling MR is the better choice. Quints of Ability Power give you the 15AP at the start, coupled with Doran's Ring, you end up with 30AP.

This image here graphs the benifits of Hybrid Marks Vs. Magic Penetration Marks. You can apply ekko to this, because at most, the return on Ekko's Timewinder deals 60% AP. And that skill can be hard to land with a difficult matchup. However, the rest have a 10 and 40% AP ratio excluding his ult.

Jungle Ekko


Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Im not going to go into much here just to say that for an easier clear time in the Jungle, you are going to want attack speed. It lets you proct your passive quicker, and just deal more damage. You wont have any AP starting, which is fine, because you have weak skirmishes early game. Ekko IS A LATE GAME CHAMPION. Athough a good Ekko player can influence the game pretty hard to snowball the early game into lategame, you are still going to be weak early, but i will get more into that later.

Midlane Ekko


These Masteries are pretty simple when explaining why i picked them, so theres no need. The only thing i have to say is the dual proct, when you land both your passive and Thunderlord's Decree , you chunk them for a huge portion of the damage early on.

Jungle Ekko


Right now Strength of the Ages is the best mastery keystone for Junglers. It gives you 300 free health for clearing camps. 300 health is equivilent to 2 Ruby Crystals, which would cost you 800 gold to get otherwise. Not only is this good, but you just are allowed to make riskier plays because of it.

Standard Items on Ekko (Midlane and Jungle)

Luden's Echo is a must have item on Ekko. It deals a nice amount of damage, helps with wave clear, and gives you a nice 10% movement speed. Movement speed on Ekko is so nice. When jungling with Ekko, however, you already get a Ludens that gives you mana sustain in the JG and the 10% movement speed in the form of Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes. The movement speed is the big thing on both of these items. With this, you are able to roam faster, help out teammates faster, chase down enemies who arent dead yet from your combo, and escaping. Couple this with Boots of Swiftness and Lich Bane, you are sooo fast.

Boots of swiftness is an item i take in every role with Ekko, just because he has really good ganks and geat roaming potential. I would definately take this over Boots of Mobility as a jungler because you have lots of speed in and out of battle. But if your midlane, and want to take Sorcerer's Shoes then go ahead, but this is what i recommend, and i can tell you it is very effective. But as a Jungler, you must take Swiftys.

So the next standard item on Ekko is Lich Bane. This is such a good item with Ekko. It is extremely synergetic with his 'E' Phase Dive because you use 'E', blinking you, and empowering your next auto, but it also triggers Lich Bane. With this item you can split push like a god. Ive litterally dropped towers in less than 5 seconds because of this item. Also the movement speed will stack with Luden's Echo/ Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes movement speed. This will help chunk poeple on the other team and make them run in fear of a sudden Phase Dive.

This is another great item on Ekko. He gains AP, AS, and CDR, allowing him to deal more damage while enemies are under his stun, and has his ult on a lower cooldown. This is a great item if you are ahead, or are doing okay Vs. good matchups. This is a mid-lategame item,and should not be built if you are behind.

Rabadon's Deathcap is just a standard AP item for most AP champions because it passively increased your AP. Just a good item.

This is a great item right now. It has low overall cost to build, easy build path, and it provides decent AP and MR stats. The Aura is great for when you land your ult Chronobreak right on top of them, and it goes well with Ekko's 'E' Phase Dive.

Items if Behind

The reason i say to Build this if behind is if you need more CC on your team. The added health is also benificial, but mainly your looking at the slows.

Rod of Ages is an item you pick when you know you have a bad matchup early on and you know you would be behind. It gives you health, mana and AP. Additionally, with the health and mana regen when you level up, it helps to sustain you in lane so you can keep on farming. Building this as a jungler is not a bad idea when you or your team is behind. Building this after getting Runic Echoes and Boots of Swiftness will make you able to sustain better for your team.

Zhonya's Hourglass on Ekko can be seen as both a defensive item and an offensive item depending on your playstyle. you can actually do a lot of really cool plays with this item, which I will explain in later chapters. But overall, the armor + AP is great.

Okay so here i will explain what items to build in what order if you are doing fine. Luden's Echo/ Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes for the damage/movement speed, then go into Boots of Swiftness. Next build Lich Bane. Afterwords go into Nashor's Tooth --> Rabadon's Deathcap --> Abyssal Mask.

Now if you are Vs. a bad matchup or are behind, here are the items in order that you should buy. Rod of Ages --> Boots of Swiftness --> Rylai's Crystal Scepter --> Zhonya's Hourglass--> Abyssal Mask. You want to go slightly tanky. Because you are behind,you want to hope for late game, so sustain yourself until then.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Im going to start here talking about each of the abilities.

Ekko's passive Z-Drive Resonance is another one of those 3-hit passives that riot loves to put out. So you can apply stacks by using damaging spells/abilities (excluding smite and ignite) and auto attacks. on the 3rd hit, Ekko deals extra damage, and gains movement speed, while reducing theirs. Being able to land this consistantly is one of the defining characteristics of a good Ekko player. I will go later into explaining combos. This stack also applies to creeps and jungle camps, although you dod not get the movement speed bonus.

Timewinder is Ekko's main form of harrass in lane, in teamfights, and damage to jungle camps. Timewinder can apply 2 stacks of Z-Drive Resonance. Once when you throw out the skill, and again on its return(if you land it. This skill will return to you no matter how far away you are from it. It will also retract and deal damage to enemy and neutral units even after you died.

Parallel Convergence is the hardest skill for someone wanting to learn Ekko to land properly. The reason for this is that it has a 3 second delay from activation, to detonation. Also, enemies can hear his tell,and see his animation for the skill. This is hard to land, but extremly rewarding if you land it with its stun. Enemies inside the detonation area will be slowed. If you are inside, you will gain a shield based off of 150% AP. If both you and the enemy are inside the detonation, then the enemy will be stunned for 2.25 seconds. It has a huge area, so when ganking, or zoning, its hard not to fill up an area. You can throw this skill in your intended escape path to give yourself a shield, or if you time it correctly you can have it slow the enemies instead. Parallel Convergence will also give sight of non-stealthed enemies inside of bushes and/or the fog of war. This skill has a decent cast range, so use this well to scout out enemy jungle camps, to see there the jungler might be.

Phase Dive is a standard roll move that empowers the next auto attack, and increases your AA range, blining you to the next target. This also deals damage to structures, so its helpful when trying to drop towers. This is also a good disengage/reengage tool. You can also roll over terrain, and blink to a damageable target, including enemy wards.

Chronobreak is the second hardest skill to land with ekko. This skill can be used in so many ways. Use it to deal damage, to escape, juke, and many more. Some tricks you can use it to do; If you recall for an item, you can buy your items, then ult to return back to lane. You can use this to dodge lock-on skills like Caitlyn ults, or even towerdive, and redirect aggro to another teammate, or just leave all together. If you teleport into an area, and then realize its not in your favor, just ult back. These are just a few ways to use Ekko's ult, but there are so many ways that it would be too much of a hassle to write it all down.

Jungle Skill Order Vs. Laning Skill Order

The only difference i have here is that when Jungling, you start Q>W>E, whereas Laning you would start Q>E>W. For both, i max skills in this order R>Q>E>W. Making your Q before your E is because Timewinder deals the most damage out of all your basic abilities. Next E, because it deals the next largest amount of damage. You arent bothered with maxing your W because the length of the stun is the same regardless of the level. The only other thing you will have is a shield, but this is a glass cannon build, so you dont really care too much about the shield. It decays anyways after the stun is over.

Ekko Midlane

Ignite and Flash Are two of the most important summoner skills on Ekko, and really any midlaner. This is standard because midlane tends to see a lot of burst-damage assassins-type champions, Ignite helps to secure a kill, or just add to the burst damage you do. I still see people do this, but do not use Ignite unless the enemy is very low in health. I have seen people burn ignite while the enemy had at least half health. "Thanks guy! Now i dont have t be afraid of you using ignite, so i can trade with you next time, and combo off to win!". You dont want that to happen T_T. Ignite can be replaced with a few other Spells, which i will explain below after the Jungle section.

Flash is very much important on Ekko as any other champion. Use it to hard engage when they are under Parallel Convergence, or close the distance even more for that last auto/ Ignite for the kill. And of course you can use your great NA powers to flash to your tower, or other escapes.

Jungle Ekko Spells

Smite is standard for Jungleing so there really isnt much to say here. Since you are mainly going to run Stalker's Blade, you will have blue smite. After you have landed your stun and you are comboing off, wait till just before the stun runs out, and smite them. This will give you movement speed, and reduce theirs, allowing to finish them off with a chase.

Spell You Can Use to Replace Others

Exhaust can be replaced with ignite in the midlane, or flash in the jungle. Reason for the midlane, is that it slows them, and allows you to deal more damage to them. A nice little combo with this is to get close, Throw out your Q, Exhaust, W, then E when they are under your circle. If they arent dead by then, ult on top of them.

Probobly the only reason you would take Exhaust instead of Flash while jungling would be for more gank potential. This isnt a bad idea, and i see a decent amount of other Ekko players do this.

Teleport is also a really great summoner spell on Ekko. The ability to travel anywhere on the map in 3.5 seconds is so useful. I would replace Ignite with this in the Midlane, or Flash while in the jungle. A nifty little trick with this, is when you are teleporting, spam-press your W where you expect the enemy to engage/retreat to. If done correctly, you should be able to cancel the animation of Parallel Convergence. Then combo off as usual.

Vs. a hard matchup in the case of more CC on their team than you can put out consistently, Cleanse may be a good option for you to implement into your kit for the game. It removes all debuffs and movement impairments. I would replace this for Ignite in lane and Flash while in the Jungle.

Laning as Ekko

Level 1

Laning with Ekko is okay. You have a weak level 1, but you can still deal good amounts of damage. At This point your job is to sit still in lane and farm. Don't really throw out Timewinder too much, even though it can be quite tempting. Use it when the enemy gets to close to the minion wave and you. You can actually proct your passive here, if they don't pay attention. If you are able to, but only if you know you can do this, throw out Timewinder, auto, and wait for Timewinder to retract so you can auto one last time before running away to reposition yourself. This is a very effective LvL 1 harass and can gain you dominance in your lane quickly. When farming, throw out one Timewinder and then last hit from then on, even if the cool down is done. You dont want to push your lane 'till LvL 3.

Level 2

At Level 2 with Ekko you have some really sweet dodge mechanics up your sleeve, as well as disengage/reengage with Phase Dive. Use this to engage for combos, escape, dodge skill shots. The LvL 2 combo is throw out Timewinder. As it is about to retract, Phase Dive towards the enemy to get in range to blink, and if you landed both parts of Timewinder you will have procted your passive and Thunderlord's Decree . Additionally, Phase Dive allows you to cancel animations. This is a sneaky way to hide using Timewinder or Parallel Convergence. So useing that, at level 2, E, and Q right after towards the enemy (if you are in range of Phase Dive's blink range already). If you did it correctly, you will have proct Z-Drive Resonance once with Phase Dive, and twice with Timewinder, with little time for them to react to it, if none at all.

Level 3

At level 3 you now have your basic combo, and you can now start roaming. Remember that Parallel Convergence has an obvious animation, vocalization, and a 3 second delay. In lane it is best to use this right after you dodge an enemy attack with Phase Dive and casted it at the same time as Phase Dive. That way it doesn't look like you are baiting into a trap when you really are, and the animation for Parallel Convergence is not there. You want to put this behind the enemy, and after 1 second, start Preassuring them back with timewinder, which will slow them into your circle, whick will also low them, allowing you to catch up to then to activate the stun. Hit them, proct your passive, and if you can, kill them. Ignite if needed.


When You start roaming, You are going to want to overuse your Timewinder, but still CSing minions to push them up their tower. You can do a little fake-out by recalling a short distance from the enemy wave, then move back to your tower do it again for about a second, and start heading bot or top. The enemy will have thought you actually recalled, and will catch most people off-guard.


At level 3 your ganks are pretty good. If you are able to land your stun correctly, you can make a sirious advantage for your team by opening up a lane to take a tower. A basic gank, lets say...Bot lane, and you are on Blue side. Dont go through the River. Instead, go through the path behind Dragon Pit. Make sure to communicate with your team for vision to know if the river or tri-bush was warded. Throw out your W behind the enemy farther back than you would in midlane. Combine the CC of you and the support to land them into the Circle of Parallel Convergence. Phase Dive in, throw out Timewinder, and if the ADC can get the kill let 'em have it. You still get the assist gold, and they get fed. It will reward the team towards late game. If they can't, then you take it of course.

Level 6

At Level 6 you are able to make some sweet plays in the midlane. At this point you are best against melee champions like Yasuo, Akali, and the such. Force them into a 1v1 with you. Phase Dive out and cast Parallel Convergence where they are. You will reengae with Phase Dive on the circle, and trade autos with them. As the stun comes up, throw out Timewinder to slow them if they try to escape. Keep autoing, until the stun comes up. then ult right on top of them. It will just chunk the heck out of them, leaving them so low that an auto+ignite should finish them off. All the trading you did just incresed the amount of damage and healing you just did to the enemy.

Jungling With Ekko

Not surprisingly, Ekko has a weak early first two camps. He is heavily reliant on Blue Buff until he gets his Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes. So you will start on Blue Buff side. Start with Gromp and make sure to smite it before auto attacking, that way, you get the poison armor buff from it, and it helps you clear it faster as well as the Blue Buff. Take a point on W once you clear it. Once you get that, pop your Refillable Potion and head to Blue. Throw out W on the buff, and as the area becomes visible, throw out Q on both a minion monster and the buff itself for a more effective clear. This technique will save you loads of time in the early stages of the clears. Keep auto attacking until you proct your passive, aor until the stun ends, whichever comes last. Kite the buff until the passive is off cooldown for the buff. You can see this by left clicking on it prior to engaging to see Z-Drive Resonance under 1 of the buffs/debuffs. once it is done, reengage. This technique will minimize the amount of damage you take, while maximizing the amount of damage you do.

Next take the rift scuttler for health and vision, then wolves. At this point you will be lvl 3. Go gank bot or mid. Whichever needs it most. Your laners will be lvl 2, so pay attention to this and both your allies, and enemy Mana levels. After a gank, clear your red side starting rift scuttler if its not taken, then krugs. Smite them at the start like Gromp to get the buff to clear faster with less damage. Then red buff, dont smite it. Take raptors, and smite them. Go to midlane with the buff to scout a ward in the bush. If Mid needs a gank, do so and then finish your blue side. You should be lvl 6 for close to it (depending how much time you spent in the lanes). Recall, and go grab a Stalker's Blade, boots, Vision Ward and if you can, some more parts to Runic Echoes.

Team Fights

Your role in teamfights is to provide AOE CC in a area to allow you and the carries to pick off the squshies caught up in there. It is essential to land your stun. You can ult if you need to. Theres no need for you to die. If you are low on health, and no ult, theres no need to try and land your stun. Stay distanced and poke them down with Timewinder and provide some slows for your team with Parallel Convergence.

Tower Diving

For this you are going to need you ult and W and another teammate. W behind the tower, then engage like you would to try and land the stun. Keephitting them till you get low, then ult. The turret will switch its target to either your minion wave or your ally. allowing you to escape back with a kill from either you or your ally.

Hey all! Thank you for reading my guide! Ekko is such a great champion. He is so much fun, and extremely rewarding if learned well. If you enjoyed my guide, or won with it in a match, please feel free to upvote or comment, as it really helps to know if my guide is beneficial to the community or not.