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Shyvana Build Guide by Pitborn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pitborn

Shyvana - Soaring to victory

Pitborn Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide for Shyvana (A.K.A "DragonB*tch" By some of the cruder members - but we won't use this term :b) In this guide I aim to show you my methods of using Shyvana as, both, an effective anti-carry and carry. This build aims at maximising her insane damage output whilst still being able to stay in the heart of the team fights and stacking on their carries. So, without any further babbling, let's get on.
(Note: My English may vary from yours slightly due to me being British)

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+ High damage output.
+ Huge AoE damage.
+ Melts squishies.
+ Full-team displacement ult.
+ Great sustained damage.
+ Built-in escape.
+ Extremely mobile and quick.
- Somewhat squishy early game.
- Lacks in damage until Wit's End.
- Lacks CC.
- Somewhat difficult to master.
- Will get focussed hard.
- Easily harassed by range in lane ( Parrrley)
- Requires a solo lane/ jungle. (Preferably top)

Oh yeah, she also TURNS INTO A DRAGON!

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As you can see, here we are using the "bog standard" AD mastery page set up, sub-speccing into the defence tree for a little extra survivability.
Offense Tree
Speccing into the offense tree allows Shyvana to burst down and keep sustain damage extremely well. The Attack Speed mastery integrates with Shyvana perfectly whilst the Life Steal mastery keeps her in lane for that bit longer, as well as team fights.
Defense Tree
Shyvana also acts as an anti-carry and her ultimate takes her into the heart of the fight. This means she's going to need all the extra tankyness she can get whilst still pulling out enough insane damage to burn their carry to the ground. Speccing into the defense tree helps us with this. On top of that, the extra armour, MR & HP really help Shyvana in duels, which is one thing she excels at.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
In this build we're focussing on dealing tonnes of AD/AA/Q/on-hit damage, thus deeming Attack Speed an amazing attribute. With this being said, I think these benefit Shyvana more than any other Marks available, such as Greater Mark of Desolation As stated previously, we are always going to be at the heart of the fight focussing the enemy carry/squishy. The extra armor given from these little beauties gives us extra surviability. They also give a great helping hand in lane for; soaking up harass, ignoring weak AAs( Nidalee), duelling AD heavy champs( Gangplank) These come into use in the exact same way that armor seals do. They synergies with Shyvana, and most bruisers for that matter, perfectly. Let's say you're against the new dual-AP meta and meet Swain up top, these little gems will take you a long way and help you so much during laning phase. Not to mention the help they give in teamfights. Our job as a bad-*** dragon is to sit on their carry's *** and melt them to the floor. We can't really do this if we're easily kited and they can get away freely whenever they want though. Not to mention people will be attempting to slow/peel you off of the carry(Whilst they have chance before you go all dragon on their *** that is)

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Summoner Spells

This is somewhat of a tricky section if you ask me; Shyvana can be played in many different roles. Hell, she could even be tanked on a pinch if you really needed a tank. But I'll be focussing on the role that I am giving a guide for, LOLUDED damage.

Viable summoners:

Exhaust: This spell is amazing for Shyvana as an anti-carry carry, it allows you to reduce their AD carry's damage to scraps whilst you spend a whole 3seconds devouring them and spitting fire at them. This spell is also amazing for duels with most solo top lanes, due to a majority of solo top lanes being bruisers and tanky DPS.

Ignite: Playing ranked or draft pick? I assume you are, see that you're going to get someone like Swain top? Then this is the spell for you. This pride and joy will also reduce the enemy carry's healing received in teamfights whilst you smash them to the floor.

Flash: Arguably the best escape summoner in the game, playing top without an escape and with duelist summoners( Ignite& Exhaust) can be extremely risky but amazingly effective if you've had enough practice. With Flash you can escape pretty much any gank and sticky situation that you may encounter, on top of that you can turn into a cool-*** dragon and fly the f*ck out.

Ghost: The competitor with Flash for escaping, Ghost+ Burnout will lead to an insane burst of speed, meaning it will compete with Flash as a get away with Shyvana, not to mention it's somewhat better for chasing (Unless they Flash over a wall, but then you just fly over 'cause you can)

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This ability is your bread and butter for farming (Hitting those hard to get last hits) And single target DPS. It's also important to take note that this ability will reset your attack timer, so casting it after an auto attack will be most beneficial rather than before. We level this second due to the insane damage it deals mid/late game, however due to it having no base damage and only scaling off of AD, it's general not as strong early game.
It's also important to take note that this ability deals decent AoE damage whilst you're in badass dragon form, so if their carry is somewhat close to the team, you will be melting errybodeh!
Our pass to insane movement speed and AoE DPS and farming. We take this ability first and max it first, it hits hard as Hell early game and scales somewhat nicely into late game. The more you auto attack the longer this lasts, so if you was to stand in the middle of a creep wave with Burnout on whilst hitting those caster minions you will get nearly all of the wave, all of it if done right. Use this when you want to initiate fights/duels, run at them with Burnout on, chances are it will be on throughout the fight and for them to escape they will have to burn a summoner.
I'm not a great fan of this ability, the damage is somewhat low and it scales off of AP, something which is almost useless to Shyvana. We take this at level 5 purely for the ArP(Armor penetration) That it gives, however this doesn't scale to we avoid leveling it 'til last. This ability also deals decent AoE damage in dragon form, but it's more or less for when they're trying to escape. It can also be used to pick up them tricky last hits in lane, but doesn't make for a great harass.
Here we go, the best skill in the world, turning into a motherf*cking dragon. For starts it makes you look cool as Hell and it can make you fly! I really don't think this skill requires any explanation, but I'll do it anyways ;) This ability is great for getting to their carries when they're at the back of the team and dealing massive AoE damage to their full team. You should note that it changes all of your skills however, somewhat minuscule changes, but you should know the changes that are about to occur when you use this baby. This skill is also AMAZING for coordinating ganks with your jungler. Burnout to the enemy, get to the other side of them and fly them to your half of the lane whilst your jungler runs in to the lane, this will almost be a sure kill due to displacement and insane damage output.

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You may be looking at my build and thinking "Woah, wait a minute, that's one squishy *** dragon." Well my good friend, you are somewhat wrong, this build will give you ~200/200 resistances for teamfights with your ultimate and a chunk of health, during this you will deal nice AoE damage, sweet on-hit damage and insane Q+AA damage. So let's get started with some explanations?

Core Build
Wriggle's Lantern: This item will give you insane sustain in your lain, great duelling abilities, a free ward to avoid ganks even further than you already do, some nice armor and a Madred's proc. You will keep this item until late game, due to it being a great cost-effective item throughout the game. These boots are to be built on a situational basis. If the enemy team has a boat of CC then Mercury's Treads will generally be the better choice, they will also be triumphant against heavy AP teams like dual-AP meta.
If the enemy team's AD carry is farming amazingly, is AD heavy, or you are getting destroyed in lane by an AD champ(Highly unlikely - You're a dragon) Then Ninja Tabi will generally be a better choice for you. Wit's End: This item gives us an amazing amount of attack speed, some nice magic resistance and great on-hit damage, on top if this it's a fairly cheap item-What could possibly go wrong? Chances are you will have upto and including this by the time laning phase ends and let me tell you, this is when you start pulling out some meaty damage and start melting everything. Frozen Mallet: This is where we get beefy and when the enemy will NEVER escape us. This item gives us an insane amount of health, some decent AD and a great slow. This slow on-top of our movement speed means that the enemy will never escape, no matter how much of a sneaky snake that opposing Ezreal is!
Mid/late game
[/h2] The Black Cleaver: Amazing AD and attack speed to synergies with our on-hit effects nicely, on top of this it will give us 45 stacked ArP(Armor Penetration) Which is usually around, or just lower than what most carries will have, reducing them to near 0 armor just to make you that little bit scarier(On top of having a tail and breathing fire) Phantom Dancer: Attack speed, movespeed and crit chance. Where can this item go wrong on Shyvana, really? It makes everything you do so much more effective by a great deal. This little monster would be including in the core build if it wasn't a late game and generally hard to get item(Needs decent farm and some feed usually) The Bloodthirster: Yup, a time comes every game where we must replace our precious Wriggle's Lantern and I hate that moment so so much every time it does come, because of my love for Wriggle's. However, replacing it with a blood-soaked blade that gives great AD and lifesteal usually numbs the pain and keeps you in teamfights forever, so it isn't all doom and gloom, is it?
Situational Items
Randuin's Omen: If the enemy AD are getting you down too quickly, then here's your answer. This item provides decent health, great armor, a slow for when they attack you and an AoE on-use slow that will again bring their carries to the ground so much easier. Another plus of this item is you're always in the heart of the fight at one point (When flying in and burning everything down) So you can usually get the movement slow and attack speed slow off on a lot of targets, which could **** a team fight in your favour with ease. Force of Nature/ Banshee's Veil: The choice between these two is situation in itself (Woah, inception and dragons?) If you're getting instantly snared by something like Dark Bindings then Banshee's Veil is going to be the item for you, due to the spell shield. However, if it's just pure magic damage hammering you to the floor then Force of Nature will probably be a better item to roll on the dragon.

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In team fights it is your job to run in and melt their squishy carry whilst still dealing a decent amount of AoE damage to everyone else on their team, thus making you a great addition to any team. Don't forget that your damage is both AD/Magic based, so your all-around damage should be decent on anything other than a tank.
With any hope you won't be initiating fights, so what you want to do is run in at their AD carry and dragon them away from the fight and any support that they may be able to get. Over here you're able to melt them down to the ground within seconds and no one can say a word about it. After this Burnout will help you get back into the fight in good time to take down their AP carry and switch on to targets accordingly from there on out.
If you're force to initiate then you generally want to do so with the use of Dragon's Descent. this will give you some pretty tanky stats whilst you knock some of their team backwards giving your AD carry some room to breath and get you on top of their AD/AP carry. With any luck you won't have to initiate though, because that generally leads to high amounts of CC and DEATH.
Targets who you usually want to focus first(AD carries):
Kog'Maw(Won't be able to Icathian Surprise your team)
Tristana(Not the best choice due to Rocket Jump)
Secondary targets(AP carries):
Cassiopeia(If she has to blow her ult on you, it won't result in your team being aced)
Xerath(High built in armor can lead to issues)
Ahri(High mobility to get away, but has to waste ult to get away)
Annie(Squish squish dead)
Veigar(Squish squish dead)
Ryze(His snare and tankyness may cause issues)
Swain(If he isn't in the middle of your team, he's pretty useless)
Kassadin(Not that great of a target, will just escape if you ult him, but sit on him and he's dead)
And any other AP carry you may come across, I just listed the most common ones :)
Examples of what not to focus(Tanks/tanky):
Jarvan IV
Again, anything else that's building tank/highly tanky.

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This is pretty much the end of my guide, any criticism and votes are welcome, but I urge you to at least give the build a try before your opinion sways, or give the whole guide a semi-decent read. Thank you in advance for the criticism that I may receive.
I'm somewhat expecting this guide to go over-looked due to how un-popular Shyvana is, which saddens me due to her being an amazing champ.
Thanks a lot to JhoiJhoi's guide on how to create a guide for tips on BBCodes, you have her to thank for helping me with this guide, you may find her guide here.

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Change Log

02/01/2012 - Release date.