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Singed Build Guide by PhantomPuppy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhantomPuppy

Singed- Toxic Hell at Top! (AP and HP)

PhantomPuppy Last updated on November 3, 2012
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Singed guide! I am PhantomPuppy, and this is my first guide ever. Please comment or PM me with feedback on how I did. To start off I just want to say that, when built and played correctly, Singed is one of the most OP champs there is in League of Legends. The only problem is that most people do NOT know how to build him correctly, and end up missing out on how amazing this champion really is as a consequence. That is why I felt the need to create this guide, to HELP EVERYONE I CAN! I hope you enjoy the guide. Again, please comment so I can improve it. Also, if you have any alternative builds that you would want me to try out, dont feel shy sending it to me.

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    Very good at trolling
    Invincible once you get
Insanity Potion
Has good CC with Mega Adhesive/ Fling combo
Poison Trail kills pretty much everyone on their team
Can sing the Trololo Song BEAUTIFULLY

    Doesn't go well against people with CC
    Not very good for
Baron Nashor fights
Sucks late game if you don't farm early
Doesn't go well against ranged tops like Yorick or Gangplank
He's only half Russian...

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At the top, I listed my build on runes for Singed, and some alternative runes that can work for him. Here, I will give a little reason as to why you would use each one.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration- This is a must have for all AP tanks, or AP characters in general (my opinion). These magic pen. marks give a consistent extra damage output for Singed's Poison Trail. Think about it this way, if Singed has 8.5 magic penetration, it goes through 8.5% of their magic resist. This means that if the carry has 40% reduced damage from your magic (just an example), your poison will act as if they only take 35% reduced damage. This doesn't seem like much, but Singed's Poison Trail is a DOT ability, or Damage Over Time. This 5% will slowly, but surely, get that champ your choking out to die.

Greater Seal of Armor- Since you will be facing an AD champ MOST of the time at top, these runes are a good idea to put on. They provide quite a bit of durability at beginning and late game. Greater Seal of Defense wouldn't be as good for Singed because he isn't very durable EARLY game, so he needs that extra defense at level 1. Late game, you will have so much HP as Singed that the extra armor wouldn't matter anyway.

Greater Seal of Vitality- You can always choose to stack up that HP, cause HP is always nice. This build is very risky, because you don't have as much durability early game, and that can cause you to not have as much gold income late game for your build. Although, if you can still farm, the extra HP really pays off. It is your preference on these seals. Which ever works for you is the better way to go.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist- Because mages don't have much AP early game, I don't really see the point of having Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Plus, you don't really face mages until about level 9, which is when Greater Glyph of Shielding has the same magic resist as Greater Glyph of Warding anyway... I think you get the point. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is useless with Singed.

Greater Glyph of Replenishment- If you find that running out of mana is REALLY annoying early game, try out these runes. They will really help you out in the laning phase, before you get your Catalyst of the Protector. You are taking out you magic resist for late game, but you farm up early game. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that. Like the seals, it's your preference.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed- Movement speed is always REALLY good with Singed. These cheap quints make Singed run like the wind and fling all those nasty champs that challenge him at top lane. Overall, they are my favorite runes, and are very useful throughout the game, in all types of fights.

Greater Quintessence of Health- With Singed, building a lot of HP is always good. The tankier he is, the stronger he is. Although I'd much rather have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, you can always get a little more early game durability if you are struggling with that.

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1/21/8 is a very standard masteries build for Singed. The 1 point in offense is targeted at raising his Ghost, which is very useful mid and late game. he can maneuver much quicker and cleaner through teamfights with the bonus 8% movement speed his Ghost gets with this point.

21 points in Defense is self explanatory for tanks, but I want to go in depth on the specific masteries I put on. To make it easier for everyone, I'll just go by tiers.

Defensive Tree

Tier 1
Since we aren't using any of the Summoner Spells in the Defensive Tree, and we are solo top, not jungling, you only need to put points in armor and magic reist. You don't really need the full points in Resistance because you will get magic resist from either your Abyssal Mask or your Force of Nature. Plus, AP characters don't have much AP early game, so there are 2 reasons why 3 points in Resistance isn't worth it. You want to max out Hardiness because most people you will face at top will be AD. This just gives a little extra defense against them.

Tier 2
In this tier, you want to max out Durability and leave Vigor alone. Durability links to the next tier, so it's a must have. Vigor doesn't give you much as Singed once you reach level 6, so I don't really see the point.

Tier 3
Put your points into every tier 3 spot available. Indomitable is just a beast mastery that gives you plenty of sustain early game. You might not notice it, but it takes off quite a bit of damage in teamfights and laning. Veteran's Scar is very straight forward. Extra HP means longer laning early game, which means more farm and items. Points in Evasion are just to put on later on tier masteries. Also, 3% reduced on area of effect abilities means less damage from CC characters. Moderately useful, but it's still worth the points into it.

Tier 4
Initiator lets you get into battles quicker, back to your lane faster, and at the start of teamfights, get you Fling onto more people. Overall, a very nice mastery. Enough said there.

Tier 5
Honor Guard is another mastery easy to understand. It takes off 1.5% of all damage, so you can live longer. Just like Indomitable , it does some behind the scene work that really helps throughout the game.

Ultimate Mastery
Juggernaut is as beast as it sounds. It gives Singed the HP and tenacity he needs to burst through the CC tanks and single out carries in the back. Also, with this mastery you will not be as much in need of Mercury Trends, which leaves room for Ninja Tabi, which I will talk about later.

Utility Tree

Tier 1
Of course you're gonna put a point in Summoner's Insight . This reduces your Flash cooldown by 15 SECONDS! This is very useful throughout the game, and allows you to initiate or escape a lot more times by the end of the game. You also want to max Expanded Mind to get the most out of Singed's passive, Empowered Bulwark. Also, with this mastery, you have less of a chance to be OOM in your laning stage.

Tier 2
Swiftness for Singed is phenominal. The more movement speed you have as Singed, the happier you are. This lets you catch up to people or run away if needed. Like Juggernaut , this is one of the best masteries Singed can have.

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Some people might disagree with this little build I've tested over the past few months, but I LOVE IT. Here are a few rules with this build, so you don't get owned in lane.

Catalyst the Protector- Obviously you open with a Sapphire Crystal for the bonus on Singed's passive, but what do you rush after that? CATALYST! Don't invest into ANY other items until you get Catalyst. Don't get shoes, your runes and masteries will take care of you for a bit. If you rush Catalyst, you will hardly ever be OOM. It's unique passive allows you to stay in lane, poison spam all the minions and champion you are laning against, and is overall a BEAST item early game. BUT, don't get too cocky when doing a poison rush. I'll get into more detail with that later.

Ninja Tabi- I love these boots so much. Most Singed players would prefer Boots of Swiftness for Singed, but I don't really see the point unless you're facing ANOTHER Singed... If you are facing another Singed, put on Boots of Swiftness and switch out your Abyssal Mask for Randuin's Omen, then build a Force of Nature instead of a Rabadon's Deathcap. If this sounds to confusing to read, check the second build I included at the top. Personally, I don't like this build, but you have to adjust to the gameplay sometimes. I'm getting a little off topic. SO, explanation on Ninja Tabi. It is a complete AD carry counter. Because it takes off 10% from all basic attacks, you can go up against those hard carries and fling them back to your team, being that CC KING TOXIC ANGEL that your team needs.

Rod of Ages- A very nice item, since it still keeps the Catalyst passive, and gives you extra HP, mana, and AP per minute. Much like Cho'Gath with his ult, but BETTER!

Abyssal Mask- This is an amazing item, but it can backfire if you get your Blasting Wand before the Negatron Cape. By the time you are ready to build this item, the AP characters have quite a bit of AP. SO! You have to get Negatron Cape BEFORE you get the Blasting Wand. I can't stress enough how important that is. So don't forget it! Anyway, Abyssal Scepter is a very good item that gives you AP, magic resist, and magic penetration. MAGIC PENETRATION IS ALWAYS GOOD! (unless you're Tryndamere).

Rylai's Crystal Scepter- OKAY KIDS! This is where the build gets really fun! Always make sure to build that Giant's Belt first, just for durability and trolling purposes. ONCE YOU GET RYLAI'S, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE (as if you weren't invincible at level 6 with just a Catalyst the Protector -_-). Rylai's gives you a passive slow on your poison AND fling! You have now turned from "impossible to get away from" to "If I see Singed on my screen, I'm already dead". You can now be as aggressive as you want to with Singed, and can live through almost ANYTHING. Anything? YES! ANNNYYYTHHIING (cept their last turret at their shop. Don't be stupid about it...)

Alternate Build Explanation
Randuin's Omen- This item is very usefeul when facing another Singed. First off, it gives a movement buff for a short while for catching up to him or getting a teammate away from his Fling. It is also very nice to use against other CC characters, and provides plenty of armor.

Force of Nature- A completely overpowered item that is useful for just about any tank. This little item gives Singed extra magic resist to go against mages, HP regen for sustain in team fights, and EXTRA MOVEMENT SPEED, making Singed a beast. All of these things makes it a must have when facing another Singed.

Usually by this time, you guys have already won, BUT, if you haven't, build a Rabadon's Deathcap. This leaves you off at 487 AP, for maximum trolling powers. You will be doing so much damage that you can practically kill carries with 1 Fling.

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Skill Sequence

What to max, from first to last...

1. Poison Trail- This is you main damage output in all teamfights and laning until you get a Rabadon's Deathcap, so don't be an idiot and get you Fling maxed first. Hey, I've seen it before... This is also Singed's big spotlight on midgame TROLLING!!! Other team 5 man ganking you? Flash out, put on your ult and Ghost, and leave poison on! PENTA KILL!!!

2. Fling- Most people would prefer getting Mega Adhesive first because it gives 10% extra slow per level. In theory, you can get on 1 more fling, 1 more attack, and 1 more second with you poison, leaving you with a lot more damage than if you master Fling. BUT, this is a skill that takes a while to master, so it is used by pros that play high elo games... I AM MAKING A GUIDE FOR NOOBS, NOT TELLING PROS WHATS BETTER THAN WHAT THEY DO. For starters that want to try out Singed, max your Fling first, as it is much easier to hit than the fling, a basic attack, and a second of extra poison.

3. Insanity Potion- Since you max it at level 16, you end up maxing this before Mega Adhesive. This skill is your bread and butter in teamfights. It gives you a lot more movement speed for sweeping in and out of teamfights (Toxic Angel mode), and more AP, which is always good.

4. Mega Adhesive- Most people see this as Singed's main thing next to Poison Trail, but I see it only as a utility, and if you miss it, I see it as a FAIL. Don't miss you puddle noobs... Anyway, you're gonna max this last. The amount that it gets better by might SOUND like a lot, but really, it isn't...

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Summoner Spells

Why chose Ghost and Flash for Singed? What about Teleport or Ignite like most other solo top characters use? I'll break it down for you.

Ghost- This Summoner Spell is key with Singed. With this, he is able to catch up to people, Get away from a 5 man gank, or bob and weave in and out of fights with his Poison Trail covering the entire battlefield. You can dominate team fights when you have this little Summoner Spell in your pocket. Or bottle, I don't know where Singe keeps those.

Flash- With this Summoner Spell, you can get away from people, dodge CC, hop over walls, catch up to people to get that last hit Fling, and just about anything else you wanna do with it. It is an overall great utility spell and I'd recommend it for just about any character you play.

Other options?

Teleport- I personally wouldn't recommend using this Summoner Spell with Singed. Since he has so much extra movement speed from his masteries and runes (that I told you to get), He can get back to his lane quickly with no problem. SO, I think teleport is not very good for him, although it is good for people like Warwick.

Ignite- Rather good for most solo tops. A little extra damage is always nice, although it does take away either Ghost or Flash, which can be deadly for you or your teammates in teamfights.

Exhaust- Such a stupid idea for Singed... He already has a slow, and quite a bit of extra movement speed from his masteries, runes, and Insanity Potion. Plus, it has short range and only hits one person. Once you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will already be slowing everyone with your Poison Trail. Honestly, Exhaust is not good with the Trolling KIng Singed.

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Farming is very simple with Singed, especially with Catalyst the Protector. Since you will hardly ever run out of mana, you can put on Poison Trail at every minion wave you see. If you stay in a safe zone when facing ranged people, you will have no problem farming up with Singed. Not to mention, you only have to focus on last hitting until around level 6. Your poison should be able to sweep off minion waves with no problems. ALSO, make sure you ward in case their jungler tries ganking. You aren't quite that invincible during your laning phase...

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Overall, Singed is a VERY good solo top champ that is great for harrassing and trolling the entire game. So long as you play it safe early game, you can whip out your load of AP late game and own other noobs! Now go out there and have fun trolling with Singed.

If you liked this guide, or maybe if you didn't, please give me feedback on how I can improve it. Thank you all.

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