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Shyvana Build Guide by HyperDriveX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HyperDriveX

Shyvana, Tank and return with Attack Damage

HyperDriveX Last updated on February 14, 2012
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Hello, and welcome to my Shyvana Build/Guide, this one is a bit difficult to understand and comprehend. But if you like this Build/Guide, please Vote for it! (UPDATE 2/13/12) I have decided to take out all the AP parts of this Build, and make it straight AD as your Return Damage.

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Ok, this Build is probably different from any other Shyvana build (I haven't checked). But this will work if you play just right. I played a Tank/Damage Shyvana because Shyvana is one of those Tank characters, but I hate to not get kills (Greedy I know). Shyvana is both AD and AP, but I focus AD in this because it's much more important and Damaging.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Tanking a lot of Damage and Returning Damage, also a big help to surviving of teammates
Cons: You usually don't do enough Damage to 1 v. 1 most of the time, so a lot of support is needed, you may be focused quite a bit

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The Build and What to do

Get Doran's Shield just to Tank in beginning game, but sell it when you get to your Force of Nature, sell it at Warmog's Armor if you're desperate. Make sure to farm your Items. If your team has a Jungler and you're soloing, DO NOT get a Doran's Shield, buy a Doran's Blade instead so you can dominate (Hopefully) your Lane. If you're in a situation where you are getting Health Melted, you need to sell your Frozen Mallet for a Thornmail, this will hopefully stop your Health Melt, and if it doesn't, it'll at least hurt them as well. Remember, if you're not soloing, buy a Doran's Shield, if you are soloing, then buy a Doran's Blade.

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Farming with Shyvana is insanely difficult, your Burnout will help with the farming, but you've got to last hit Minions all the time, or use your Twin Bite to do enough damage to kill the Minions

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Let me take the time to explain the Runes I choose for this Build, I took Flat Attack Damage Marks so you have that Damage to return in the beginning of the game. Flat Armor Seals for the Tanking you're going to do in the games. Flat Health Glyphs. And i've split the Quintessences to keep balanced between the Damage and Tanking, you'll see that I didn't use Ability Power Quintessences, this build focuses more on AD Damage than AP Damage. So for Quintessences, I used Flat Attack Damage, and Flat Armor Quintessences. These Runes are spread out I know, but it's worth it for the Tanking and Damage.

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Skill Sequence

For the Skill Sequence, You should get Burnout first so your farming can be just a bit easier, then Twin Bite so when you finally get into attacking your Enemy, you can do just a bit more damage against them. Then Flame Breath is your next choice for Harassment and Zoning, if you're soloing, consider getting this before Twin Bite. Once you get your Ult; Dragon's Descent, then you just focus Twin Bite and Burnout for the Area of Effect and the focused Damage. I'd recommend saving Flame Breath until you use your Ult, because by the time you're getting your Ult and such, you'll be in at least Mid Game, in which case, you'd be Ganking a lot more.

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In the beginning

If you're soloing with this Build, good luck, cause you're not gonna get very many kills unless you're EXTREMELY agressive. If you're going against an OP Character ( Sion for example) you might need a few ganks from your friendly neighborhood Jungler or from Mid lane. But if you aren't soloing, get the Doran's Shield so you can tank damage, when you and your Lane Partner fight the enemy, do as much damage as possible (Granted this will not be much) Hopefully it'll be enough for your Partner to kill them. Also, when the game starts, use your Flame Breath to harass your Enemies or to zone them (This is rare and hard to do)

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If you aren't soloing, Ganking is pretty easy and important with Shyvana. I'd recommend not Ganking until you are Level 6 so you have Dragon's Descent. When you start the gank, use your Ultimate to knock the Enemy into your Teammate (That's if they have enough Health to survive, but if they don't knock the Enemy the other way to save them). Do as much damage as possible and Tank while your Teammate does most of the damage to the Enemy.

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Team fighting

Team fights are IMPORTANT when you are Shyvana using this Build. When a Team Fight is initiated, you are the absolute first to go in, tank the damage being shoved out by the Enemy, then take it back to them with your Teammates, don't be too risky with the Tanking though, you don't want to get Slowed and Stunned to the point where you're unable to even try to escape

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Pushing the Lanes

When your team is Pushing, you need to be in front of everyone, by this point, you should have your Warmog's Armor and Force of Nature (Hopefully Frozen Mallet if you're fed) So you should be Tanking quite a bit, especially if you're against AP Champions. If you tank all the Damage, your team should be behind you, returning the Damage, you'd be doing this as well. Don't forget your Dragon's Descent, try and run around behind the Enemy, and use it on them to knock them into your Team (If they're not trying to escape of course, no need to feed the Enemy kills and help). And use your Twin Bite on the Turrets and Inhibitors when you get to them.

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Desparation with the Build

If it turns out that you are being killed a lot and being underfarmed completely, skip your Frozen Mallet and Force of Nature and rush a Atma's Impaler and Infinity Edge(Basically, switch to straight up Damage Shyvana) Then get those two later when you make up the Gold. Also, don't forget to sell your Doran's Shield ( Doran's Blade if you're soloing) to also help with Gold issues

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In the Enemies' Base

This is probably the easiest situation in the game, just be out and front, and Tank any damage that's being done, and help your Teammates return damage. If you're fed enough, you shouldn't have to retreat unless they have an OP Character (But in this case, they'd be underfed if you're lucky), if they do, focus them as they will the biggest threat to your team and you.

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This Build/Guide took an hour or two to think up, I had to end up changing it a lot though when I had realized my mistakes. Thank you for reading this Guide, and I hope you will follow the Build and Guide an win in the game. If you liked this Build/Guide, please vote for this! Thank you