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Lulu General Guide by FishmanOP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FishmanOP

She's so cute *-*

FishmanOP Last updated on January 6, 2013
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HEY GUYS ! It's Purpl3Phobia aka Mo3/FishmanOP (:
I'm here 2 show you a pretty underestimated & overseen Champion:
... yes iam speaking of ... how did you knew ? รด_o
Well yes, as I said in the notes to Masteries it's a pretty new guide and yes I haven't played that little Yordle girl that much as someone that could write an Perfect guide for her. But that isn't a reason to click to the next guide you see cause ... they are mostly just Support Guides >_>. So Look at this Guide, test it, and if you win the next 5 games you played her the way I'm telling you, you can rate this :3. I think that is a good idea :P. I hope that it pleases you to read it as much as it pleased me to write (:
So please tell me your thoughts about this guide and what you would like to see, so I can add this :P

Have fun (: Your Mo3

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Dem Runes

As I said in the Rune Description, The Runes Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Seal of Scaling Health, Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are very,very,very simple Runes. You can use these on almost every Ap Champ. Sure, it does not fit Perfectly in every Champion, but if you don't got 6 Runepages, its good to have 1 page that fits to almost everything. You see, you can use this to Jungle Fiddlesticks, Mid Annie and Support Soraka, Atleast I did this :D:D:D.
Not that Ocelote would do this, but yea, for Normals It "should" be enough cause ye, its not bad.
For Fizz it would be better to get some Blue's for CDR but yea, you know what I mean (:

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Dem Masteries

Soooo .. Lets look at this mess here ...

Oh yeah, starting at the

Offensive Tree

[*] Summoner's Wrath Causes our Superawesome Exhaust to shred their Amor and their Magicresist
[*] Sorcery For CDR, Blast for MOAR AP at lvl 18,
[*] Havoc Is used to increase our total damage for 2% !!! ... you might say pff .. 2%: **** this! But, you know that feeling if your Enemy kills you with only 5 hp left ? Thats because you don't got Havoc ;)
[*] Arcane Knowledge to shred MOAR Magic resist for guys like Galio
[*] Mental Force to give us nice 6+ AP Startbonus
[*] Spellsword might isn't the best for Lulu but ... hey its looking cool (:
[*] Archmage for MOAR AP. Damn guys, we'll have so much ap ^~^.
[*] Executioner Should be clear I guess: 5% more Damage to Units below 50% health

Last but not Least:

The Utility Tree

[*] Summoner's Insight For nice 15 seconds reduced Flash cooldown or reduced cast time by 0.5 seconds on Teleport, if you chose this over Exhaust (:
[*] Meditation For some nice Mana regeneration that you're more independent if your Jungler needs The Bluebuff
[*] Mastermind : Only 1 point in here, but 4% CDR is still nice
[*] Expanded Mind Now a Important Item in this Build is Archangels Staff we need every Mana we can get, also the Mana from the Masteries
[*]And if you're getting a Buff from either Blue, Red or Baron, Runic Affinity will cause them to last longer for about 20 seconds

So That's it, let's head over to the Next Section :3

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Items & a Game-Timeline : what to do when

Dem Items & The Game Timeline

Sooooo let me explain you the Items I chose and why exactly these Items.
Let's begin (:

YES, the game begins, everyone is about to buy stuff.
But you can decide your game already with your Start Item. I mean, if you get ganked and you're to far away from your tower, the chances that you'll get killed are immensely increased if you start with a Doran's Ring. You have to be fast to get out of this Situation: Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or simply, Lv.1 Boots ^^

Costs : 455 Gold

Okay... we managed to get a lot of Farm and our Amumu ganked, so that we got a kill.
So we're at Grandpa Yordle's Shop and Buying exactly 3 Items: Philosopher's Stone - Wards - HealthPots
You ask why nothing for Abilitypower ?, well since we're Lulu our Whimsy Gives us a Nice boost of Abilitypower which is 20 at Level 1.
Yes i know that 20 AP are more than a Doran's Ring And that's why I recommend maxing W over E. (More about that in The Spellsequence)

Costs : 845 Gold -> Philosopher's Stone + Ward + 2 Healthpots

Okay, It's Midgame which means just 2 things: Teamfights and The First Good Items
You still have 2 farm, don't forget that.
But before they're all in action you should buy something!
First thing , what if you haven't done it yet, buy new Shoes,
Sorcerer's Shoes should it be, and also you should have Eleisa's Miracle and Atleast a Catalyst the Protector and a Blasting Wand to finish your Rod of Ages as soon as Possible.

Midgame is pretty long actually, In my opinion it starts with the first Roaming Enemies or the first Fallen Tower, it is like lvl 8-14 so you have enough time to buy an Rylai's Crystal Scepter and some more Offensive Items or Defensive Items, Just as the Enemy team composition is like.

Costs : 6850 Gold -> Sorcerer's Shoes + Eleisa's Miracle + Rod of Ages + Rylai's Crystal Scepter
NOTE: you dont have 2 wait 6850 gold to leave your lane, Leave your lane as much as possible to go shopping, and buy all of the small Items the Big ones are made of.

Lategame Arrived and your'e b*tching with your Enemyteam about who gets baron, if Stone,Scissor and Paper doesn't work you should kick their as*es in the final Teamfights

That still doesn't mean you can stop Farming no, it actually means you should farm more than ever cause: The most dude's in Normals will stop farming here, which gives you and immense advantage to buy your Final Items like Abyssal Mask or something else you like or is good in your Situation.

Well that should be everything for Items now :3 lets go over to the Skillsequenses and Spells

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Combo's and The little Yordlespells

This section should have come earlier I guess, but hey, for the first real Guide that is almost close to an Indepth its not that bad I hope :P

This basically means we got a little friend named Pix, Faerie Companion He'll fire some energy bolts in the Direction in that we attack with our Autohits. Keep in mind that these bolts can be blocked from other units that are in our Autohits way.

Our main Dmgsource and what we Max First! It might be that it just Scales with 50% of our AP, but the great thing is, the damage goes through all units without beeing stopped or getting less effective, also great ist that pix will also fire an Energy bolt. So correctly arranged, you can DOUBLE your range!(more in the Combo section)

YES we can transform enemy's into little squirrels... a dream came true <3. But not only that its an Ability to bother you enemy, you can also give yourself a nice AP bonus and a nice Movementspeed boost.(you can also give this boost an ally)

A nice Shield for an friend or yourself, or nice dmg to your enemy, with 60% scaling this actually deals more Damage than Glitterlance but you see, its only a Single Target Ability that means its just for 1 Enemy. You can also Double Glitterlance's Range, soon more about that.

Larges Your Companion, gives him a nice healthboost for 7 seconds and slowing enemy's surrounded your mate untill 60% for a second, while knocking them up. Great for towerdiving action, or helping to escape your mate.

You've been waiting for that huh .. okay here it comes

Dem Combos

A little introduction: Red + means cast on an enemy, Green + on you and Yellow + means it can cast either way.

Main Damage Combo
Whimsy+ > Glitterlance+ > Help, Pix!+

Just Poke
Whimsy+ > Glitterlance+ > Help, Pix!+

1n1? Just come at me bro!
Whimsy+ > Glitterlance+ > Exhaust > Help, Pix!+ > Glitterlance+

You should NEVER ever push, but if you come to this point, your Karthus Stands behind his Tower beside his Minions, AND (important) he's lowlife, his minions, will become Your Minions!

Whimsy+ > Help, Pix!On minion near him > Glitterlance+
If that didn't killed him, he should be back now and he will lose lots of Farm and Exp

If youre getting chased or just want to get our somewhere you do this
Glitterlance+ > Help, Pix!+ > Whimsy+ or on enemy if its only 1

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Pros / Cons

Let's look at her Pro's and her Con's

Amazing Damage Kinda Squishy
Really nice Health/Ap ratio Don't find any cons
No one Disables Charry's better than her Her new Skin costs way to much
Really nice escape mechanism Easy to learn, Hard to master

Guide Top

Team Work

Team fighting, but how ?

So I guess you also wanna know what to do in Teamfights.
Your roles in the fights are:
[*] Disable The enemy's Carry, either Ap or Ad.
[*] Dealing Tons of unexpected Damage
[*] Saving your Mate's Butt's with Wild Growth
[*] Winning the Fight cause youre Lulu

Guide Top


Finally ... Yes its my first guide, I think I forgot to mention it, and yes I'm not a native speaker, I'm from Germany and I hope there are not toooo many spelling mistakes in it ^^
But yea that was it for the first day of work, ill Get some new Pictures/Videos for you and post them here(: Hope you Enjoy and if you want, Post your results so I'll do some Kind of "Hall of Fame"

Thill then, see yaaaa :D


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