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Renekton Build Guide by clydeyap

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author clydeyap

Solo mid/Damage Crocodile Hunter

clydeyap Last updated on February 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to a new guide i have created.

In this guide,the featured champion,obviously is renekton.

Renekton is a meelee fighter champion who can move into battle,deal some damage and move out of battle quickly.Having the capability to stun,renekton is made a better chaser or a good "spell channel interuptor".The ultimate of renekton grants some healing and lasts for a certain time,in this certain time,damage over time is done to nearby enemies,just like sunfire cape would.Most people would not expect to see this hero at the solo mid lane,but this is the way i play a carry renekton.

Renekton can be played many ways using different roles to cover what your team wants from you,but in this guide,i will show you the way i play him.The way i play him is a solo mid AD carry capable of putting out lots of damage within a short time and making other players easy to finish off.

Most of the games i played with this guide ends up with two ways things ended up.

1)They aimed attacks at me,i deal damage and get them low,my teamates finish them off and push down a tower.

2)They aimed attacks at my teamates and i simply raped them

Want to know how this is done?

Waste no more time,into the guide we go.

W A I T....W H A T ! ! ! ? ? ? SOLO MID CROC?



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Pros and Cons


    Renekton can generate health fast without having to go back to base often
    Renekton can chase,has a crowd control effect and 2 heals.Every skill is useful
    Renekton can play many roles(tank,semi support,off. tank,carry,dps,etc)
    Renekton,if used properly,has the capabilities to put out more decent harassment than a ranged hero.(my normal combo brings an average non tank player from full hp to 1/4 hp)

    Renekton is meelee
    If you time the abilities wrongly,it would cause your death and the enemy gets away with it
    Abilities that are hard to understand(need to know what is the right time for which actions)
    Has low starting attack speed
    Has low starting damage.

Guide Top


Let me first explain how the skills of renekton work and what mana system he uses.If you already understand how his spells work,skip this section.(I am explaining because many people do not understand)
Mana system:Fury
Alike tryndamere and shyvana,renekton uses fury,not mana(eg:soraka),not a no mana system(eg:katarina),not a shield system(eg:mordakaiser) or heat system(eg:rumble).This fury is generated by his passive at a rate of 5 fury or 10 fury(when his health is below half) per hit landed on any unit except structures.Activating a spell when you have 50 fury and above reduces your fury by 50 and buffs your next spell with an enhanced effect.

Passive:Reign of anger
As explained in the mana system,this skill only generates fury at a normal rate above half health or at a doubled rate below half health.Nothing more,nothing less.

Q skill:Cull the meek
Cull the meek is your highest bet of damage output in the early game.Once the Q button is hit,the skill activates in an area around you,dealing damage and healing yourself for a percentage of the damage dealt.This skill generates 5 fury per target hit or 10 fury per target hit when below half health.

no cost:deals normal damage and heals for a small percentage of the damage done

50 fury:bigger damage and larger healing percentage done

W skill:Ruthless predator
Once the W button is hit,renekton's next attack is buffed to hit more times in one attack and stun for a short duration.(careful not to be last hitting or near creeps when you activate this,if you hit the creeps,both the stun and the damage is wasted)

no cost:hits twice with a small bonus damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds,charges 10 fury due to hitting twice

50 fury:hits 3 times with the same bonus damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds,chrages 15 fury due to hitting 3 times

E skill:Slice and Dice
A superbly short ranged skillshot that moves renekton to the end of the skillshot range and allows this skill to be activated once more if a unit has been hit.

no cost:
Slice:moves renekton to end of skillshot range and deals damage to all enemies in path
Dice:if slice hits,dice can be activated in the next four seconds which is the same as slice.

50 fury:
Slice:moves renekton to end of skillshot range and deals damage to all enemies in path
Dice:if slice hits,dice can be activated in the next four seconds which is the same as slice,but with the 50 fury,a certain percentage of the opponent's armour is reduced.

R skill:Dominus
Upon hitting the R button,renekton transforms into a bigger crocodile,healing for abit due to the increase of his maximum health and deals damage over time to nearby opponents.This skill also charges renekton's fury by 5 every second or 10 every second if he is below half health.

this skill has no cost at all or doesnt use fury no matter how much of it you have.

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Skill usage

Renekton can be played as many roles even when he is a meelee,as i said earlier.In this chapter,i will explain when to use your skills.

When on low hp:
try not to get hit by heroes and charge fury by hitting creeps.use your W spell when below 50 fury to charge fury a little faster.If you already have 50 fury or just reached 50 fury,dash into the minion wave,cull the meek and dash out.Heals quite abit.


My favourite part,trolling a ranged hero's harassment with your own.
If the solo mid lane has a ranged hero,chances are,she is squishy.What i like to do here is turn on my ruthless predator,dash in,hit once,cull the meek,hit once more and dash out.

Using this harassment combo doesnt work the best against some heroes.A slight change could help.For exmaple, Morgana.Her dark binding combined with her tormented soil could cause alot of pain.Meaning you HAVE TO DODGE THE SNARE in order to make this harassment combo constructive instead of destructive,which also means harming yourself more in the end.

Against such situations,i do the same but save the last dash,which is the only difference.I perform the combo and run out with my dice ready for cast.the moment i see her cast snare,i dash sideways,away from the snare.If she thinks it would hit and casts tormented soil at a spot totally away from you,she has wasted her mana and dealt almost no damage to you.

To enter for a kill should be easy unless the opponent has a crowd control.For example, Warwick is fighting me at mid lane,what do i do?

Considering that warwick has more healing capabilities than me,i harass only using my cull the meek and ruthless predator,saving my dash or ultimate for incoming ganks or to get away from warwick faster just in case he manages to bring you low.

On the other hand,if you manage to get a warwick low and he runs from you,assuming he has his ultimate unused,dont not hit him at the tower.If he doesnt cast it at the tower before you take tower agro,cut the chase.If he uses it before you take turret agro,wait till it over and use your dash and other skills to rape him.

Sometimes you know a burst damage from a certain hero is too high for you to handle,you can pop your ultimate and dash off.Just in case the person can chase,get into a bush and wait from him/her when he is near,stun him then dash to him to trigger the second dash then dash again away from him and run away.Sometimes,they still give chase,if they are near you at your tower and they are taking turret agro,pop your stun,hit them once then cull the meek if you think they can be killed that way.(it does massive damage,tested)




What is clutching?clutching simply means a close fight won due to what you did before the low hp fight started.Still dont get it?it just means you have low hp and your opponent has low hp and you both are trying to kill each other but you did something like a sudden heal and you killed him but got away.

A good way to clutch is with your ultimate,where people think they can kill you when they see you pop your ultimate and turn back to fight,cull the meek,stun them and chase with your dash and you kill them.Notice that after you pop your ultimate,you cull the meek and stun them,if they are still alive,most of those people will run away.This is where your dash comes in to land 2-3 extra hits to kill them.





Guide Top


9Greater mark of desolationGreater mark of desolation
3Greater quintessence of desolationGreater quintessence of desolation
9 Greater seal of resilience
9 Greater glyph of warding

End result of runes:


Why do i pick such runes?

Simple,armor penatration combines well with landing more hits,which is enhanced by ruthless predator(hits 2/3 times with on hit effects applied on each hit)

Next,armor and magic resist,your defences are increased this way to reduce the amount of damage taken when you pull of some harassment or when you use the healing spell order combo.

Guide Top


The masteries i have picked will boost your offensive powers alot and work well with your skills.

Taking armor penatration here helps deal more damage in the early game,combined with you rune set,making you do almost full damage per hit.

If that damage is not enough,crit chance and crit damage kicks in with your Ruthless Predator.

To kill opponents with low health,i took Executioner as well.

Not only should you care about offence,you should also think for defence and early tanky-ness,which is why i have picked magic resist,armor,health and health per level in the defensive tree instead of other masteries.

Adding more to magic resist is due to the fact that for most(or all,not so sure about this yet) champions have their armor grow faster than their magic resist per level.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are important to many people.They can cover up for what the hero lacks,for example,if you lack a slow in your hero, Exhaust can be used as a slow.

I picked Exhaust and Ignite because...

Exhaust is a very good clutch equipment.(WHAT IS A CLUTCH!? If you are asking me,you havent read the whole guide,i did mention its meaning before this.But no matter,i will leave its meaning below).Okay,as i was saying,exhaust is a good clutch equipment because it reduces the ammount of damage the exhausted opponent can deal to you for a short time,long enough for you to turn the tides and finish him off.It can also help to slow your opponents down in a chase.Needless to say,this spell is almost every carry hero's best friend.

Ignite can be used to finish off someone near a tower or someone who can easily run from a fight.For example,if a Kassadin jumps you with rift walk and his damage isnt enough to kill you even after the silence,you can use your skills to bring him down by alot and Ignite him.By the time he realises his mistakes and uses a riftwalk,he notices he wont live.Bye Bye Kassadin,thanks for visiting my mouth.But do also note that there are times that Ignite should or should not be casted when your oppnent has low health.For example,sometimes your opponent can heal too much which gives you the trouble of taking a long time to kill him,use ignite when you think he is going to heal to reduce the heal ammount(This trick is not very effective,BUT!!Can still be at times).

Other choices:

Certainly, Heal is a great choice as well,because it heals alot at all times of the game.It heals about a quarter of your health in the late game due to not playing scary crocodile as a tank.And ghost?isn't it obvious enough you cannot do anything when your spells are all on cooldown?Ghost keeps you near the opponent to wait for your spells on cooldown.

Redundant choices:

If you can control renekton properly,im very sure his healing counters the need of having to die or go back to base so easily.Enough said.

Stupid choices:
If you pick these,i hope its an accident or i really don't know how bad you are,no offence.

Its not that you cant pick these spells,you can,but what for?? Promote is a stupid spell because you need the slot for other spells, Surge is a long cooldown short duration attack speed spell which can be gotten from items and CLARITY!?WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN WANT THIS?

Untested spells which might work:

These are the spells which might or might not work on renekton but honestly,i have never tested these on renekton before,so i can't really comment on how good or bad these are for renekton.

Guide Top


Let's talk about items now....

Berserker's Greaves is an item that gives move speed and attack speed.Isnt that what a carry loves?If you look for more cooldown based items, Ionian Boots of Lucidity also works on this hero.

Now why do i aim for a The Black Cleaver second?in the early game,most people still have low armor.Using your Ruthless Predator charges this item's passive twice and stun for you to hit a third time which maxes its charges almost instantly.This item along with masteries and runes allows you to deal heavy damage.This item also give attack speed which you need and some damage to buff up your spells.Why not get this early?

Tiamat after a black clever.This is because if you notice,most of your spells are AOE(area of effect) spells.To output damage only on one person in a teamfight with normal attacks isnt the best thing to do since your skills are AOE spells...But even if you do hit most of the opponents in the fight,the damage isn't enough to kill.To improve that,i picked tiamat.It also helps you farm neutral creeps faster.

The Bloodthirster comes next because you wont be getting any health or tanky items,so lifesteal and damage is a good thing to have in my opinion.This item has the potential to grant you the 2nd best damage in the game(1st being Sword of the Occult).

Now..our famous dps/AD carry item: Infinity Edge.Having Ruthless Predator apply on hit effects to each hit,you have a doubled chance of a critical hit when you use ruthless predator.Having your critical damage at 260%,it hurt the opponent alot.Because of the armor reduction from The Black Cleaver,the damage is made almost full,working better than an AP carry with some decent items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade will be last to enhance cooldown reduction and armor penatration.This item also helps you chase a fast moving hero when all your spells are on cooldown.Suck to have a hero with life you can finish off in one more hit run off free and alive.But rocks when you can chase him and kill him.:D

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Renekton's combos need timing and precision.To show you a little of how this is done,i found a video.take note of how the player moves renekton and listen to how he thinks and what he does.

Renekton player's thinking process

Guide Top

Situations and correct reactions

Who can potentially deal massive damage? something to have their teamates rape you?Here are some examples:

Noticed that all of these heroes have a channeling spell?These channeling spells could cause you or your teamates some massive damage when used on you and their whole team piles on you.So,for katarina,with no disables,is easy to interupt.When you see her cast Shunpo for no reason,the reason always appears that she wants to use her ultimate, Death Lotus.To interrupt,simply stun her.

And here are other heroes where if they use their channeling spell on you,you cannot do anything about it.
Malzahar and Warwick.This is why,when they are near,stay a little bit behind,better safe than sorry.(stay behind only because you are the carry.If you play tank,go in front).When you are at the back,take note of who gets hit by one of these channeling spells,then walk up to the caster,use Ruthless Predator and stun him.

Now,lastly,there are heroes where they have channeling spells and sometimes they cast it so far that you cant interrupt.There isnt anything you can do about it unless you are near.But if you are,

Now for heroes that can stay at a range and yet deal damage:
One of the annoying ones i know is....
>>> <<<
Now how do we get her?There are three ways.One hard and one easy and one of a normal difficulty level.


1)Difficulty Level:Easy
Have you and your teamates get her caught in crowd control effect and you all rape one person,but sometimes,this isn't worth the time just to catch one person,especially if the person isnt doing so well and is playing safe at that moment.

2)Difficulty Level:Moderate
You sneak up on her from behind and stun her then rape her.This is a little harder.Why?if you come running from bottom to top,she can do the same. If you run straight to her,she runs back.This method allows you to get a little closer to her than you usually can.

3)Difficulty Level:HARD
My favourite method,doing things like a mad man.If she starts throwing spears at you,and you think its really annoying,here's what you should do...Evaluate your health and make sure you can take one spear and a number of hits from her.If you can't,just use an easier method or back off.If you can,wait till you think she is throwing a spear.Make sure her minions are around.Dash right into the spear towards the creeps and one more time towards her face.At this range,you should have reached near enough to land a stun,so do it and hit her once more then Cull the Meek.By this time,she would have turned on cougar form or just died.Ignite and continue chase.If possible,land one more Cull the Meek and the job should be done.If it isnt,she probably is too fed or you probably are too thin(not fat).

Against heroes that can bring you down fast:
<<<<<< Annoying one
You know what?Dont forget the fact that if you take her on,you are a carry,you can rape her within seconds.But here is some thing to take note of:DO NOT HAVE A WALL BEHIND YOU AT ALL TIMES EVEN CHASING.Just bear in mind that if you face her,spam Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek as much as you can,UNTIL you know you need the spells for a chase,then keep them unused till you know you can get her.

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Here is the easiest part.Farming.

Obviously,you have to take last hits on minions.

If you see a big bunch that can be killed within 3 hits at level 5,what i would do is just use Cull the Meek. Trust me,the damage is high enough to finish them off at level 5,that is if you followed the skill build in this guide.Now,as a carry you should be farming loads.If you see an opponent hero at his tower and all your minions and his are fighting there,i will quickly move into the ghost camp from the sides with Slice and Dice,continuing with Cull the Meek then proceed to Ruthless Predator to hit the big minion.This will leave three half hp ghosts.Finish them with about two normal attacks each.

If i am not wrong, Ruthless Predator resets your attack timer.So if you see two creeps you can kill and your Cull the Meek is on cooldown,hit one, Ruthless Predator,then hit the other.

And pal,this is how i do my farming.(mostly still from auto attacks,also known as normal attack in this guide).

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Teamwork and teamates

Two of your best friends:

Why do i say so?your attacks mostly deal area damage.With a tiamat and a teamate that can instantly gather opponents to a small area,you can quickly lower most of their hp while you take no damage at all.To have this done,they MUST HAVE BALLS to even go in first,needless to say,be good at farming and get tanky items quick.

Other friends:

Why are they good for you?They have AOE crowd control spells,so why not?

Amumu can give you extra stuns to land more hits and deals AOE damage as well to help you fetch a faster kill.
Morgana can shield you,help you get an immobilise and stun all opponents for you.
Viktor has an AOE crowd control effect and an AOE ultimate which is painful and no one wants to get near to.
Sejuani has an AOE stun and an annoying slow that makes opponents unable to escape when not tanky enough yet not too near a turret.


Arent they good for anyone to be with?I mean really...anyone...
Taric gives armor and magic resist bonus and can heal you.
Karma can apply and shield on you and heal you plus increase your movement speed for a chase.
Soraka gives and double heal and armor and magic resist buff.


These people are your friends too,able to give you that extra attack speed or damage when you need it. Nunu and Jannacan also help to slow opponents in a chase.

Negative buffers(armor):

These people are people who can reduce an opponent's armor which can help you deal damage either closer to true damage or damage more than damage displayed on your stat board.These guys also have an AOE knock up to help stop the opponent's offensive action for a short moment,while you sit back and rape those people while they are still in the air.

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The meaning of clutch

A close battle where both sides have a possiblity of losing but one person turned the tides and killed the other.

Guide Top


So i hope this guide has helped you in whatever way it could,remember that if you think this guide is good or bad,you can always leave a comment or vote for this guide :). I will always consider new options if it can improve renekton's play style and edit this guide if changes are made.

Anyway,i hope you have enjoyed this guide and do well in the fields of justice.

Thanks for reading!

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Special thanks to..

special thanks to my clan leader for helping me improve my game play,being patient with me and guiding me through my noobness to a real manly player.

He has written a great Caitlyn guide too,do visit the page and VOTE IT UP!:)

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