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Amumu Build Guide by FatManOnWheels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatManOnWheels

Sir Amumu - Thane of the Jungle

FatManOnWheels Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Welcome to my Amumu build and guide. I prefer to play Amumu as a jungler that transitions into a tank/aura support champion. His jungle speed is pretty strong and his ganking is good making him an effective jungler. He can gank at level 3 and his ganks just become amazing once he hits level 6 and gets his ultimate.

I see players build Amumu as an AP burst champion and even an attack speed AP hybrid. Where these might work well, tank Amumu deals enough damage and has more utility in my opinion.

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Cursed Touch [Passive]
Amumu's auto-attacks reduce the enemies magic resist by 15/25/35 for 4 seconds and reapplies with each auto-attack but does not stack.

Pretty good passive in conjunction with friendly AP champions. Allows you to deal extra damage to jungle monsters with Despair and Tantrum. Goes well with an Abyssal Mask to reduce enemy magic resist.

Bandage Toss [Q]
Amumu throws a bandage that pulls him to any target hit dealing damage and stunning the target for a brief duration.

Good for initiating fights and ganks. Get one level at 3 for early ganks and level up last as other of Amumu's abilities are better with levels. Because it is a single target spell, it applies red buff on hit as well.

Despair [W]
Toggle: Enemies around Amumu take a base damage as well as a percentage of their health each second.

Great for clearing the jungle and killing bulky champions. Does not have a good ability power ratio so building AP is not the best for this ability.

Tantrum [E]
Passive: Amumu takes less damage from physical attacks.

Active: Amumu deals damage to all enemies around him (Enemy auto-attacks reduce the active cooldown by 0.5 seconds).

Allows Amumu to clear small jungle camps very easily. Good for farming or pushing a lane, and gives some extra bulk in the jungle and against physical champions.

Curse of the Sad Mummy [Ultimate]
Amumu snares and damage all enemies in an area around him for two seconds.

This is one of the more game changing ulitmates. Effectively hitting an entire team with this ability can give your team an easy ace.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed. I know what your thinking. Why attack speed reds? The reason I get these is for faster jungling because magic penetration is useless in the jungle. Also with more attack speed you will be able to spread your passive better in the jungle and even in teamfights if you are trying to spread the disease.

Greater Seal of Armor give more armor for easier jungling and some early defenses against physical champions when ganking or getting ganked in the jungle.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist give you some protection against magical champions mid and late game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are good for a little extra mobility when ganking or getting away. Not very necessary but my primary quint for Amumu.

Other Rune Options

Greater Mark of Armor Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Armor greater quintessence of vigor

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

For masteries I go 0/21/9. The defensive tree gives some extra health and resistances which will be necessary for tanking as well as some extra damage to minions and improved smite. The utility tree provides some extra movement speed as well as improved buff duration which will be important as a jungler.

Good Summoner Choices

Smite is a MUST as any jungler even if you do not need it like Warwick. A reason all junglers need to take smite is for insuring dragon and baron or even for stealing them.

Flash is good for flash ulting a team that is out of position, escaping, or chasing and insuring a kill.

Ghost is a good choice if you don't like flash for some reason. Allows you to chase or escape.

Heal is an alright choice if your team lacks a healer due to a non-sustain support like Blitzcrank or
Leona and your team needs that extra heal.

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Item Build

Starting Items:

Cloth Armor provides you with some extra defenses in the jungle and allows you to buy 5 health potions which gives you some good sustain for early levels.

First Buys:
philosopher's stone

You need to get Boots of Speed as soon as possible. They make getting around the map easier and allow for better ganks. philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold just give you some early game gold as well as some bulkiness and sustain.

Boot Choices:

Depending on the enemies main source of damage or how well the enemy champions are doing depend on which boots you should get. In the case of heavy AD with a Tryndamere top, Lee Sin jungling, and a Graves bottom lane, get those Ninja Tabi for a little extra defense. In the case of high enemy CC or high magic damage with Fiddlesticks or Rammus get Mercury's Treads.

Core Items:
shurelya's reverie

Aegis of the Legion provides you and your team with some extra defenses and allows your support to build other items or get more wards and oracle's.

You can never have enough shurelya's reveries on your team. The extra boost of speed is great for getting in and out of teamfights. The extra health and cooldown reduction also never hurt.

Other Items:

Frozen Heart is a great armor item that reduces enemy attack speed as well as giving you some amazing armor and cooldown reduction.

Randuin's Omen is a great item to get when someone else on your team is getting or has gotten a Frozen Heart. The active is great in conjunction with your ultimate for preventing enemy escape.

Abyssal Mask is a good magic resist item that reduces enemy magic resist helping your AP carry. Synergizes with your Cursed Touch as well.

Soul Shroud is an alright item to get. Gives you some more health and gives your friendlies some extra cooldown reduction and mana regeneration.

Guardian Angel is a good choice for long games or games you expect to last a while.

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Jungle Path

Wraiths -> Wolves -> Golem -> Wraiths -> Wolves/Gank -> Lizard

Grab your Tantrum and go over to the wraith camp. Start with tantrum then auto-attack each wraith once then focus the blue wraith. Use tantrum whenever it comes off cooldown.

Next go over to the wolves and clear it making sure to spread your passive and using tantrum whenever it is off cooldown.

Grab Despair and use it to kill the golem smiting it when it gets low. Do not use tantrum or auto-attack the small minions until the main golem is dead.

Last, go back to the wraiths and kill them using Tantrum and Despair. Now you should be level 3 so get Bandage Toss and go gank. If there are not ganks availiable, go back to the wolf camp and clear it.

By the time you finish wolves or gank a lane, Smite should be back up. Go kill lizard and keep ganking.

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The Role of Jungling

Amumu fulfills the role of a support tank jungler. He doesn't need that much to tank, so you can offer sight wards and Vision Wards for your lanes as well as Oracle's Elixir to break enemy wards. Being supportive is not just buying items like shurelya's reverie and Aegis of the Legion.

As a jungler it is your job to keep track of dragon and making sure it is warded to see when the enemy team is going to attempt it. Champions like Shaco, Warwick, Trundle, and Fiddlesticks can attempt dragon around level 6, so make sure it is warded when facing these champions. Also, try to keep a timer on dragon (respawns every 6 minutes).

The same thing can be said about Baron. Make sure it is warded and the path leading to Baron is warded. Baron respawns every 7 minutes.

One thing I see junglers do is always get blue buff without sharing. Although Amumu can be pretty mana starved, try to conserve mana in the jungle and give blue buff to your mid AP champion. It helps them win their lane which will win you the game. If no one on your team really needs it because you have a vladamir mid, go right ahead and get it if he does not want it.