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Singed Build Guide by Babish Beat

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Babish Beat

Singed top lane guide(Tank - Damage dealer)

Babish Beat Last updated on February 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Top Lane - Spell using and some tips.


Im gonna keep it short.

Buy your items, and go top. Cover red if needed.
If you are invading pick E(fling)spell then Q(poison).
Use Q wisely at the beginning before Rod of Ages. Because it drains a lot of mana early.

Play it safe. Wait for the right moment then attack and fling slow poison etc. (always leave poison on in a team fight)
BUT don't be afraid to engage a team fight or a fight. Because you are strong and can handle most of the damage :)!

Ok moving on(Early game)...

Always play safe. Never rush onto your opponent in top lane, because you will lose unnecessary amount of health.
If the opponent is going after you turn on Q(poison) and let him walk after it.
If the minion wave is after you, turn on Q(poison) and let them walk on the poison.

Don't stress out or anything if you can't get minions. But whenever you can turn on Q(poison) and try to get the whole wave with it.

When you have Rod of Ages...

Now you can deal some damage to your top opponent. Try to E(fling) him behind you, towards your turret and make W(slow) on him. Then run away from him while using Q.

Remember play safe and take him when you get the chance to do so.

Getting ganked...

If you are getting ganked, don't worrie. Use W(slow) and make R(ulti) and Ghost (summoner spell). And run back.
Often they will chance you and underestimate your damage ability, and will run after you. In that way they will lose a lot of hp from poison. Sometimes you can even turn on them both and kill them.

Use Q(poison)...
Use Q whenever you are in a team fight. Use Q when minions or opponents are chasing you.
Use it to clear out big minion waves.
Use it combined with Rylia's scepter to slow enemy teams that are running after you.
If they try to run away use it to block their exits combined with W.
Use it in every other situation you might wanna use it...
Using E(fling)...

Use E to throw an opponent towards your team. Like ADC or someone weak. Then your team will take care of him. And you can chase after someone else.

Use E to throw an opponent away from your team. For example throw someone away from your ADC so he/she can keep on attacking. Also use W(slow) so the opponent will have a harder time to get back to your ADC.

Use E(fling) whenever you wanna deal damage or fling opponents so allied champs can kill him.
Or use it to throw opponents away from you so you can run. If possible throw them over a wall and then run :).

Using W(slow)...

Use W(slow) to slow enemy player when,
1. Running after them(and then use E(fling))
2. Running away from them.(You can use E(fling) to push them away then W(slow)
3. When helping a teammate run away.
4. Or other times when needed. To Scare opponents etc.

Use R(ulti)...
Use it to gain faster hp regeneration. Use it to get speed to run away from opponent or towards an opponent.

To get back to lane faster or to get into team fights faster.

Thank you and enjoy! :)

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Look at the notes(+note) on the item page.

Hold you mouse over (+ note) I have written some good information there.

here they are.

Note: If you need armor then buy armor(Chain vest)before Rylai's.

Note: If enemy team is heavy AP(or AP champ deal a lot), Buy magic resist item first.

If they are heavy on AD (or AD champ deal a lot),
Buy Armor item first.

I recommend GA as last item. Enemy team will focus you less and you can attack and fling them more. And you can Tank more.
If you want another item, and not GA, feel free to buy something else.

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Masteries and runes

Use my masteries and runes. And remeber to play safe and wait for the moments. BUT don't be affraid to engage since you are very strong.