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Skarner Build Guide by Derpalicous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derpalicous

SKarRNeir: the fyurios skwurpien

Derpalicous Last updated on April 21, 2014
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EVUR SINSE THE SKARNUR REEWERK, PEEPLE HAEV UNDIRESTIMAITED MY FAVIRET CHAPMIUN. EYE HAVE PLAIED SKARNUR, THE CRISTUL VANGARD SINCE 2004 WEN I W*** ABLE TWO AFORD AN ATARI 2600 WETH OBAMACAIR SO I COOD FINELY PLAI LEEG OF LEGIONS.i haev accumulaited ovur 7563 gaims with this man, aned i havint plaied any of the othur 26 champuens in da gaim. ive reeched a gloarieus monumint of geteng my ferst double kill with skarnir, so i wantt too teech u hoew to gett juan too.

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Pr0z and cauns


skurner is a fast man
spiky andd blu
grait aye pee rashios


alurgic to wallnuts

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howw to wen the gaim

skarnur is the best wen u plai in hiss nachural habetat. scwirpens ar often found highh in treess in the forist soo breng ur rowter and ataree and wakee tawkee too cal ur frend jimy wile he is in the hospitul aftir beieng run ovir by a box of coco pufs. bee carful when ur in a treee becuz there cood be sharkes in theyr. maik a treehowse in ther so u hav protecshin andd ur atari getts beter connecshin too xbox live. haf fun in thr forist with my faverite champien, i wil evenn giev persunal lesins if u sell me your parents so i can bai rp from the black markit frum looshin.