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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Shaco Build Guide by majehstic

Support SICK THOUGHTS (Shaco Support)

Support SICK THOUGHTS (Shaco Support)

Updated on September 21, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author majehstic Build Guide By majehstic 13 0 8,826 Views 0 Comments
13 0 8,826 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author majehstic Shaco Build Guide By majehstic Updated on September 21, 2019
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Runes: General Runes

Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Taste of Blood
Ingenious Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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More Shaco Runes

Champion Build Guide

SICK THOUGHTS (Shaco Support)

By majehstic
Shaco is a high damage, high utility support. While you don’t have a hard engage, your core build and runes along with your boxes make you an imposing A-tier support in lower elo (Iron-Gold). However, it’s a high risk, high reward; feast or famine-type support. If you fall behind early, you become a walking ward, but if you get ahead, the entirety of Summoner's Rift is your playground.
    Recommended Skin: Dark Star Shaco
    Recommended Emotes: Thumbs Up ONLY
    Recommended Song: sick thoughts // slowed + reverb

Let's get started!


Gank proof - Two or three boxes along the entrance of the river will dissuade ganks after their first failed attempt. It is entirely possible to win a 3v2 with your boxes, though most of the time after the enemy jungler runs into the first box, they'll turn around. If they don't, your second box will make them reconsider ever coming back to bot.
Objective control - Drop your boxes at the entrances of Dragon/Baron pit for both vision and area control.
Extra vision - Boxes>wards because of the lower cooldown and providing vision while dealing damage. Additionally, If you have no vision and need to check if the enemy is doing Dragon/Baron safely, you can ult and navigate your clone into the pit.
Infinite Slows - Glacial Augment + Hextech GLP + Twin Shadows
Counter jungling - Two/three points in your Q and your invisibility duration will be long enough to walk in and yoink buffs/camps and get back out safely. If you are ahead, the enemy's jungle is your jungle. Drop your boxes everywhere. Make them fear walking into their jungle.
Shaco tax - If the enemy has even a semblance of a brain, they will buy multiple pink wards with every back.
Survivability - Q is a second flash with invisibility.


ADC requires brain - If your ADC doesn’t know how to play around your boxes, or doesn’t have a basic understanding of your kit and cooldowns, you might as well FF15.
Tilting your ADC/team - Sometimes they will say things like "you're useless" or in extreme cases, "kill yourself subhuman degenerate". I highly advise against further engaging with these individuals.


Inspiration: Glacial Augment, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight
Domination: Taste of Blood, Ingenious Hunter
    1-10% CDR, 9 Adaptive, 6 Armor (or Magic Resist depending on matchup)

Glacial Augment is valuable because your core build includes slowing items (Hextech GLP and Twin Shadows). The synergy of this rune with your build means infinite slows and guaranteed kills. The Domination tree is up to personal preference though Ingenious Hunter is highly recommended because of the significant cooldowns = more slows. Taste of Blood helps with sustain in lane.

Flash/Ignite - Traditional/safe.

Exhaust/Ignite - Since you have a blink in your Q, Flash isn’t technically necessary, however, this should be reserved for kill lanes. Highly dependent on ADC. Recommended ADCs to pair this with: Tristana, Twitch.

Starting Items

Spelthief’s Edge - This is the optimal starting item. +10 ability power helps with your early box damage and +25 base mana regeneration is beneficial as Shaco has mana problems prior to first back.

Ancient Coin - You should only go ancient coin in particularly difficult matchups where you will be constantly pushed under tower and unable to set your boxes in lane. Difficult matchups will be further elaborated on later in the guide.

Two Potions

First Back

Under favorable circumstances, you should have a minimum of 935 gold on your first back.
    Sapphire Crystal (350g) - With this you will be relatively comfortable spamming your boxes and other abilities.
    Amplifying Tome (435g) - For extra damage on your boxes. If the enemy ADC runs into two boxes, they will be chunked down to half health.
    Refillable Potion (150g)

In the case of a suboptimal back where you have less than 935 gold, buy Sapphire Crystal. This is a necessary first-back buy so you are able to drop boxes whenever they’re off cooldown. Refillable Potion if possible.

If you back with more gold, consider buying Boots of Speed or another Amplifying Tome.

Ability Order



Frostfang, Hextech GLP, Twin Shadows, Sorcerer's Shoes*
Two active slowing items are great for both engaging and disengaging fights, as well as scouting objectives. Few other supports will be able to blind-check objectives/steal and get away like Shaco can.


*Boots should be decided situationally. If you are ahead, go for Sorcerer's Shoes. If you’re behind, consider Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads depending on who is fed on the enemy team.

Zhonya’s Hourglass - If the enemy ADC is fed or if you’re against Karthus/Zed.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter - A third slowing item for when you’re ahead. If the enemy ADC isn’t already questioning why they even bothered queueing up for ranked, this will surely make them afk. The objective when you’re ahead is to crush morale. To get into their heads. To make them realize that fights begin and end on your terms.

Morellonomicon - Necessary against champions that heal (i.e. Soraka, Mundo, etc)
Box Guide
Understanding Match-Ups

Strong against: Engage supports

If you have difficulty playing against engage supports and hook champions, Shaco is for you. Your Q alone gives you high survivability. If you get hooked by thresh/blitz/pyke, you can always Q before or after to get away safely. It’s essentially a free flash+invisibility. Tank hooks for your ADC if they are braindead. However, you should not be getting hooked to begin with. Stand behind your boxes so that they pull the box and trigger the fear + take damage. For engage supports like Leona and Alister, it’s basically freelo. If they engage on you, you can easily get out with Q or ult. If they engage on your ADC, immediately go for their ADC. Drop a box to fear the enemy ADC and backstab+ignite. You have damage, their support does not.

Weak (in lane) against: Healing/shielding supports

Nami/Sona and other supports of this nature make your life miserable. Pair them with an early game/aggressive ADC and you might as well FF15. Just kidding. As long as you play safe and don’t feed, you should win after level 6. Let them push and ask your jungler for a gank. Just don’t feed. If you’re behind you should be building situationally.


Twitch - Kill Lane. Both of you have invisibility. Catch the enemy off guard for a guaranteed kill. Roam the enemy jungle and deprive them of their camps.

Tristana - If the enemy gets feared by your box, Tristana can rocket jump all in for a kill with your ignite.

Safe lanes for difficult match ups:


Personal favorite:

Jinx - You can protect her well early with your boxes since they dissuade ganks. The objective is to let her farm and scale to late. Jinx stomps in low elo if you nurture them early game. Just keep her alive.


Miss Fortune

*In any other circumstances, Vayne and Draven are fine, however this is a low elo guide and low elo Vaynes and Dravens are all filthy inters. Additionally, Draven mains are typically psychopaths and there’s only room for one psychopath in bot lane; you.
Tips/Other Notes
Drop a box for your jungler at :35 seconds to help leash. Proceed to lane to start setting up your boxes. (Red and Blue side box set-up depicted below)

Red Side Tribush Cheese - This works 60% of the time in low elo with varying outcomes.
    A. Drop three boxes in the tribush and wait with your ADC. If they walk into the bush, it’s guaranteed summoner spells or even a kill.
    B. Drop one box right outside of the bush on the side facing the enemy buff, one in the bush, and one below the bush. Go to lane and continue setting up boxes. If they walk that way, they will either go through all 3 boxes and be below 50% health each (depending on who tanks it) or they will walk into the first box, take damage, and then turn around and walk all the way around, making them lose XP + your bot lane has level priority.
* Before attempting the red side tribush cheese, make sure to drop a Scarra ward (ward tribush from the dragon pit) to make sure the enemy isn’t already there waiting for you.

If you're pushed up, you should always have at least 2 boxes at the river entrance, and one behind you in the middle of the lane so you can always fall back.

Your clone can tank tower/dragon/baron.

When you hit level 6, it's no longer a 2v2; it's a 3v2. If you see the enemy jungler top, engage.

Try to set up your boxes at escape routes behind the enemy/in their own jungle so they can't run away.

Ctrl 3 and thumbs up emote every chance you get. Jungler walks into your box? Thumbs up. Q out of a Blitz hook? Immediately ctrl 3. Kill enemy ADC? Thumbs up. Lane getting boring? Ctrl 3 behind your box. Playing Shaco support is also playing mental warfare. The objective is to tilt everyone. Mainly because it's fun.


Second most important tip: /muteall
This is my first year playing ranked and I have around 30 soloq games in which I was able to climb from Iron 2 to Silver 2 only playing Shaco support. Side effects include tilting your own team, turbo inting and getting x9'd. Play at your own risk. I am not liable for any tilted teammates, LP losses or broken keyboards.

Honestly, Shaco is only good in very specific conditions (red side, favorable matchups, adc with brain). There are plenty of off-meta champions that are much better supports/able to contribute more in lane and in team fights, however, none of them are as fun as Shaco. Nothing beats the feeling of when the enemy thinks they got away, only to run into your box in their own jungle and die.

♡ Sick thoughts ♡
League of Legends Build Guide Author majehstic
majehstic Shaco Guide
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SICK THOUGHTS (Shaco Support)

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