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Singed Build Guide by Dummy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dummy

Singed, The underrated Regenist

Dummy Last updated on January 11, 2012
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, the underestimated Regenist.

This guild focuses on a tank build for Singed. Tank doesn't mean no damage or kills, but it does mean survivability so you can gas and fling to your heart's content!

As with any Singed, FARM, FARM, FARM!!!!

**Note** I've only used this build in Pub Normals, and some Pre-made Normals. So, use in Ranked with caution. The nice thing about this build, it focuses on minion kills for gold and not champion kills. Minion kills are more consistent.

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This rune set is pretty standard for tankies:

Seals = 9 Greater Seal of Armor
Glyphs = 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Marks = 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Quints = 3 Greater Quintessence of Health

These are for early game survivability. Singed is relatively weak until level 6. Until level 6, you need to be patience, farm, and above all, don't die!

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There is leeway here, but I like Greed because Singed needs items to be effective mid and late game. Also, because this guild is focused around regeneration, Vigor and Meditation are very important.

I also like the extra durability from the Defensive tree including Veteran's Scars , Durability , Hardiness , and Resistance for early game survival, since you are melee without any ranged abilities besides Mega Adhesive.

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I'll start by listing the items that I buy and the order. If you want to read why, they will be listed below:

Starting: Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion
Boots of Speed, philosopher's stone, Catalyst of Aeons, Blasting Wand, Rod of Ages, Mercury's Treads, Chain Vest, Force of Nature, Randuin's Omen, and shurelya's reverie (finally, if long enough game) Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Item Breakdown:
Rod of Ages, it's a must have. The earlier the better. (Get boots, but don't finish them until you have RoA)

I like to start every game with a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. Surviving is key early on at top lane. If you are against a ranged champion. Stay back and let them work towards your tower. With a decent jungler, your top opponent will either have to overextend (gank) or miss exp and minion kills.

I build HP Regen and Defensive. RoA is my only offensive item, otherwise it's survivability.

I make my Regrowth Pendant into a Philosopher's Stone.(gives money, and both regens so you heal and can gas all the time)
I get Boots of Speed (I try to farm 750 gold before I blue pill back the first time, so I can get Phil and Boots)
And then I go for Rod of Ages ( Catalyst of Aeons first, 1350 gold)
Once I finish RoA,
I get Mercury's Treads
Most of time I will buy a Chain Vest just gives you some extra armor for mid game.
Then I focus on building a Force of Nature HUGE REGEN!! This is vital to this build.
Randuin's Omen, for the HP, Regen and Armor plus ability to slow.
Then you need to make Phil Stone into Shurelya's Reverie.

After that the game is usually over. If not, go for a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

The strength of this build comes from everything put together. It's based off HP regen and 50% tenacity!

**NOTE** The stats from this website at the very top are not completely accurate. They do not take into account special/unique passives like the extra HP/MP/AP give each minute by Rod of Ages nor does it include the passive from Force of Nature. So I'll describe below the real HP Regen you can receive with this build.

Force of Nature regens .35% total health every second. With RoA, Randuin's Omen and Base HP (not including Runes or Masteries) That's 3259 HP... so that's 11.4 per second!!! (57HP/5sec) Then Phil Stone is an extra 3.6/sec, Randium's is an extra 5/sec plus Singed's natural 3.4 per sec.. Let's see.. that's... 23.75 per second (122HP/5sec).... Oh yea... with Insanity Potion at level 18... (13HP/sec) You are over 35HP per sec, PER SECOND (thats 175HP/5sec)!!!! You heal faster than most champions can dish it out because you have armor and magic resist too!!!

When you add more HP and Regen, (masteries = 138HP & .6HP/sec, runes = 78HP; = over 1HP/sec or 5HP/5sec) plus the extra regen from shurelya's reverie when you make it from philosopher's stone (over 2HP/sec or 12HP/5sec) and then add 500 HP from Rylai's Crystal Scepter (grand total is well over 40HP/sec or 200HP/5sec) just forget about it. (He receives even more HP because of Empowered Bulwark, but I don't want to calculate that too).

You have to be standing in the middle of their team telling jokes, while having some tea before you die. Besides all that Health, and HP regen you also have a good amount of MR and Armor, AND you are as fast as greased lightning...

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Skill Sequence

Singed is a great champion, but he has some pitfalls in what skills to level up first that summoner's sometimes fall for.

I'll give the order of my first six, and then remember this always level up Insanity Potion, then max out Poison Trail before Mega Adhesive and always the last to be maxed out is Fling

Fling This is the last time you get this until level 14. Get first for lvl 1 group fights
Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive Get this at level 3 so you can slow jungle ganks, and zone with it
Poison Trail
Poison Trail
Insanity Potion

Innate Empowered Bulwark is HP for MP, for every XX MP you get X HP.
--Whatever, it doesn't really matter, other than RoA gives even more HP, ahhh YES!!!

Poison Trail
--Your main source of damage. Max it first!!! It's how you get minion kills, champion kills, and keep your house pest free. Always have this on if you even think there is a chance for a fight.

Mega Adhesive
--Extremely underrated. 75% slow.... 75%!!!! THEY ARE PRACTICALLY STANDING STILL FOR YOU! Get at least one level of this by level 4. Always max this second after Poison Gas. ALWAYS!!! Don't forget to use this! It can save you, a teammate or it can freeze a runner in place. Great range!

--Overrated. I know it looks like so much damage, but it's there to sway you from the path of Super Singed!!! Fling is one of those pitfalls. Don't level it up early... Fling's main job is to reposition enemy champions behind you into your poison trail, or to teammates, and in some cases to save a teammate. You don't need but on level of it to do this. Leveling it up doesn't fling people farther or more often. Get it at level 1 and level it last. Also, be patient with fling. Make sure you are positioned correctly so you fling the champion the right way. The rage will fall like rain when you get excited and fling a dying champion to safety ahead of your team instead of behind to your team. Trust me, it isn't pretty....

Insanity Potion
--Your cure all, be all stud potion. It doesn't sound all that great, but it increases everything!!! Want to run down a champion, I-Potion it! Want to survive face-checking that bush full of enemy champions, I-Potion it! Want to get all the babes and a sun tan, hit the gym and buy some lotion. Otherwise, this ult is fan-freaking-tastic! Using it with all the item regen, and tenacity you should have... you can literally pop Insanity Potion and if you really want to mess with them, hit Ghost and run through their whole team, circle back around for a second pass and just laugh as they spam you. Insanity Potion might actually leak out onto your keyboard, because it seems to have that effect on people that play Singed...

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Ghost

Teleport for quick trips back to buy and then back to tower without missing exp or minion kills. Late game, its for protecting turrets.

Ghost can be defensive to get away from an early level gank or to chase down an enemy and fling them into poison and teammates.

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This is a must! Farm, farm, farm, farm, farm!!!

The only thing more important than farming is, not dying. DO NOT DIE!! It's the quickest way to fail with Singed. He needs levels and gold from minion kills. You don't get either when you're dead.

Early game, you are to last hit and do a spurt of gas here or there. Don't overextend. If you are level 6, and the other team's jungler has weak ganks, you can be a bit more risky.

Mid game, gas the hell out of those minions. Kill them all!!! Don't let even one escape you. You should start to lead both teams in CS. (press and hold tab, if you aren't top 3 out of all 10... you aren't doing your job right)

Late game, farm whenever you can, but don't do it at the scarifice of your team. Team fights are starting to become important. Stay with your team when it looks like there is going to be a fight. Use your teleport to intercept a minion wave and gas them.

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Game Play

Early game (1-6) (gas in spurts)
--Your job is to survive, and get minion kills! Seriously, if you try to "gank" your opponent, I will hunt you down...Don't die. You don't get minion kills or experience while dead. It's the quickest way to fail with Singed.
--If you are being out played or overpowered, then tower hug. At that point your job is to protect your tower, not die and level up. Level up your poison. Douse the minions in it so that they die quickly, and your turret doesn't go down early.
--If you are owning your lane, great, just farm! Don't overextend!
When you get your ult, don't be afraid to use it to heal and replenish mana. For 150 mana, you get close to 300 back!

Mid game (7- about 14) (gas should be on all the time, literally, all the time)
--Farm, don't die, don't overextend. Pretty simple. (You can be a bit more risky. Make sure to kill all the minions.. ALL OF THEM!)

Late game (~14-18)
--AHHH YEA! The party is about the begin. You should have your Randuin's Omen or close to. Now you can start running around, gooing unsuspecting champions and tossing them into Poison Trail and teammates! Goo, fling, gas! Team fight? Insanity Potion it and cause mass mayhem. Muawhahahahahaha!

Good Luck!