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Shen Build Guide by Symbioth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Symbioth

Shen, The ninja tank.

Symbioth Last updated on March 24, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 4

Honor Guard

Defense: 25


Utility: 1

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Shen is a OP ninja, with great durability and sustain, with this build he will come the undying ninja :)

OF COURSE YOU WILL DIE, but until die you will protect your ADC and APC in team fights, and you will die with honor, like a ~~boss~~, as tank you will take all the brute damage for your team, ok let's go.

So I go - Shen. (First build, i'm hope that I can help you :) and, not 100% english, hope u all can understand, thanks)

*********I'm not a high elo player, not a pro, Shen is my main top/tank, and I just want to help people that don't know how to build / play with him.**********

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It will give you:

Magic resist: 12
Armor: 13
Dmg: 15

Damage for early game, without this dmg you can easily lose your tower because your enemy will control the lane.

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Offense: CD Reduction for your ultimate, 4% can help alot.
Defense: If you're going to tank turrets all the time, take 1 point from "unyelding" and put on "Safeguard", or wait for minions to tank it :P.
Utility: Fast recall

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Skill Sequence

Vorpal blade and feint: will grantly you a nice early game, use vorpal to last hit (it will heal you, or you can use vorpal in minion and attack him, will increase your HP regen).

Shadow dash: it takes a lot of energy (120), ALWAYS try to keep 120 energy safe to escape a gank, or if your enemy flash you can take him back.

Stand united (ultimate):don't forget to help your allies with Stand united, shen take a 3x2 to 3x3 or 1x1 to 2x1, whatever, always secure your ally from get killed.

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Flash and Teleport FOREVER.

With flash you can escape, or... ENGAGE! Flash + shadow dash, OH YEA i'm the ****ing ninja that will taunt you b*tch.

Teleport: your ADC get low health and his death is certainly, if you use stand united to help him, your turret will down, NO! You will help him and get back to your lane, saving your turret :)

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Pros / Cons

OP Ultimate
You can taunt all the enemy team, PENTATAUNT!
Durability and great sustain
Blue classic skin (I love blue color)

Yellow jacket skin is ugly.
If you don't control your energy, you will die.

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Team Work

Well, in teamfights shen is really useful, you're the tank, always protect your ADC and APC, try to use your dash in enemy ADC, then your team can focus him, when your team focus someone, use vorpal blade in this unlucky guy, then your team will heal some hp, don't forget to use your ultimate, if you get SILENCED you won't travel to your target location but the shield will stil shielding your target.

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Early game

Farm, focus on farm, don't trade too much with your enemy, at lvl 3, you can combo Dash + Ki strike + vorpal blade, then use feint to get back, it will force your enemy to use his potions, with great sustain from Vorpal blade you can stay a lot of time in your lane without need to go back, If you got a nice jungler, you 2 can take enemy turret until 10 min of game.

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Mid game

Well, here we start some team fights and some turrets went down, ok, try to help your team to take Dragon (+190 gold helps a lot), and at this time, if you farmed well, you will have Warmog, and another defense item, you won't die so easy anymore.

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Late game

Like mid game, but will have a lot of team fights, and your adc will try to backdoor, if he got caught by 1 or 2, ult him, and try to save him, OR, try to give him a double kill, or you can be a ******* ninja and take for you the double kill.