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Singed Build Guide by Chelepo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chelepo

Singed AP, how to use it

Chelepo Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Just one thing before start

This guide is the result of a deep valutation of the true abilities of this champion, that i played for long time. The build that i suggest is different from many others and bring to a new way to play this champ. We are usually used to see Singed as a full tank, with not high amount of AP. I dont' like this use of Singed, because the champion is not used with its full potential: first, the tank-builded Singed don't use his awesome passive and second, he don't improve the huge amount of damage his Poison Trail can do. With my build we will see Singed with an high amount of Healt, Mana and AP (More than 800). Many people will disagree because i don't buy the Rod of Ages as one of the first item, but i take it in the mid-late game, so listen me: i try with this champ so many build and way to play, since i discovered my personal build (this XD) with that Singed is use in all its potential. So try it and enjoy.

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Hi everyone, I am Chelepo and this is my first league of legend's guide. In this guide i'll talk about Singed and i will present the build i use for this champ.

I used to use Singed as solotop or in botlane, especially with carry, because Singed's Fling is very appreciate and use Fling wisely make you and your mates being feeded. Bot or solotop, the build i use remains the same, so there are no problem of the lane you will own. I hope you will like this guide, so maybe try it!

PS: English is not my language so it can be possible to find some mistakes :/

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This masteries are focused to improve Singed's armor and magic resistance and to raise as higher as possible his movement speed. In fact, we have the Summoner's Wrath to improve Ghost, Initiator and Swiftness for the movement speed. Together with the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, Singed will reach a surprising high amount of movement speed, that will make he very difficult to leave behind or, if you are running away from a horde of furious enemies, difficult to reach.

All the other masteries will improve the defense stats, except Summoner's Insight and Expanded Mind , that will raise the amount of mana and reduces the cast time of teleport.

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Let's see the runes.

I use the Greater mark of Insight because it give a nice amount of magic penetration, very useful early game, when the enemies have got low magic resist.

The Greater seal of Resilience is the rune that give more armor than all others, and it is very useful in all game length, especially because the items of the build will no raise armor, so that 13 bonus armor will be appreciate.

The Greater glyph of potency give an high amount of AP, that make your [Poison trail] more dangerous early game.

These are the most important runes for Singed, and we can't play well without them. The Greater quintessence of swiftness increase of a very, very high amount the movement speed. So we will start game with 350 movement speed, and althougth we don't buy boots at the begin of the match, we will have the same speed of the champion who take them.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The first thing we can see if that we take Mega Adhesive quite late. This because with Ghost, Sorcerer's Shoes, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and the masteries we will have an high amount of movement speed, so we will not have problems to reach enemies or run away from them, and this allows we to improve more faster Poison Trail and play more aggressive.

But have no problems to take Mega Adhesive earlier, especially if a jungler enemy is particularly offensive and you need to slow him to reach your defence position under turrets, or an enemy like Volibear try to fling you back and you need to slow him to dodge his ability.

When Singed will reach lv6, he will became more aggressive: in fact, with Ghost and Insanity Potion, his movement speed will sharply increase and he will have the possibility to reach his enemies faster, use Fling and throw them near an ally or under an allied turret. With all that movement speed he can even run in front of the enemy and poison them without being taken.

After buy the first Archangel's Staff, Singed's Poison Trail will be able to stay active for long time. Finally, proceeding whit the build ( or simple with the blue buff ), Poison Trail can be never deactivated, and this is very useful.

Finally, with Mega Adhesive, Singed can slow enemy that are running away or coming to attack, and so we can save some ally from certain death.

There are no particular combos for Singed, normally i use Insanity Potion and/or Ghost to improve his movement speed and reach the enemy, Fling to fling the enemy behind me, Poison Trail to start poison him, Mega Adhesive to slow him, then another Fling, Mega Adhesive, etc...

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is of fundamental importance for Singed. In fact, with Ghost, Singed's movement speed become higher and this allows him to reach enemy for use Fling or go in front of them to poisoned them with Poison Trail, or maybe run away from the all enemy team, taking advantage of the situation by poison all them.

Personally, i use Teleport not only when i am solotop, but when i bot too. I like this spell because it allows me to go back in the base, buy some items and heal myself, then go back fast to the turret. It is useful even to gank an enemy, so i use it on a ward ( or a Teemo's mushrooms. a Shaco's turret, etc... ) hide in the grass, then come out and gank.

Exhaust is a nice spell too. Personally, i recommend this to who have not the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, and needed to slow more the enemy to bring him. If you are in a 3x3, teleport will became less useful than in a 5x5, so change it with exhaust.

Cleanse is very useful for Singed. In fact, with Cleanse, Fling will almost never fail and Singed will have no problem to run away from enemies with CC abilities.

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Let's heve a look to the build.

Quite different this build from the others, isn't it?
In fact, we see that the first item i suggest is the Archangel's Staff and not the Rod of Ages. This because the Archangel's Staff give a nice amount of mana and mana regen, that will give to Singed the possibility to stay in lane for more time and to his Poison Trail to stay active for longer; as well as the nice amount of AP, that, together with the high mana regeneration, will secure a huge farm with Poison Trail.

Moreover, we have not to forget Singed's passive, so with the Archangel's Staff will not increase only his mana, mana regen and ability power, but his life too! And with Archangel's Staff's unique passive Singed's mana will slowly increase, and with it both Singed's life and ap!

The next item is quite the same in all build. I am talking about the Sorcerer's Shoes, that give to Singed enhanced movement 2 and 20 magic penetration. In other build we can see the Boots of Swiftness, that give more movement speed. I prefer the Sorcerer's Shoes because, with the masteries and the runes, Singed will have enough movement speed and then 20 more magic penetration are welcome.

The Rylai's Crystal Scepter is another item of fundametal importance for Singed, a MUST HAVE.
In fact, it gives not only a high amount af life ( even 500 ) and AP, but with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Poison Trail will slow the enemies left in the trail. This is very useful because enemies will almost never reach you or, if they are running away, you can go after them to slow them.

With Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Singed's healt will increase and he will be able to sustain more damage.

At this point, Rabadon's Deathcap will soar your ap and the damage Poison Trail makes. Now, enemies will be reluctant to enter your poison. As you know, Rabadon's Deathcap is one of the items that give more AP in all the game, and this is why i take it.

Then, with the Rod of Ages your life, mana and Ap will increase and you will have a lot of fun to play with Singed.

For last item, i used to take another Archangel's Staff. You will ask: "Why this? The unique passive is not stackable!". But, if you think, is the best item we can take, because not only our mana will increase, but the Archangel's Staff's passive ( not the unique!!! ) will stack and you Ap will go from about 600 to more than 800: impressive, isn't it?

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Situational Items

Sometimes, you can find a quite hard lane and you will need more life, so it will be necessary make Singed more similar to a tank, replacing Rabadon'd deathcap with Sunfire Cape.
It is even a nice item when many enemies champion are melee champion and you want that thay take more damage when they are near you.

Force of Nature is a very nice item, because it give a very high increase of the movement speed and a huge healt regen that, together with Insanity Potion, make Singed's healt regen very fast.

The Void Staff became necessary when enemy champions have high magic resistance, and you need that Poison Trail return effective.

The Guardian Angel is a valid choiche if you are going to make Singed more tank and you need bonus magic resist and armor. With this item, you can start the teamfights with less rick to death.

The Banshee's Veil became very useful when many enemie have CC abilities that annoy you and don't make Singed play well. It gives a nice amount of magic resistance, healt and mana too, so it became a Must Have in some situation.

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Pros / Cons


  • Poison Trail makes an huge amount of AoE damage, especially late game
  • With Fling and the high movement speed there were no enemy that can run away from you
  • Fast farming
  • Mega Adhesive slow the enemy by an impressive percentage
  • Low cooldown, especially Fling
  • One of the fastest champ in LoL
  • Awesome in 1 vs 1
  • It can be a perfect support for carry
  • Very fun to play


  • Needs huge quantities of mana, especially early game
  • Makes good gank but doesn't jungle well

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Team Work

Singed's way to play will be different is he is solo or in couple, like a support or not.

  • Solotop

    if you find an hard lane, stay near the turret. If you have Insanity Potion and Ghost, use them both with Poison Trail, then run to the enemy, Fling him back, where he will be poisoned, then use your higher movement speed to return to a safe position without take damage. Wait until he will have low healt and try to kill him. If he go near your turret, try to Fling him under your turret, where he will take damage, and slow him with Mega Adhesive.
  • Support

    if you are playing like a support, use wisely Fling and Mega Adhesive, and soon the champ you are supporting will be feed. Go often in the brush, and when an enemy will go near you, run to him and use Fling to throw him near the champ you are supporting, then slow him.

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Match History

These are my last matchs with Singed. In many of these matchs i play in couple with a carry, so i let the kills to him ( a feeded carry is a victory ) and therefore i make a lot of assist instead kills. In the image we can't see the minion kills, but i assure you that in every match Singed kills always more than 200 minion; this because he is the fastest farmer in all League of Legends.