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Galio Build Guide by shpacemanmarc

Tank shpacemanmarc's Galio Tank Jungle

By shpacemanmarc | Updated on April 1, 2017

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Winds of War (Q)

You put 3 points into Q early, in the jungle AOE clearing is good for soloing raptors and wolves. Along with the max health damage, you will clear very easily. You can get some good ganks early on if someone is super aggressive and doesn't respect your base damage. but if most lanes aren't pushed hard id would farm as much as i could until i got finished machete item. note: you can animation cancel Q with E.
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Shield of Durand (W)

Keep in mind W taunt doesn't work on jungle monsters, but the damage reduction does; I recommend using it to tank dragon when your low health and as a zoning tool. zoning with W is very effective on engage teams, even using it to make them waste cooldowns because they see it charging. Make sure to use W when fighting Gromp (the first 5 hits are more powerful) and when you fight raptors for the first time so u can wait out the time on your AOE stuff to come back up.
Note: you can flash while channeling W
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Justice Punch (E)

E is the very first ability you should use ganking, duh i know. Good for Scuttle, reduces its armor and for keeping scuttle in place for Q. Keep in mine you cant animation cancel his E by E-ing with your back against the wall. As well as you cant flash mid flight to extend your stun range.
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Hero's Entrance (R)

Finally his ult. mid is the best place for level 6 ganks, normally aggressive, but mainly for the fact you can ult most places in mid lane as long as your within range of buffs. (at rank 1 distance) but the most likely to get kills when ulting is bot lane, your CC is usually a sure secure of a kill on a support or ad with no escape. if using it defensively always try to ult an ally when the ally is returning to tower and near enemy minions. your ult sometimes clears the enemy minions making the attack take minion aggro easier. and if they dive the CC will be too much for them to secure kill.

really skill order is up to you after level 6 but i much prefer the increased base damage on E for team fights and mid game ganks. very effecting engage with Iceborn Gauntlet, making your CC and Q even easier to land.
League of Legends Build Guide Author shpacemanmarc
shpacemanmarc Galio Guide

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shpacemanmarc's Galio Tank Jungle