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League of Legends Build Guide Author couches12

Singed the Impossible to Kill Mad Man

couches12 Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Singed in my opinion is one of the most underrated champions in all of LOL. He is a versatile tank that can support a team to victory and even carry teams at times. He is not the easiest champion in the world to play though. His is simple and straight forward but using his flip to kill instead of save enemies is a skill that takes a while to learn.(and yes people save enemies by flipping them away from the battle not towards it) Also his goo takes forever to get right but once it's done right it is by far the most useful and best slow in the game. When built right he is the best AP Tank in the game and becomes nearly impossible to kill, so here is my build that has led me to victory time and time again. Also it can't hurt to do something crazy, after all he's the mad chemist right.

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How to Play

When he starts the game though he is squishy and not very effective at killing. Before level six he lacks the ability to get kills and you will need to rely on your lanening partner in order to do much early game.

This does not mean that he is useless early game though. His allows for massive creep farming and allows you to push your lane very effectively, and your allows you to terrorize your enemies and keep them at a distance for even more effective pushing. Even thought his abilities make him a good lanening partner it's in the team fights that he truly shines.

You have several jobs in team fights. First you are one of the best initiators in the game with your you can quickly single out an enemy and turn it into a 5v4. your will slowly damage everyone in the fight giving your team the advantage. Your also gives you the ability to be a damage soak during this fight to let your DPS carries kill the enemy team. If they try to run away you posses the best slow in the game with your . This allows you and the rest of your team to catch up to the enemy and because of your speed which makes you one of the fastest champions in the game with this build you can run down most anybody, and when you catch them you can them back to your teammates and move onto the next target. Also during team fights always leave your on because it will hit everything and it will make a difference in any battle.

Also your allows you to push and tank towers really well due to the overall boost in all of your states.

One other thing is if need be singed is pretty good at soloing top 1 versus 2 if the other team has a jungler. All you need to do is get first and hug the tower and at level six you can get more aggressive and start pushing your lane more.

Unless you're on a bad team you will be primarily a support champion getting lots of assists and not many kills, but his gives him lots of accidental kills which if you get lucky can turn you into a team carry very fast.

Also if you are losing bad or you are really whipping the other team good singed is the perfect character to be an absolute madman with. Even though this is not advised if you want to play seriously but it is lots of fun to do. By be a madman I mean take on the other team 5v1 and try to survive and come away with at least two kills (I do about half the time) He is one of the few champions that I know can survive this while still getting kills and allows for so much trash talking it's not even funny.

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I build singed mainly as a tank which is reflected in the rune selection. I found that this combination of runes gives you the best starting health , armor , and magic resist to start the game. I've noticed that when these runes are paired with these summoner spells and starting items this singed is almost as tanky as a Malphite or Rammus when starting the game which is a huge plus for surviving the early lanening phase. These runes basically give you early survivability till you get your build going and can become self sustaining.

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Summoner Spells

I always have as singed. It basically allows you to either catch an enemy who is low trying to run away or if you're the one trying to get away.

I also consider cleanse a must since you will constantly be the target of stuns, snares, and slows because of the chaos you will cause in the game and this will allow you to shrug these off and continue running or chasing down of the enemy. It also allows for you to keep fighting in a team fight instead of being a sitting duck.

I also know people like to use exhaust with singed which is a very useful spell but with the speed given by and and your , and at your disposal you can run down anyone on the battlefield.

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Again these masteries were chosen specifically to allow you to survive early game. the reduced time dead and increased experience helps you when lanening early and helps you get up and running faster. All of the defensive masteries are there to help you tank and give you better survivability. One of the most common mistakes I see other singed players make is that they chose and and even though the and seem like they would be amazing on singed when you do the math gives you around 10 health and 40 manna by the end of the game and does nothing for early game and only increases your total regen by a small percentage unlike strength of spirit which is based off your manna so it's pointless to waste points on these.

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Skill Sequence

For skills the main thing is you want to max out as fast as possible. It is your main weapon in this game and you want it as powerful as it can be. But you must get first simply so you can help your lanening partner get kills this is also the reason you get at level four to help with lanening. But after is your most powerful weapon and the more levels the more damage you can do to the opposing player. The is a great assisting and slowing tool for escaping champions but from my experience by the time it becomes truly useful you should be around level thirteen or fourteen anyways so it's good to save as the last skill to level up. The most important thing is that you get your up first after that you can very it up depending on the situation.

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From my experience with over 300 games as singed this build works for 99% of the situations you will encounter in the game.

You always go and two to start which gives you great early game survivability.

Catalyst The ProtectorYou will then proceed to complete the catalyst which again helps you with surviving and the extra health and mana at level up will be a god send at this point in the game.

First level shoes gives you some speed so you can start to chase people down.

Then you want to complete your rod as soon as possible to maximize the stacks. This is probably the most crucial item in your build. If you can complete In 17 minutes you will be set for a good game.

, Then you build force and frozen heart for tanking. The order doesn't really matter but more often than not the magic resist and speed from is needed first. Another thing is that is the best armor item available for singed. He gets lots of armor mana and cooldown reduction plus thanks to his passive gives you a good chunk of health too, making this the perfect item for singed.

You need the scepter because it gives you health AP and its slow works with your poison making you the most annoying character in the game.

The final item is up to you.

I normally go banshees veil for the extra health and magic resist plus the shield is really nice to.
If you want to go more AP and become a carry go Rabadons and you will be able to take on the entire enemy team by yourself at times.
If your team needs more of a damage soak then go guardian angels and you will never die. Your magic resist will be around 160 and armor will be over 200 with over 3000 health and you will have a revive which basically means you will be almost impossible to kill.

And even though it is not said after the first couple of items its rare with singed to build up huge amounts of gold because you will be the teams damage soak more than likely and will need to b so you will be out of battle and at the store often, so you will need to buy the item parts one at a time and just chose the part that will be most helpful first, and build the items slowly over time.

I also know that this is a very expensive build and unless you get alot of kills you won't complete it. In an average 35-45min game if you're doing well you can get your completed before the end and in the longer 45-60 min games you can get your but its only on the really long games where I am dominant that I am able to build the final item. But it's ok cause after your mainly done everything else is icing on the cake.

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If you build singed like this and play him as an AP Tank character you will not get lots of kills but I promise you he will be the most valuable member of the team and turn many of the games in which you play in your favor. He is especially good in ranked games because he is an all purpose tank that never gets banned and is rarely picked first so he is reliable to get in ranked games and will be a very valuable contributor to your team. Also it always helps to be a little crazy when playing a madman.