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Singed: The Mana Off-Tank (UPDATED)

Singed: The Mana Off-Tank (UPDATED)

Updated on March 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MisterZeta Build Guide By MisterZeta 170 38 513,872 Views 90 Comments
170 38 513,872 Views 90 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MisterZeta Build Guide By MisterZeta Updated on March 22, 2011
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Chapter 1


Singed is an amazing supporter and offensive tank. The passive give him bonus healt equal to the 25% of his mana. So building him with items like RoA o BV is the best choice. Also, if you want to be offensive you must learn how to play it, when use skill like Mega Adhesive to slow enemies (both to save allies or to gank enemies) and where fling someone (maybe on a Teemo's trap or in a bush whit allied Garren? )

But the most importat think to learn is: survive and ruuun...

1.0 - Skill Info

Your inner power, your passive skill.
This skill make you on the way to select some kind of items. Items like RoA are Sinergical for you but remember that HP whitout Resistance are ... like useless.

Your Farm and Killer Skill. You can make both champion and minions kill with your poison trail activated. Remember that if you are facing a neutral monster place youreslf "in" the mid of monster's body and active your poison.

AoE Slow. I put at least 2 points in this skill becouse canr eally save your ***. But mostly depens on enemy team

Killer and Save Skill. Usualy you plane to Fling the squisly feeded enemy champion, making him run in your poison trail, maybe slowing him whit Mega Adhesive, and letting him esplode by your allies. Remember: even you are an OFFESIVE Tank you are still a Tank. So Assists are very good for you.

This skill has been updated. Now has low cooldown and you can activate it whitout stopping move. Usefull to destroy quickly a turret or to slain some enemies it grant also some AD and AP. You physical attacks do a lot more but also the poison trail and the fling grant more power.

2.0 - Summoner Spells

Ghost is the most important one.It could be combined whit "Insanity Potion" to get insane speed and reach running enemies.

/ The other one must be Cleanse or Clairvoyance. Depends on what you wanna do on your game. In "Team match" i prefer Clairvoyance becouse it can see enemies in the grass and help you to prevent you and your allies to die.

3.0 - RUNES

I prefer RUNES that give a lot pf HP. So:

Quintessences FLAT HP


Glyph : FLAT MANA (equal to 25 HP but also more mana at early game)

4.0 - Build Pros & Cons

+ Great Magic Defence
+ Insane speed to Pursuit or to Escape
+ Great Supporter with "salvific Flings" or " Killer Flings" / AoE slow (Mega Adhesive)
+ Easy to get a lot of HP
+ Insane Farmer

- Not a great Damage vs Other tanks
- Not a lot of Phisical Armor

5.0 - Singed Tips

With this build you will have a lot of Magical Defence. There is a reason for it: you gotta enter in the enemies line and catch some one enemy, take some skill and survive.

Why not a lot of Physical defence?
Becouse you are incredibly fast and it's very hard to beat you physically. If a feeded Yi is coming you have to fling Him, and run away with your poison trail activated. If he is so fool to follow you , probally, he will die by your allies granting you and assist. Or Maybe you can also kill him with you ultimate insanity(if you have a lot of HP to face an fedeed enemy)

6.0 - Gameplay

6.1 - Early Game

If you wanna try the first blood get Clairvoyance and Fling at level 1. Use Clairvoyance to see trough the grass and enter here whit your allies. Fling is helpfull skill for good finish an ambush.

If you want only exp on first levels get Poison Trail and try to get money by poisoning low healted minions. Singed, becouse of that skill, is a good farmer. But care on mana! Poison trail doesn't cost so mutch but it's not the same for fling. Save some mana, till the mid game you will no longer have this kind of problems.

Buy a "Catalyst the Protector" catalyst the protector as soon as possible, then the shoes ( i like "Boots of Swiftness" on this char, but if the enemy champions have a lot of stuns buy Mercury instead )

6.2 - Mid Game

Now you have discrete HP but you are not really an offtank.
If you are playing well at 15 minutes you should have a RoA .It's good idea to complete it within the first 20 minutes of the match because the passive of RoA need about 10 minutes to maximize its effect.

Now if the enemies have a lot of "Magic Damage Champions" you have to buy a "Banshee's Veil" ) for the Mana+Healt bonus and the great passive . Also it give to you a discrete magic resist.

Final buff of Banshee's Vail are: 450 Healt + 100 by Empowered B. and +400 mana ; 57 MDef & The passive Shield

If they have a lot of phisical char buy a Sunfire Cape . If it work propely keep buy a Guardian Angel* or/and Omen or/and Frozen Heart at last. (BUT REMEMBER: GF has been nerfed)*

If they are a composite Team Buy 1 sunfire, one Banshee, one Guardian Angel and last one could be what you want.

6.3 - Late game:

At Late game you are effectively an Offtank. You must have a lot of mana and spread a lot of Poison Trail. Also can tank yourself Turrent and detroy them while in ultimate but most important: you can save your allies whit mega Adhesive + Fling combo.
( + )

Last Item: if there are magic Char buy a "Force of Nature" so even they have a lot of ability power they cannot do nothink against you. A great idea wold be to buy a "Rylai's Crystal Scepter". This item is been patched. Now work propelly whit poison trail slowing enemies.






Post Scriptum

Sorry for my bad english. i'm Italian and i have a lot to learn of English language.


10/12/2010 (10 december 2010)

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