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Elise Build Guide by Sasoriox

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sasoriox

Solo-top Elise - There are Spiders in the Bush!

Sasoriox Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. this is my solo-top semi bruiser-nuker guide for Elise.
Elise is a great jungler and solo-toper, but she falls off a bit in mid lane. i prefer her in the Top lane since she is a hard counter to most bruisers. Top-laners like to build alot of armor so you should just tear them to pieceswith your magic damage. and aslo, two of her spells deal damage based on her targets HP. this can be devestating against fleshwalls like Mundo or Shen.

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Skill Breakdown

Spider Swarm: This is your passive, when you use an skill in Human form you ready a spiderling pet to follow you when you enter Spiderform. this effect can stack up to 2 times at lvl 1 and you will be able to stack it once more each time you lvl your ulti. all the spiders still alive when you switch back to human form will turn into stack for when you enter spiderform the next time. this makes it possible to save spiderlings by switching back to human form right before they die. your spiderlings damage also scales 20% of your AP.

Neurotoxin: this ability deals a base amount of damage + 8% of her targets current HP. this scales with her AP so she will deal an additional 2% per 100AP. so if you enemies don't build Magic Resist this will hurt like a *****!

Venomous Bite: this ability is similar to your Q in human form in the way that it deals damage based on your enemies HP. but instead of thier current HP it will deal a percentage of thier missing HP. this is like a Garen ulti but instead of a gigant Sword from the sky, there will be a gigant spider leaping into thier face! a nother thing worth mentioning is that not only you, but all of your spiderlings will leap to your target. the spiderlings have a slight delay on thier jump so after you have jumped them and bursted down a large dose of thier health, your spiderlings will jump them to burst them down even further.

Volatile Spiderling: this deals a ton of damage and it scales 80% of your AP! and also its the only Skillshot in the game that will seek out a target to explode upon. this way it can be used for zoning you oppnent if placed correctly.

Skittering Frenzy: this will give you and your spiderlings attackspeed of the gods! in adition, all spiderling attacks will heal you for a set amount that scales with AP. this skill is great for pushing towers aswell as for regaining health in lane. this is great for duels since you can regain tons of health if you have alot of spiderlings.

Cocoon: this is a skillshot stun that deals 0 damage. its very effective for engagements aswells as securing ganks when your jungler comes up to your lane.

Rappel: this skill is like a short range Pantheon ulti without the chargeup. it will also reveal all enemies in the near vicinity. this way your like a Rengar ready to Jump anyone!

Human form/Spider form: when in spiderform you gain a new set of skills aswell as armor and magic resist. additionally you gain magic damage on your auto attacks. this scales 20% of your ap. this means that Elise is the only champion in LoL that gain autoattack damage from AP. this is great for Dueling and your opponents wont expect a AP character to hit like a truck with her auto attacks.

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this is a must since it will highten your survivability severely. it will also add that extra slow on your skills that will make the fleeing enemies look like little cookies ready to get eaten.

as for all casters you need your hat.

this **** will give you a ton of extra AP since all your skills proc the mana thingy, that means you have 7 skills to increase your mana with.

consider the following: your Spider Form grants you 20% of your AP on each auto attack. you use your Q and then a basic attack. you will deal a base amount of damage from your Q, 8%+ of your targets HP, your AD+20% of your AP, an aditional 100% of your AP. this will make the target cry in a corner.

the damage of your Q is a percentage of the targets HP + a set amount. you will bea healed based upon the damage you deal. so if you attack the enemy teams HP tank you will be healed for a ****load.

maybe since it gives you magic pen. this way your Q will hit for almost True damage.

this is a good item since it gives you CDR and that nice little nuke. it is a good combo with your Q.

this is good combined with the void staff since it lowers thier MR, this will make them sad because your Q's will make even mundo QQ.

meh. not my favourite but can be kind of good since you get CDR and mana regen. but Elise only has mana problems early game and this is a late game item.

this is good in the laning face since you get that nice sustain aswell as extra mana and HP. but the AP it gives you is kind of lame.

only if you have to. or just feel like it :D

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Summoner Spells

this is great for initiation and escape. even tho Elise has her Rappel to escape with, Rappel need a hostile target to escape to. this can be tricky to find from time to time.

good for chasing but i wouldn't recomend it you don't have any other movment speed thingys to stack it with.

this is great for little cookies trying to escape you. without it it will hapen that the target escapes with like 10HP and you will be screaming: NOOOOOOOO!

can be good for duels in the laning face or when your Jungler comes up to gank.

can be sweet for coming to a teamfight quickly from your lane.

i wouldn't rly recomend it unless your up against a rly HARD counter and you need it just to stay in lane.

no... just no...


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Counters and Cakewalks

aslong as you don't play like a ****** this will be a cake walk. why? you ask. its because your attacks deal a percentage of his HP as magic damage. and mundo also has no escape tools so your jungler can gank pretty easy after you get your Rylai's.

this guy can be a ***** in lane unless you poke him HARD with your Q.

rly no problem if you know what you're doing since he's meleƩ and you can just slap him from afar. if he tries to pull you in you can just rappel and then the ball is in your hands. your 1v1 burst is alot higher than his before lvl 6. i would recomend buying Qucksilver sash when fighting this guy. he gets 5 stacks on you? NOPE!

oh your Q deals more damage to isolated Targets? how about spiderlings!

if you can fight him outside of you're own minion wave it might work aslong as you can burst him down quickly. also your spiders will be a ***** against his shield in a 1v1. but it rly comes down to your own personal skill with the character. a good mordekaiser can just keep his shield up at all times and harass you like hell!

this guy has RADICAL sustain with his E. he is a pretty hard counter to you since he can just roll his face over the Keyboard and win.

i hate this guy...

this guy will slap your **** if you're not careful. however in a 1v1 you can win since your Burst is alot higher. but his pokes hurt like hell!

Olaf WILL slap your ****. his true damage hits like a truck! so get your jungler to gank as soon as possible to prevent him from snoballing out of control!