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Singed Build Guide by Hanooo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hanooo

Singed - Carry Ap Tank (Gasp in their Faces !!)

Hanooo Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Hi all :) , This is my 1st guide and i wanned to create my own guide since i am a good player with it and i love it .. and there in my guide i show u how to play singed and wt items to get and when , i hope u like it :)
Singed is an AMAZING champ , very nice to play with , recommended in the team , helps the team a lot and can get items VERY fast , wt means that It's not hard to farm with it since it gets Gold so fast even if u are not well farmed.

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Pros / Cons


1. Heavy tanker and so beefy with some Damage per sec
2. Can tank all of the enemy team for a long time
3. Fast as Hell !! wt gives him a great survivability
4. Recommended Champ in the team wt help the team alot
5. Can carry the team in some cases


1. Disables sometimes troubles Singed
2. Kill monsters like Baron , Dragon slowly

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Summoner Spells

Ghost : It's a great escape and chase key for singed that u can use it to catch some1 with fling or to run faster that enemies cant get u but they still follows u

Ignite : Nice spell for singed wt is a must for singed that u can hit it if some1 is gonna escape at low hp's

Cleanse : A good spell that is useful if u r facing a heavy Crowd Control team

Heal : its not a bad spell that u can use it as a trick to make them follows u trying to kill u at low hp and they may dive to kill u then u heal and kill them.. and it works as a survivability key too but it's not that good at late game that it heals for a small amount of health

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Recommmended Items:

- Mercury's Treads : It Works if u r facing a Heavy AP team and if u r going a heavy Tank build

- Ninja Tabi : it works if u r facing a heavy AD team and if u r going a heavy Tank build

- Boots Of Swiftness : This is my favorite Boots , and i don't get any other boots , i like it cause i think Singed needs Much movement speed

- Sorcerer's Shoes : It works if u r facing many tankers that u dont need Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads since they have low dmg and u need penetration for their tank items , and if u want to go agressive build

- Will of Ancients : It's a pretty good idea when u r Running or walking around with poison in team fights and getting bonus hp against Spell vamp While u r tanking like an ANIMAL , and It gives u more AP to Deal more damage
- Void Staff: U will need this if ur enemies got Much Magic resist and ur poison isn't so effective against them
But i still Suggest to get Boots of Swiftness that is really the best for singed that u need it when u r chasing to get them with fling fast or to run while u are faster so it's hard to get u but u still close enough to make them follow u.

- Sunfire Cape : It's a good item for singed since it gives u hp and armor and Damage Per Sec wt is good when u r chasing some1 and as more Damage per Sec with the poison

- Randuin's Omen : A good item as heavy Tank that gives u Some Hp and Hp regen and pretty good Armor with a nice passive wt works well if u r facing a full AD team

- Zhonya's Hourglass : a very nice item for singed wt Gives u much AP and some armor with a usefull passive

- Abyssal Scepter : Some Magic resist and some AP , that works too it's not a bad item

- Mejai's Soulstealer : It's a cool item that i was getting it the 1st item b4 i try this build , it was working perfectly i was always getting 20 stacks sooner or later , it's so great for singed since u r a heavy tanker so u can always get 20 stacks easily and fast

Core Items:

- Rod of Ages : It's a very important item for Singed , it adds Some good AP and A huge Hp and mana mana (25% converted in hp against ur passive)

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter : if u like getting Rylai's so it can be a Core item in ur build u can replace it with Banshee's if u want

- Force of Nature : It's The Best Magic resist item over all , With great Hp regen .. It's a must if u r facing at least 2 AP enemies since it has the Most Magic resist over all

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How to play singed

Singed Isnt an easy champ that u must have a nice timing to knw when to Escape and when to Chase and when to run to make them follow u and so on.. Ur main is the poison it's the most important skill that ur goal is to make them follow u.. now when u r laning Keep harrasing with ur combo Fling+poison and keep walking in front of them till they are low hp but dont rush and next time get him with ur combo if he escaped hit him with ignite


-Example when u r 1/3 hp and ur enemy is 50%~60% go Fling him and slow then once u r 10% hp run and he will try to get u so he will keep losing health till he dies or he is low hp so hit ur ignite and he's dead.
-if u r 60% hp and the enemy is 40% hp , go fling and use ur slow then keep walking in front of him if he didnt die and reach his turret but low hp hit ur ignite.
And remember always Dont ever fling the wrong way like if u wanna save an ally slow the enemies then fling them to the b not toward ur ally.

Team Fighting:

Most of the team fights start by The tank ----> U , since u can tank them easily and beefy u go in and fling the nearest enemy (avoid their tanker) and then the flinged enemy is dead and here the fight start once they start to hit u get ur ult on and keep walking arround with ur poison and slow them b4 the 1st fling to make it hard to get u or run away , and once the Fling is Refreshed fling another .. and so on.. now when the fight ends probably u will need ur ghost if it end for u so some of them will be running u can use ur ghost to catch him with Fling and walk in front of them with poison , if it ends for the enemies if u still high hp fling and keep running around then once u r 35% hp run and they will chase u (and that's ur goal !) and once Fling is refreshed fling the most low hp and keep running if the flinged enemy ran away ignite him fast b4 he gets away if not keep running and he will just die with poison and so on .. u can use some mind Tricks(if ur hp is good that u can tank them for few sec) like to keep running and get in a bush in ur way like u r escaping then w8 for them and Fling the one who gets in 1st then walk toward the way they come from .. and keep running normally if they get closer to u and u r about 1 hitted or 10% hp so u can use ur Ghost and ur slow .

How to Gank:

To Gank any lane as singed stay in bushes .. and w8 for the enemy to get away enough of his turret then get in fast and slow him then if he ran Fling him if he didnt yet so dont fling the wrong way toward his turret ! .. keep using some normal attacks + poison then he will run and now its time to fling and there he is dead .

How to 1v5:

ur way is to hit and run ( some ppl names it Gayness or Kids way :D ) so try to Attract them .. like keep turning around urself in front of them (not so close in their view range):D if they didnt come and attack slow them then get in with ur poison and Fling the most squishy and run , if they follows u run and fling again when it's refreshed and u knw the rest.. , if they ignored u keep walking around and through them with poison and fling , if they ran chase them and run in front of them and slow them to get in front of them and Fling some1 like 30% hp and let the ppl 10% die with the poison if some1 is getting away low hp ignite him and keep on and there's a Penta kill ! But care Dont do that unless u r tanking enough and Well farmed ... This way u wont ever die unless u dive badly but with my build after u get banshee's u r able to tank like a BOSS ! :D then once u get rabbadon u have pretty high dmg too..

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Why not to get Rylai's

Rylai's is a very Nice item for singed Since it's almost same as Rod of Ages ( wt is ur core item) Some AP and Hp & Mana (25% converted to hp against ur passive) so Large amount of hp .. but the passive isn't very good for singed ... think about it why should i chase some1 if i am losing Health per sec and he's faster and he's slowing me while am chasing him ?? and that wt u need , u need them to chase u to keep damaging them with Poison , so my opinion is not to get Rylai's cause it's slowing them and that's good as a survivability and chase key but it destroys ur chase Goal . but u can use it if u want to tank more and more .. that they will have almost 0% chance to get u , i mean when u want to escape u can easily ..
But i still suggest not to get it .

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like i said .. don't Fling ur enemy towards ur ally while he's escaping and Don't Fling him towards his turret if u r ganking or killing some1 .
Don't Fling an enemy Who has Banshee's veil .


Use ur slow in the begining of the fight to make it hard to get u or run away , that u can control them and Dont use it while u r Escaping Unless u r 1 hitted or unless they r close to u.. to give them a chance to get u.


Ur ulti is a low Cooldown 100 sec and about 25 sec duration so u can use it whenever u want no waste of ulti ,Use ur ulti In the begining of the fight , u can use it to escape to gain more movement Speed and if u used it with ghost so u ve 500+ MS Damned fast ! xD
U can use it while u r hitting the turrets to get bonus Damage against it

Some Tips:

-Don't ever go in a battle without ur Poison Trail on
- Turn on ur poison b4 u fling by 2 sec .. to fall in poison after the fling
- Don't waste ur fling or ignite on some1 who's dead 100% for example if u r facing 2 10% hp and the other is 40% hp don't fling the 10% hp enemy , Fling the other so both will be low hp and u get them with poison and same for ignite , Dont use ignite on a dead target use it once an low hp enemy is getting away
-Avoid Arguing with ur team mates ... it ruins the Teamwork and 70% lose
- Be aware of the map for marking and so on
- if u r playing with a noob Dont spam " Noob fk u .. u will cost us this game " he will just do worse .. try to encourage him to do better...

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Like i said This is my 1st Guide i hope u like it :) sry i dont have Pictures to show u some scores , and i am Adding more info into the guide once i get some ideas .. Don't forget to rate and Comment ;) Thx .. bb ^_^