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Shen Build Guide by Oblak

Top Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

Top Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

Updated on April 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oblak Build Guide By Oblak 19 2 44,060 Views 3 Comments
19 2 44,060 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Oblak Shen Build Guide By Oblak Updated on April 19, 2020
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Runes: Normal build

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Bone Plating

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

By Oblak

Hello and welcome to my guide of Shen. My name is Oblak and i play in the BR server, i play in every lane, especially Mid, Top and Sup.

My peak was Diamond V in 2018, after that i stopped playing and i felt to Platinum V.

I started my ascension in the middle of 2019 and i just rushed Platinum again (flex), now that i'm a full active player, i plan to go to Master in 2020.

I always liked guides and planned to make my first real guide someday, this Shen guide is the first i ever made.

My english is not the best of all, so, i hope my guide can be understood,i hope you guys enjoy this, thanks!

Shen is one of the most reliable champions in the Top Lane, he has for me one of the best abilities in the game Stand United, his Global Presence can save a teammate from a Gank or a Pickoff. He has no hard counters, despite Champions like Heimerdinger, which means he can be a good option for a Blind Pick. His MID game is absolutely insane, his decent mobility with his Shadow Dash can grant easy kills if you try something like a Gank thanks to his taunt.

He is not hard to master and is pretty fun to play, you can easily go to a 1v1 and win in almost 80% of the matchups, many people don't know that Shen can do that much damage, so the surprise factor can be a decisive point. This means that his laning phase is very powerfull if you manage to bully your opponent as much as possible.

His potential in teamfight is limited but efficient, a good dash can end a teamfight very fast and change the rhythm of the game, as a Shen you need to shape the game with all your Skills, your team depends on you and you depends on your team.


+ His ultimate has Global Presence and can be decisive
+ Very strong mid-game and solid late game
+ His basic mechanics are very easy to master
+ Very High quantity of energy (400)
+ Very strong split push when needed
+ You are a ninja, and that's very cool

- It's not much efficient in lower elos
- Needs too much map vision
- You depend too much of your team, so, you can rarely win games alone
- Need to master energy use
- You can lose a tower easily after the use of your ultimate.
- Hard to master advanced mechanics


Flash is a must have spell for almost every champion, it allows you to make many possibilities of taunts and escapes, always pick this. Teleport is probably the best option by far for Shen, with this you will have 2 teleports (Your spell and your ultimate), and you can after a ultimate go back to your lane very fast and protect your tower from the lane, do quick saves... however, this is very good and i can't see anything better than this for Shen

Grasp of the Undying is easily the best keystone for Shen, it grants him a very reliable sustain,you can do bonus damage, heal yourself and improve your maximum health. It fits perfectly with the purpose that Shen has.
Shield Bash is a must-have rune for Shen, it fits perfectly with his passive, allowing him to do bonus damage and deal very well with any kind of situation. Your passive recharges very fast, so, in almost every situation you will have this rune to help you.
Bone Plating allows Shen to tank even more damage in the lane phase and even in teamfights, despite its cooldown, in the early game 30 of damage reduction in everything is pretty op. With this option Shen can sustain more damage and survive more in lane.
Overgrowth in my opinion is a must-have rune for Shen in almost every situation, his lane phase is pretty strong, you can in many matchups farm without problems. overgrowth makes your farm be even more reliable, granting you bonus HP.
Triumph is a safe pick rune for Shen and probably one of the best option in this tree, you choose this one because in teamfights the heal triumph gives allows you to sustain even more damage.
Presence of Mind in patch 9.23 turned into a very good option to Shen in very aggressive games, with the energy regeneration and the bonus energy you can cast more skills and deal more damage to your enemies, don't pick this up if you are against a team that you will have to tank too much damage, without Triumph you lose a lot ot tank potential.
Legend: Tenacity can be switched to Legend: Alacrity, in general i prefer Tenacity over Alacrity, if the enemy team has too much CC, like Morgana, this is the best option, if the enemy team has no CC, you can select Legend: Alacrity.
Last Stand it's a option that i tried sometimes in very aggressive games, in every 1v1 you will lose a lot ot health most of the time, and this rune actually buff your damage with the least health you have, it's very situational and requires a lot of practice to at the same time deal damage and tank enough.
Attack Speed is the best shard option for Shen, it replaces the AS that Legend: Alacrity gives to you if you get Legend: Tenacity. It also allows Shen to his his Q faster, it's a must-have shard.
Legend: shield can be replaced to Tenacity and Slow Resist, this one is totally personal and it changes with the different matchups you go against. If the enemy team is full AD, get armor, if it's mixed, get one armor and one magic resistance, its your choice.
Sunfire Aegis is a Core Item for Shen, your build in any situation must have this item, you deal damage by simply doing nothing. Shen can sustain so much normally that this item transform him into a killing machine, you need to make this for the first item, or at least a Bami's Cinder if you are dealing against a AP champion.
Titanic Hydrais a Core Item, with this item he can splitpush very often and more effectively, be even more succesfull into 1v1 moments, and tank even more thanks to the HP the item grants to you .
Mercury's Treads can be a good option if the enemy team has a very strong ap champion OR champions that deal too much CC, like Morgana .
Ninja Tabi can be a good option if the enemy team has a very strong ad champion, it's obviously a nice option against any strong ADC.
Thornmail it's one of the best defense items in the game, his damage reflection synchronizes very well with Sunfire Aegis, this is a must-have item if you are against strong AD champions.
Randuin's Omen can be a very good choice if you are against a Yasuo or any other champion that deals high critical damage.
Dead Man's Plate has a great purpose for Shen, he gets bonus damage and bonus mobility, if you are very strong this item can be used for extra roaming and splitpush.
Spirit Visage it's the normal AP resistance item for Shen, it grants him more HP than adaptative helm and more healing and regeneration.
Adaptive Helm you can choose this item over Spirit Visage if you are against champions that deal too much damage from spamming skills, like Cassiopeia or Ryze.
Sterak's Gage it's a great option if you are very strong in the game, you got kills and are constantly going around looking for opportunities, Sterak gives you damage,health and a shield with bonus letality, it's everything a Shen wants
Warmog's Armor it's normally made as a Last Item for Shen, it's late game and you have no time to lose going back to base all time, the health regeneration you get makes you even more consistent in general.
Gargoyle Stoneplate it's a good item when the game is very difficult and you need to consistently go inside the enemy team to tank them all, this item grants you when active tons of HP.

-Always try to position your Twilight Assault to colide with your enemy, with this you will do extra damage.

-Try to always hit Shadow Dash to replinish your energy

-Don't use your ultimate Stand United in foolish moments, it has a long cooldown, try to always examine the lane and the circustances before attempt to save someone.

-Be sure to always bully the enemy with Twilight Assault, the damage increase and the bonus range it's very op in the lane phase.

-Always use Spirit's Refuge in trades to minimize the damage you take.

-Take care of the cooldown of Ki Barrier, try to always start a trade being sure that your passive is up, the bonus damage and resistance with Shield Bash its brutal.

-The combo Shadow Dash + Twilight Assault instantly activates Ki Barrier and will be your main damage source.

Thanks for everyone who is seeing this guide, i'm trying my best to write something detailed and simple to understand. I plan in the future to make more guides and increase this one, adding shen basic abilities and more tips. I'm open to tips and recomendations.

Good luck to all of you in the soloqueue!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oblak
Oblak Shen Guide
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Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

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