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Singed Build Guide by Flownder10

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flownder10

Singed Top lane

Flownder10 Last updated on January 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Situational items

if the other team mostly has AD you should obviously get thornmail. Rylies is an item i always buy no matter the situation. Void staff and liandra's torment are for when you aren't getting focused and you just want to destroy the other team.

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Singed is a very powerful champ if you can play him correctly but when in learning stages i would highly recommending bots but not draft.
Singed is looked to be simply a tank that is just not strong enough to kill the players that he almost killed. With my build you can solo 3 v 1 and win. Most players look at the tanks to dive and deal 100 damage i look for tanks to be able initate and actually get the kill on other champions.

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Pros / Cons


    Able to kill enemies while tanking
    Turret dive early and late game
    Still can help team
    Speedy champ allows for catching that last champ running away
    Can also escape battles quickly

    Not as other singed builds
    Not full AP
    AD carry can easly take you out early
    Any champ that has good early game will quickly take you out(this will always be this way on any singed)

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When farming early always watch for Renekton, Teemo, or any unexpected junglers. in late game farming is not relevant because poison trail will always be active.

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The Ghost summoner spell will always help in any situation. If a gank comes and your not ready ghost out of it, You push to far over champ comes and can kill you ghost away. Before you go and decide that ghost will save you in every situation it won't. You can run faster yes but that skill shot will get you.

The Teleport summoner spell will help early game when you made that mistake than you die. or late game when you need to get close to a team fight that is going on without you.

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Early game

Right now you are weak with no powerful moves. Now you are thinking this champ is useless if he can not even farm early. But this disadvantage will make you look frail enough for enemies to under estemate your power that comes around in 10 minutes. Dying early game does not hurt you as much as other champs. singed can die about 2 times early game and not fail to do good for the rest of the game.

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Mid-Game Strategy

During the mid game you have to decide wether or not you can push the enemy tower over in your lane. If you can just stay and push it and than when your done join in the inebidaval team fights. When you can not the best idea is to just join your team they will need you because with my build you will become very tanky durable and powerful.

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End game

In endgame you just need to tank for your team and you can even scout ahead when pushing a lane. You can also solo kill multiple enemies at low health. Since the end game is mostly all team fights you need to watch out for all 5 of them coming at you all at once. If possible tanking turret damage for team is very neccecary.

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So as you can see singed is not for the early game player but if one has patience he/she can clinch the game for teams lacking that AP offtank in the late game that all teams need. Also he has all the utilites need to run or chase when needed and teleport can be a sudden gank your adc needed. So all in all Singed can win the game for your team.