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Diana Build Guide by Zeh Heil

Middle Snowballing to the Moon! Diana Mid Guide

Middle Snowballing to the Moon! Diana Mid Guide

Updated on September 2, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeh Heil Build Guide By Zeh Heil 4,422 Views 0 Comments
4,422 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeh Heil Diana Build Guide By Zeh Heil Updated on September 2, 2017
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Hi! My name is Zeh Heil. has been my favorite champion since I started playing back in the middle of season 3. I finished last season Gold 5. I am not a fan of ranked, so once I hit gold I stopped playing ranked. I am currently Silver 1, again, because I don't play ranked much and I wasn't playing for a lot of this season. My goal is to use to climb to at least Plat.

This is my first guide I've ever made and plan to update it frequently as I learn more about all the match ups and different itemizations. If you have any questions or comments please feel free!
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Laning: Pre-6

Laning as can be really tough. Fortunately, you don't want to be in lane all that often. Start Crescent Strike and try to position your self so you can kill minions, while also poking down your enemy at the same time. Depending on who you are against, and what type of player you are against will influence your ability to pull this off.

Aggressive players make this very easy. A lot of people misjudge the range, and travel of Crescent Strike making it easier for you to land. Aggressive players will attempt to push you back away from your wave, standing relatively close to the wave, making it easy for you to poke and farm simultaneously. Once you hit level 2, you can almost always out trade an aggressive opponent thanks to your Pale Cascade. If you see your opponent walking into wave to attack you, activate Pale Cascade and walk into them. Try to get off a Crescent Strike and auto them. With the shield, and Moonsilver Blade and Thunderlord's Decree you should easily be able to get them down to at least half HP. Depending on how low they were before this, you may even be able to get a cheeky first blood with Ignite.

Passive players on the other hand may be more difficult to Poke and farm simultaneously with Crescent Strike. Fortunately if the enemy is passive, you should be able to farm with your basic attacks with little to no threat. You can focus on using Crescent Strike to poke down your opponent. They should never be full health.

The ability order I follow varies from game to game. Knowing when to level up which ability is not hard, but just comes from experience. Most times you will prioritize Crescent Strike. This gives you the ability to poke your opponent down better from afar, while also making farming a little easier. However, in some situations, I will put a second point into Pale Cascade at level 3 or 4 if I am against someone like or . These two champions are examples of those who will be trying to trade with you, while in melee range. In this case, having the increased shield, will allow you to win most trades.
Most of the time I will put my first point into Moonfall at level 5. It is rare that you want to keep your opponent at close range to you pre-6. The only times that I put a point into it sooner, is if I know that my jungler is heading to my lane. Thanks to Moonfall Diana is extremely easy to gank for. Your enemy will almost never walk away from you, unless they have jungle vision, making it easy to get onto them for your to land a Moonfall. With your jungler in range this will almost always guarantee at least a flash out of your opponent, if not a first blood, with Ignite.
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Mid-Game: Post-6

As soon as you hit 6, you should be able to burst your opponent right down with a full combo. Assuming you were able to hold them to 3/4 health at most, you can kill them before you back. If not, just push the wave in and recall. If you kept your CS high, you should have no problem buying Hextech Revolver and Boots. From here on out you need to either be killing your lane opponent, or pushing in the wave and looking to roam.

One thing that I have noticed is that people do not respect 's damage output. Often times if you have just killed your opponent, or your opponent is in another lane, you can push down your tower and the jungler will show up. Usually if they are coming out of the jungle, they are not full health, in which case you need to look to punish them. Depending on what jungler it is, and their HP, and if you have / available, you can pull off an easy tower dive. Then you can help your team secure an objective like Rift or Dragon.

has extremely fast clear speed with all of her AoE. One thing that you should be looking to do is punish the enemy jungler. If you have vision on the enemy team, and your lane is pushing, go into the jungle and get wards down and steal camps.
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Late Game

is an excelent assassin, as well as split pusher. You need to decide what it is your team needs at the time. You can continue to stalk to jungle for picks. Or split push. Between and Moonsilver Blade Diana can push down a tower in no time. The enemy team will have to respond, and you should be able to duel anyone. The team will have to send more than 1 person to you, giving your team an opening for an objective.
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Pros / Cons

• Extremely bursty
• Snowballs very easily
• Pushes down towers with ease

• Squishy
• no escape after using her full burst
• reliant on enemy's for mobility
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I hope you all enjoyed the guide and find it useful. I plan to continue updating and revising the guide as I play and learn. I plan to test different builds,itemizations, and match ups which I will include into this guide. Please feel free to post comments and questions!

-Zeh Heil
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeh Heil
Zeh Heil Diana Guide
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Snowballing to the Moon! Diana Mid Guide

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