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League of Legends Build Guide Author React

Simply said, This is Hybrid Jax...

React Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Basic Outline of this Build

This is a build that will completely wreck everyone in your way. Playing it safe in the beginning ends it out with unbelievable damage. This guide will help you master my Build so that nothing will stand in your way, you should win around 70% of the time (7/10 games), I have won almost 150 games and lost around 35 with this build. That sounds great to me. I hope you enjoy reading this guide and owning some *** in-game.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust: You should always have this spell, it can save you and help you kill almost anyone. This spell will help you throughout the whole game.

Ghost: This is great for catching up and running away. Why would you not have this spell. Jax doesn't have a very good escape mechanism so this will save you and those precious stacks.

Flash: This is a great substitute for ghost. I prefer ghost but hey whatever you want they both are great for Jax.

*OTHER SPELLS: All other spells are not recommended but feel free to experiment with them.*

Masteries and Runes: Masteries and Runes differ for everybody, there not needed but recommended. Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Ability Power, *Dodge*, and other bonuses are very nice for Jax.

Early Game

Okay now the game has started now. I usually starting out with boots, 2x HP(Health Points) potions and 1x MP(Mana Points) potions or armor cloth, 2-3x HP potions and 1-2x MP potion(s). I prefer the boots combo for the speed which will help you early game in matters of chasing and escaping enemies. Now choose a lane and start farming/killing. Play safe unless you are 99% sure the kill is yours and nothing can stop you from getting(Keep in mind that the enemy has summoner spells too). Once you get around 600g go back and get a pair of ninja tabi's, the buffs of this shoe will stack your "E" ability and provide a bonus of some armor. Now "Early Game" is almost over and you should have or be near either a a Pickaxe or a Blasting Wand. I prefer the Pickaxe for the extra damage and how it improves your "W" ability.

Mid Game

Now we have reached "Mid Game" and you should be finishing up your Guinsoo's Rageblade and you start working up your Mejai's Soulstealer. You should not be afraid to jump in and get some kills now. *Remember One death is not the end of the world, don't beat yourself up over it.* Once you've completed your Mejai's Soulstealer you should be working on a Sword of the Occult and be racking up some stacks. If you can get MAX stacks then the game will be over soon. With MAX stacks your HP should be greatly improved by your passive and you should have around 2.5 HP. That's pretty good for a melee DPS.

End Game

You have now reached "End Game" and you should be winning or already have won/lost. You now have some item choices, You can switch out the Frozen Mallet and/or Phantom Dancer, but i recommend keeping at least the Phantom Dancer because of the movement speed, dodge and attack speed. The Frozen Mallet provides a slow, some attack damage, and 700 HP. I usually get it but once in a while I switch it out because I already have enough HP and a stun and just want to take my enemy's out faster. When switching it out you can choose anything you want but I recommend the following: Madred's Bloodrazor, for the attack speed and extra damage boost, a Black Cleaver to shred tanks up, a Bloodthirster to let me lane and 1v1,1v2,1v3,etc someone and not die and it comes with 100 attack damage which with your passive give you 400 HP, and sometimes I get a Zhonya's Ring for the ability power boost and survivability boost.


Jax is not OP unless you make him so. He is one of my Favorite heroes, I hope you enjoyed reading/rating my guide. Please comment below on what to improve/change and why you voted +/-. Thank you and have fun, but beware the increase of "Jax is OP" QQ threads; because they'll be more than enough of those coming up. HAVE FUN!

**Because of recent patches I find that Hextech Gunblade is better than Phantom Dancer's