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Shyvana Build Guide by Urgarok

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urgarok

Shyvana Support S3 [Updated every patch including Shyvana]

Urgarok Last updated on September 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Shyvana?

Shyvana, believe it or not, has amazing supporting potential.

1. She runs off of cooldowns, allowing her to spam without having to buy mana pots/"b"ing.

2. Shyvana has natural tankyness, allowing for more "balls deep, and retreat" game plans.

3. Has extremely good movement speed with her W.

4. Can be the main team tank, so that top can be more damage for the team.

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Runs off c/d
Naturally tanky
Hp % debuff
Amazing movement speed with W


Cooldowns are decently long
Ultimate has roughly a 1 1/2 minute c/d.
Needs to win the lane to be able to afford good gear.

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Passive:This is why she's naturally tanky.

Q- Rarely used when sup porting with Shyvana, it's mostly for damage towards the enemy team.

W- Your escape, and team saver. If you build a Team Captain booties, and w in front of your team, it's basically a low c/d shurelya's.

E- Your UNLIMITED POKE, it has a moderately short c/d. Since it marks the enemy, it allows your adc to proc the effect with an autoattack. Doing a health percentage in damage, plus the adc's base damage.

R- Your ultimate, i'll do another chapter on this.

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Your Ultimate

1. Initiator! It can start, or end a team fight depending on your placement.

2. It opens up your "Advanced Kit".

Q- Cone damage, once again strictly used for champions usually.

W- Scorches the ground, after you use your ultimate AUTOMAGICALLY CLICK THIS BUTTON. It will do damage over the duration of the team fight most of the time. Just remember to be on the move.

E- Once again the bread and butter ability in Shyvana's kit. It does cone damage in front of you, doing this allows your adc to easily pick off everyone hit in the cone.

3. Can be used as an escape, you can use it over most walls. I only recommend doing this if there is no other option. I prefer to burn flash over this.

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Laning phase

Aggression is key to a early lane victory. POKE, POKE like there is no tomorrow! Remember if you hit a minion on accident with your E, some of the damage can still hit the champion hiding behind it. But the champion will NOT get the debuff.

Warding makes life ALOT easier for you and your little baby carry, refresh every time your river/tri ward dies. Being ganked isn't fun, and being yelled at by your carry is even less enjoyable.

FREEZE THE LANE, you can take the hits! Your adc is a squishy baby, when they take damage they QQ. You can easily regen the creep damage over a few seconds. Freezing mid-lane or right before your towers is always the best places.

Do NOT push the lane, you don't need creeps. The only time you should push is when your carry and you have a moderate amount of health and the enemy carry is dead.

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Late game

Rely on your Locket in team fights, using it usually wins most team fights. You need to know when to use actives and when not to. For instance, using locket before you go into a team fight is stupid, what's even sadder is I see it don't frequently.... Locket is better used in the middle of a team fight, just pay attention to your teammates health in the left side of the screen. Use it when one of them are about to die, or when they're all at moderate level.

You're the initiator, ask your team when to initiate or when not to! You're a support-tank, you do no damage so, make sure all team members are present before even thinking about starting a team fight.

You can solo dragon! Apply your E frequently which is the debuff, and then use your Q to proc it. You can also semi-donate red/blue for your carry if your jungle's smite is down, or if he's dead.

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Good Sync and Bad Sync

Ashe-BAD SYNC, Ashe is a passive adc. Yes her cc is amazing, but other than that her early game potential is TERRIBLE, and since you're an aggressive support it ruins the comp completely. Her early crit and your debuff is good, but it dies after the first 1-2 levels.

Caitlyn-Good Sync, Caitlyn's kit makes her a pretty valuable adc when you go support Shyvana. Her traps also serve as bot lane's means of getting fast and agile kills. Shyvana can chase, spamming her abilities and still allow Caitlyn to pickup the kill with her ulti.

Corki-Good Sync, Corki's passive makes him scary as poop in the first levels of the game. While laning with corki you should ALWAYS have the potential to pick up first blood. Procing your E, and his true damage allow for a carnage lane.

Draven-Good Sync, ever since Draven's passive was nerfed, he's been a rare pick. He still has a knockback, and a damage/movement buff. Making him mostly aggressive, your poke and initiate will make this lane extremely self-dependant. Remember, if you can feed draven early, his new passive will make him that much deadlier.

Ezreal-Good Sync, ezreal is a ADCaster, being aggressive is always the play style with him. His q can proc your E's debuff, damaging your opponents even more. His escape also takes alot of relief off of your limits, allowing you to do more dangerous things.

Graves-Good Sync, grave's w is a slow so you can catch up to the enemy champion and use you W,E,Q combo. His ultimate keeps him in semi-medium range, putting him in a little danger. Keep in mind you should always be in closer to the enemies than graves. I suggest running directly infront/behind graves.

Kog'maw-Bad Sync, his range is too great, making him more passive. This is arguable, but overall I see Kog as more of a farming champ early and a shining diamond late.

Lucian-Bad Sync, Lucian plays passive-aggressive. His skill set is mostly for poking, instead of going all in.

Miss fortune-Bad Sync, passive as hell. Only chose to go aggressive if the enemy carry is at least half health. Or when the friendly jungle comes down to help "Take out the trash".

Quinn-Godly Sync, one of the best lanes with Shyvana, extremely aggressive and can keep up the farm too. The fact she can blind champions makes her amazing, and her ultimate is the one of the best escape tools on an adc in the game.

Sivir-Bad Sync, she plays passive. Her w is mean't for heavy cc lanes. Saying that, she is counter picked against draven/vayne/ashe. Adcs that had a lot of possible cc. Shyvana isn't mean't for heavy cc lanes, she is mean't primarily for lanes with squishier supports such as, Soraka or Sona, or even Janna.

Teemo...I hate you, your family your girlfriend and even your summoner.... the sync isn't too bad, he can blind like quinn but overall has no escapes besides his w. Squishy as a plushie, one of the worst adc's in the game, stick with ap top/mid.

Tristana-Godly Sync, Tristana basically plays aggressive with maybe one or two minion finishes per lane, due to her 2's passive. She primarily focuses on kill champions. Her DOT, and your E make for an explosive combo. [Pun intended <3]

Twitch-Good Sync, overally aggressive. Ever since his rework, he's been a little more.. challenging to work with due to his stealth, obviously one of the more squishy champions. His ultimate keeps him at an extreme distance, his E is all of his damage. Expunge is so overpowered early game, you can almost snowball without any effort. Twitch's W slows the targets, and your E + His passive is amazing. C:

Urgot-Bad Sync, Urgot is 100% distance, if he doesn't land his E nothing happens accepted wasted mana. He is aggressive, but his kit doesn't entirely sync with Shyvana's.

Varus-Moderate Sync, Varus plays like a mixture of Ashe/Urgot/Graves. Varus tends to be passive, and only go aggressive when his support does. He tends to stay at a fair distance, but he can go super aggressive with his e.

Vayne-Godly Sync[Like every support =__=], Vayne is easy mode for bot lane, her tumble-wall stun is usually an auto-kill against any enemy adc. Shyvana's debuff can further the damage making the lane WAY TOO HARD for the enemy team.

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Goods/Bad lanes

Janna-Good lane, you don't do DOT so her shield is useless. You do health percentage damage, unless she wards bushes or predicts your movement. I doubt she'll be able to counter your e.

Soraka-Good lane, squishy, extremely mana dependant, everything for a week lane. It's true that she can heal her adc back to full hp. Saying that, try laning with someone that has a grievous wound debuff built in. Her ulti is poop, only good for teamfights late game.

Alistar- BAD LANE, he goes aggressive when you do basically. Level two, Coo-Coo-Cachoo,headbutt-knock up combo will rock your world intill that 20 minute mark I assure you.

Karma, Good lane, another shield that can be countered since it can't heal. Her Q does alot of damage if she builds some AP, so careful of that. She has auto-ulti, so what you see is what you'll always get.

Sona- Good lane, squishy, mana dependent, almost as bad as soraka, but her ultimate can initiate.


Nami- Bad lane, alot off cc, she can heal frequently, unline janna or karma.

Taric- Bad Lane, he has a stun that pretty much insta-kills you. Builds alot of armor usually, making him hard to kill. He plays the same role as you, but does little to no damage. He is extremely dependant.

Lulu- Good lane, very squishy, has a lot off cc, counters your w movement speed. [Merc treads].

Nunu- Bad lane, Nunu heals full making him a BS lane. Nunu support is rather rare, but it's out there making this a hell of a pick for shyvana. Not to mention his snowball counters your w most definitely. [Merc treads]

Zilean- Bad Lane, If played right, zilean is the BEST support on the game. He can revive a champion every 30 seconds if he has maximum c/d. He bombs you non-stop in lane, making him one of the most dangerous supports in the game. Not to mention is 100% shutdown with his w and e.