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Sion Build Guide by tasteslikepuddin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tasteslikepuddin

Sion: A Guide to A SuperBeast

tasteslikepuddin Last updated on January 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Nasus He will try to farm. Deny him minions and try to not push the lane and zone him out
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I. Introduction

Hello I am Tasteslikepuddin, I have come back after a year to write another guide. Most people who have read one of my guides (I have two accounts due to a lost password) know I love tanks and my writing is usually very thorough and in depth. I write for the benefit of the reader. Therefore I write very wordy guides my last guide was 40 or so pages on Word with spacing. So be prepared to learn all the little tips and tricks of playing Sion that will make you not only a better Sion player; but also a better player overall.
I have 3 goals for the reader of this guide. I feel these are reasonable and acquirable tasks that will improve playing Sion. I call them the 3 golden rules of Sion.

  • Farm: Sion needs tons of it and will only help his team.
  • Map Awareness: For ganking and counter-ganking, this is needed.
  • Fun: Needed for all champions and players

Here is also a color coated list for terms.
Orange=Physical Damage (AD)
Green=Magic Damage (AP)
Purple=Magic Resist
Pink=Will not be appearing in this guide

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II. Pro's and Con's of Sion

Sion is a very interesting champion, that he is mainly a tank, he doesn't really need to deal a ton of damage to be effective. Sion relies on his abilities to deal damage and provides massive utility for a team. He can roam the map a lot allowing his team to have a lot of support and he can push lanes really easily.And he can even help his team after he dies.


  • Easy learning curb
  • Amazing ganks
  • Very tanky
  • Hilarious passive
  • Strong early game
  • 2 Knock ups and 2 possible slows


  • Kite-able
  • Slow Spells
  • Weak to %Damage
  • Hard to control ultimate
  • Susceptible to ganks

Sion is weak to a few fundamental things like most tanks. He is weak to ranged champions who can kite him with relative ease. He is also weak to %damage as he naturally becomes tanky from farming and basic stats. His dueling potential is not the best and he isn't very good in long fights.

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III. Masteries

Offensive masteries

: Allows for more opportunities for spells.

: Creates additional damage at the cost of taking a bit more.

: Allows for a bit of late game damage

: Increases early game damage by +4 AD

For a more detailed response look below for the more detailed and explained reasons in the spoilers.


Double-Edged Sword

Brute Force

Martial Mastery

Defensive Masteries

: Makes you take less damage from Basic Attacks.

: Allows you to stay in lane longer.

:Reduces damage taken.

: Gives you extra health making you tankier.

: Allows you to pull through some tough situations.

:Increases maximum health by 3%.

: Gives you armor to cushion physical damage.

: Gives you armor and magic resistance.

:Gives you health regeneration.

:Reduces the effectiveness of slows.

:Reduces the effectiveness of Crowd Control.

:Reduces the damage dealt by CC'ed Units.




Veteran Scars

Second Wind



Legendary Guardian





Additional options


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IV. Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

I find this to be a very good set for early game and there is not really a use for scaling runes as his damage begins to fall off in late game. I prioritize early game damage and resistances to cover his stats so he can focus on building health and damage.

Attack Damage Marks

I prefer these on Sion due to the fact that he needs to be able to deal damage and it will increase his early game trade potential in short trades. It gives you 8.55 extraAD which is enough to make a significant difference as it will boost your AD to around 70 which an ADC will usually have. I take these if I know I can beat the enemy without the extra attack speed and they are more likely to try for small trades. I like these over Armor penetration because Sion still has to deal most of his damage with spells so Attack damage marks are the best choices.

Armor Seals And Health Seals

Armor is an essential on top laners as most deal AD or mixed damage to their enemies. This is a great choice on him due to his low starting armor of 16.5. Adding the additional 9 Armor with these runes will bump your armor up to 25.5 + masteries will make you start off with a total of 35.36 Armor! This will help against early aggressive AD champions like Fiora, Rengar, and Gangplank. And health seals are a great choice as your Soul Furnace benefits from health and will increase the damage. It gives you 32 extra starting health. That means more health, more damage, and more shield. This will also help you deal with Magic damage. Having both health and armor will benefit him early game and running it 4 armor and 5 health is the best optimal start as you have the most armor and the most health in a balanced proportion.

Magic Resist Glyphs

Magic Resist Glyphs are beneficial to Sion as they make him more resistant to Magic damage. They will give him a total of 12.06 Extra Magic Resist. This helps against AP top lane champs such Vladimir, Teemo, Ryze and Nidalee.I take these If I'm running full Armor Yellows especially. Because most AP laners are big on harassing and kiting enemies these are a must have.

Attack Damage Quintessences

I like these on Sion as it just makes him so much stronger in lane. It will give him an additional 7 Attack damage that can be used with his ultimate, basic attacks, and decimating strike. Also as Roar of the Slayer naturally shreds armor I feel this makes attack damage the perfect choice.

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V. Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

You have 2 usual combinations of spells which are:


Flash is the escape and mobility skill that almost all champions use. It doesn't allow your opponents to have the time needed to counter any attack that may result from it. This can be nice as it's good for a fast little engage or escape. I don’t recommend engaging with it unless you know that you can kill the enemy. Always take this spell.


Teleport is one of the spells I enjoy using as it allows you to get into lane or help gank a losing lane. Take this as your secondary summoner spell as you will be constantly moving around the map. Take this as your secondary spell instead of Ignite. This is also strong in countering an enemies teleport.



Ghost is another viability due to Sion's slow base movement speed. This will speed up his travel time and make catching pesky kite champions a lot easier. You can take this with the combination of Teleport , Ignite or Flash as a secondary spell.


Ignite is a damage summoner spell that is good for dueling your opponents. It deals damage over time while reducing health regeneration and granting you vision of your opponent. This is one of my personal favorites vs Irelia or Olaf.I rarely take this on Sion as I am more focused on the lanes than my enemy.

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VI. Items

Starting items

Crystalline flask

Doran's shield health potion start

Mid Game items

Mercury's Treads

sunfire cape

Banshee's Veil

Ravenous Hydra

Late Game Items

Warmog's Armor

Iceborn Gauntlet

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VII. Situational Items

Here are a few situational items that might benefit Sion if certain conditions are met. I will discuss how each benefits Sion and when might be a good time to take them. If as a reader you find something that isn't here that might be good let me know.

Offensive items

Blade Of The Ruined King

Maw of Malmortius

The Black Cleaver

Frozen Mallet

Defensive options

Locket Of The Iron Solari

Guardian angel

Frozen Heart


Randuin's Omen

Here is a where a few items that don't work extremely well but are possible to use on Sion.

Spirit Visage: It doesn't really help Sion as his lifesteal isn't extremely strong unless if he is already dead. And Sion doesn't naturally have lifesteal before death.

Righteous Glory: I've seen a few champions use this item but I feel it isn't very forgiving and you have to commit to getting it. And Warmogs and Sunfire out-class it.

Ohmwrecker: This item isn't cost efficent and if your afraid of diving a turret as Sion then you need to assess the situations more carefully.

Sorcerer's Shoes: I understand that most of his damage comes from his Roar of the Slayer but you will most likely be forced into being a tank and therefore require resistances. If your team is already tanky enough then it could be a nice buy.

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VIII. Abilities

This is where we shall discuss the importance of each ability and how Sion has one path that will maximize damage and utility over the other possibilities. Maxing Roar of the Slayer gives the most damage and will shred armor allowing your other abilities to deal more damage.

Glory in Death

This ability is amazing. It makes Sion comeback from the dead and slap the living heck out of anything he can reach. You can attack the enemy turret which will help your allies take the turret faster. It can be used to kill a low health enemy, or to clear a large minion wave. You can use active abilities in this form so Hydra and passives such as Frozen Gauntlet and sunfire will be active as well. In team fights you can actually chase a mage or adc out fights with this reducing their overall damage or force them to waste spells locking you in place.

Statistics and explanation

Decimating Smash

This is Sion's massive AOE slow or knock-up. Despite its awesome look and animation, it's not Sion's strongest skill!This is used for a few purposes, mainly for disruption, wave clear, and the damage combo. To achieve the knock-up you must let the lines fill in to the point. But, you don't need the whole charge to get the knock up. You can activate this ability at any time to get the slow though.

Statistics and explanation

Soul Furnace

This is Sion's amazing shield and passive ability. This is where most of his tankiness comes from. I usually max this last as you will naturally gain the bonus health from it. This is great if you're going in for a trade or the enemy is going to try and poke you down after an initial combo. The best thing about this ability is it is also a damage spell and can be activated at any time even during another spell!

Statistics and explanation

Roar of the slayer

This is Sion's main damage spell. This is a long range spell if there are minions present. It also has the potential to shred armor and slow targets. This ability has a lot of uses rather it be pushing lanes, poking, enemies, or setting up amazing plays.

statistics and explanation

Unstoppable Onslaught

This is the new trademark ultimate for Sion and boy is it fun. This is a long range gap closer that allows you to gank lanes, initiate team fights, and escape if needed. This is a really hard ultimate to control. by having your mouse farther away you can steer Sion with a wider arc. Don't be afraid if you miss this ultimate you can sometimes make the enemies go towards your allies if you miss them cutting off their path. To prove that this is a hard ultimate I have attached in a spoiler a video of a diamond player using Sion.


Statistics and explanation


Basic Harass combo: Roar of the Slayer + Decimating Smash + Auto attack + Soul Furnace

This is his basic full combo and maximizes his damage. You have to use decimating smash with a knock-up charge for you to be able to get the soul furnace charge off. Most of your attacks and trades will come off of this basic set up.

Post 6: Roar of the Slayer + Decimating Smash + Auto attack + Soul Furnace + Unstoppable Onslaught + Decimating Smash + Roar of the Slayer + Auto Attack.

This combo allows for an almost full rotation of abilities. I try not to use this due to Sion's high cool-down on his ultimate. But, if you need to finish off an enemy then this might be a great idea.

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VIV. Early game

As, I said in the introduction of the guide farming is one of the golden rules of Sion. It is very important to note what type of enemy your up against in lane. Because they could try and deny you farm. Usually ranged champions are the best at this and this can be easily avoided by leveling Roar of the Slayer and Soul Furnace early on and staying in bushes only coming out to farm or try and harass. Remember the second golden rule as well! Map awareness will be important as pre-6 Sion lacks escape mechanics. If you are on RED TEAM ward a little beneath the bush near the BLUE TEAMS Golem entrance around 6:00 minutes if they start blue;otherwise ward around 4:00. If you are on BLUE TEAM than ward the tribush around 4:00 minutes as most junglers will have red by than.

Once you reach level 6 you now have the whole map as your domain. Tell your team you have ultimate and will start roaming when you push your lane out. This is when you can use Sion's ultimate to gank mid-lane or to teleport bot-lane and gank them. When ganking a lane there is a simple step by step process.

1. Announce your actions: by telling your teammates what you plan to do they will have to set up communicate with you.

2. Begin using ultimate and hit the opponent: If this fails go to point 3B

3. Follow up with Decimating Smash, Soul Furnace, Roar of the Slayer combo.

3B: try to position yourself so the enemy will have to flash away or get hit by a Decimating Smash to try and escape.

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X.Mid Game

This is where you can do a few different things. Between split pushing, grabbing objectives, or try to gank lanes.

As a top laner split pushing is an important job. It can force a jungler to come and try to fight a 2v1 which you can run away from at this point. While not every champion and time is suited to split pushing, applying this strategy at key points in the game forces your enemies to make decisions they'd rather not.

They can split up their team and send members to stop your pushing or make a hard engagement on your team while you're pushing. Split-pushing works because it's incredibly difficult to counter. Because there is no surefire way to handle pressure in two lanes at once, a losing team that employs split-pushing creates neutrality and gives their team a chance to catch up while a winning team that employs split-pushing snowballs their lead and builds up a larger gold lead on the enemy team. If you can force their jungler top and kill both or run away. The rest of the team can push or force fights. There are champions though that you should avoid trying to split against mainly Jax, Shyvana, Ryze, or Fiora, and Irelia and when their jungler is Evelynn, Lee Sin or Rengar.


So let's talk about this guy now. This guy has great momentum and worth for a game. He can be used to set up teamfights and get incredibly strong buffs. The important things here is "When do you take it?" If your team is stronger than the enemies you can set up a trap and force a teamfight there or if they are too skittish to contest take the objective and leave. If your team is weaker than the enemy and is less likely to win a contest against them try to either steal, poke, or wait till they are low to engage on them. It's ok to give up an objective from time to time if it means saving your towers and the game.

Dragon initially spawns at 2:30 and will re-spawn every 6 minutes. This is a big objective in the game due to its amazing buffs this is a vital part of the map objectively.

Now let's talk about the times when you shouldn't go for dragon! If your team is low on health, ultimate moves are down, lack of vision, or lack of damage champions, you shouldn't try to get Baron or Dragon. Remember to put a Vision Ward there as that should allow you to keep vision on it as long as it's still alive. This will also reveal nearby Stealth Ward's.

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XI. Late Game

So, this guy has lost a lot of his luster but is still an important part of the map. Baron spawns 20 minutes into the game and gives minions amazing buffs if you are near them. Most of the time you should be patrolling for enemies as your team will most likely have enough DPS to slay it. If enemies get near try to push them back with Decimating Smash.

Team-fighting is another important part of the game. You are an engage tank. Engage with Unstoppable Onslaught and then use Decimating Smash directly after. Activate Soul Furnace to negate or dampen the damage being thrown your way and then let off a Roar of the Slayer for one last slow. After this try to peel for the rest of your team and if you die try to aim for the ADC or MAGE as they will most likely be the source of damage and by chasing them out of the fight your team will stand a better chance of winning. You will must likely try to be peeled off by the enemy forcing attention and spells on you that shall allow your team to fight with an advantage. After this try to win the game and have fun. :)

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XII. Change Notes

Nothing yet. Sion doesn't really have a lot of changes.