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Sion Build Guide by teafour

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League of Legends Build Guide Author teafour

Sion Support Shankz da Enemyz

teafour Last updated on April 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I have played many support champs in my time of League. I've got a pretty good rep on the traditional champs most are familiar. Those that known me better know I like to break convention and do different things like a Ziggs support? Are you nuts? Well it works and it works pretty darn well if you know how to really support your ADC and team. Sion's revamp spell set and skills took to me as a top laner quick. He's a total blast champ and a lot more versatile than people realize. Top lane, he holds his own against most that come at him with few bad match ups. He can be a surprising counter to common mid lane champs just due to pure range harass and tankyness to laugh them off and get away. So after enjoying learning and doing those things, I was like, support..... yeah... and not an AP support that seem to be the common trend but a tank, a real tank bruiser. Well, here's what I've build and it's been treating me pretty well, so I hope you like it. I'll continue to update this as I can and I look forward to you counter picking a Sion support against me!

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General Overview

Sion is a champ I recently refound since his rework. While primarily a top lane champ, I have grown fond of him being a harass support. Like other tanky champs, you need to harass and detour the enemy from coming after your ADC and help set them up for the kills. As Sion, you can use your abilities to both defend and assist in the attack early game and become a tanky best late game all in one.

Offensively, everyone knows Sion can poke with his E, slow and knock up with his Q and use his W to take a hit and keep on killing. His ultimate is a great engage to set up team fights or just help with ganks or straight up all in's. Using your ult to charge a champ and stun him sets you up for a combo of hitting him with your E so they're slow as the stun comes off and initiate your Q. All the while you can start your W as his teammates try to pound on you. As the champ is trying to get away he gets knocked up by that Q for even further set up for your team. If your team can't take advantage of all that and get the kill, then hit with your W and finish them off yourself. Building a hydra will will give you yet another damage dealer in your combo's and gives you a little more health to tank that much more. You're Flash and Heal spells can help you sustain an engage if the enemy tries to get away or if it goes south, to help escape.

Defensively, Sion can use his E to slow enemies chasing your ADC or teammate or even if they're chasing yourself. The W gives you a shield that takes some damage so you can use to block for your ADC for range attacks or help remove fear of engaging the enemy to get their attention off your teammate. You can also use your Q to start in the path for the enemy takes to go after your teammate and slow them and possibly knock them up. This gives your teammate the ability to get away. Remember, you're the support in this scenario.

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How to be a support with Sion

As the support, you have to harass the enemy with Sion. You can't heal, well outside your heal spell that is. You can't give your teammate mana. You can't do the traditional support things. What you can do, is be a bully which Sion is excellent at being. You poke, you slow, you harass and you ward.

Lets touch on the last part first because you don't ward like a traditional support does either. Early game, you want to get enough gold to get a pink and green ward, even before your boots. Put the pink ward at the Tri Bush or Blue Buff bushes soon as you can. Use your trinket ward to constantly watch river entrance on you. If you're pushing the lane, then place the green bush on the river entrance area to protect against ganks. If you see something coming up the river, you're Sion, be a bully and head towards them. Often they realize they were spotted and back away. Obviously if you have your jungler or another teammate nearby, you can ignore and try to bait them. The next time you can go back, again, get a pink ward. If they destroyed your bottom map ward already, replace it. If they didn't, put it on the north side river bush if you're west map team or the bushes near red from the east side team. Always replace these two ward locations with pinks soon as you can to keep vision up. Upgrade your trinket ward to the two 120 timer version. Your trinket or green wards are to protect your lane entrances anywhere you're pushing at the time. Late game, you do not need a sightstone if you've been successful and keep putting that trinket down while pushing or defending in the local area. You can only have 3 wards out at a time and having pinks and trinkets down conciously means a lot of vision for extended periods. This allows you to build more items and become a bigger bully as a support.

Now the bully part, what Sion's do best. They pound and do damage and yet are tanky as all get out. Build tanky but pay attention to who on the other team is winning their fights, are they AD or are they AP and focus accordingly. While laning, you want to use the minion waves as lines of defense. Slide between the front minions and the rear minions from the enemy and use your E to push a single minion into the enemy champs. You don't want to take away all the ADC's farm, so it's important to avoid pushing minions through other minions early on as much as you can. Constantly move in and out of the enemies bush if you can using your W to close and E to harass as you can. When you have the Q, sliding into the bush and a well place Q into the enemies path is an unexpected knock up or slow and starts the mind games. Back and forth repeating the harass between warding up and your ADC gets a lot of farm easy. At level 2 and level 6, a quick read and react using the harass with W or the Ult charge combo will feed kills to your ADC easily.

As the game progresses and if all things are going well, your ADC will get enough ahead that you're really just slowing them down. Give them the lane and go help whatever lane is suffering or double gank with the jungler. You are now the roaming support and harass and all lanes will start to cringe when that yell and stomp known as Sion is coming.