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Tryndamere Build Guide by Roranora Zoro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roranora Zoro

Solo Top Multi Kill build and Offtank------ WANA PENTA?-----

Roranora Zoro Last updated on November 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 3

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 6

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(and various other bits and peices)

DUH HERRO?! I'm Zoro (the one from One Piece not that antonio lame*** from that poop-of-a-film movie)

Anyways im here to bring you one of the BEST tryndamere guides imho. Tryndamere was my third champion i ever bought and i still use him every now and then :D got my first quad and penta with him also. So before u troll my crit damage I HAVE EXPERIANCE RAPING KIDS ON LoL :D

This will be a very indepth guide on how to solo lane top (mid if u have balls and/or its katarina)

(on a side note when reading this guide BEFORE you post and comment please check the guide for the thing your about to tell me to put in my guide. Every discussion negative is IN THE GUIDE so yeah read plz)

let's begin....

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Pro's and Con's

-Good early game(with player skill and a few ganks from your jungler)
-FANTASTIC late game
-High damage output
-Not too Squishy
-VERY good lane sustain
-Built in flash that does dmg (spinning slash)
-One of the best 1v1 champions (the best imho)
-In the right hands is OP (just like any champ)
-Can get a kill or two even when focused because of Undying Rage

-CC is a pain (if you aren't hitting something you arent stealing life, you die fast)
-Hard to time Undying Rage if unfamiliar with it
-Thornmail on most members of the enemy team makes multikills harder/negates lifesteal/ will shut u down
-Relies on Undying Rage in team fights
-Not tanky enough to get focused and live without ulting/ghosting (unless Build #2)
-Hard to get used to

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Runes and Explanation

This is one thing that sets my guide apart from other tryn guides. This runepage will make your tryn while others will break your tryn, dont knock it til u try it.

Mutli-Killing-Hammer-Dropping-Badass AKA Build #1

EXTREMELY OP LATEGAME and really good earlygame

Greater Mark of Critical Damage Crit DMG

Greater Mark of Desolation ArPen is crucial for killing champions period.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage More Crit DMG

Greater Seal of Armor Earlygame Durability/Survivability

Greater Glyph of Critical Damage MOAR CRIT DMG!

Critical damage: So viable for Trynda because
First: He smacks hoes with fat crits all game, that earlygame lev 7 280 poke really is scary
Second: Early game its a free IE passive. Remember you also have the 10% dmg from masteries
Third: Lategame it makes your infinity edge godlike
Fourth: endgame with baron and full bloodthirstiers i hit 1800 on creeps.

You will own squishies 3-5 hitting most of them, if they stack health instead of Black Cleaver get Madreds Bloodrazor. If they stack armor, last whisper. if they stack magic resitance, they are dumb because they will get raped :D

OffTank Support Bruiser AKA Build #2

Gonna keep it short with this bit.

More arm pen
Magic resistance late game for dat Morgana or Lux

You can swap the crit damage runes in this page for crit chance if you deem necessary
less hammers but u get like a few more crits early game big deal :D
(tbh if u want that crit so bad dont buy boots and buy a gloves to start but im not gonna get into that it's different story and build that i wont go into)

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Pretty short....

Build 1:

I chose 21/3/6 because:
Still keep armor from defence while minimizing time dead,
you get to lane more if your loosing your top lane and getting under leveled. If your carrying or if your team is just in a tough spot defending base at the 60 min mark and you get aced you can spawn quicker jump in kill one rage kill other then go heal. But it just personal preferance u can take the 21/9 not a big difference.

Build 2:

You need more defence

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Ok heres where the 2 builds differ more


Boots are self explanitory but ill thorw in 2 cents
boots of speed
vamp sep/glove

Executuioner's Calling

Executioner's Calling
I dont know why more Tryndameres dont use this, 20%lifesteal and 15% crit which with full fury gives 50% crit damage which is every other hit so OP earlygame
This also gives you that much needed grevious wounds for that pesky Warwick or Mundo. This is also great for enemy adc's with bloodthirstiers/lifesteal. at the begining of a 1v1 throw this on they wont steal yo life as much u win gf noob :D
CRUCIAL item that i buy almost every tryndamere game. (also u can ks/ kill from the grave during teamfights because it does like 8 magic damage over 4 seconds. its just to make sure they die :D)


Avarice Blade and a Vampiric Scepter If you know its gonna be
one those games where u need the extra gold endgame because
you are loosing and wont get fed/cs
(build 2 has this as example. ExCalling or Ava/VP works either way)

Infinity edge

Infinity Edge
This is where the hammers come from. After this item You'll be hitting 600's on minions and 400's on champs

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer
After this item your attack speed gets all jacked up and you will hit 100 crit with fury which is basicaly rape, items after this are overkill if you are fed and getting them before your enemies

Another Bloodthirster

You can sell your Executioners calling at this point to buy this or keep to sell for your 6th item. More dmg, balances the ls from lost EC.

Optional item

This is your optional item and can be built earlier and is completely situational.
a little armour like a Guardian Angel or Frozen Heart getting The Black Cleaver is fine.
If they are stacking armor Last Whisper
if they are stacking health Madred's Bloodrazor
If they are pain in the *** ap/hard cc Quicksilver Sash
if they have tons of ad maybe a warmogs armor

(If you feel confident enough to mutlikill in a condensed teamfight. meaning the enemy team is close together get a Tiamat, very effective, had a 36/12/16 game not long ago)

UPDATE: IF you get fed after your inf edge buy a Tiamat if you wanna continue to get the kills in teamfights, VERY GOOD ITEM if use in the right situation. IF your pushed into your base and defending at your nexus buy a Tiamat. kills those pesky super creeps faster and u hit every champion when u run in and rage infront of whole team. The passive also stacks because its not unique.

Extremely long game item

IF you have enough money to sell your boots and buy a 6th item get a Trinity Force so it doesnt hinder lost movement speed, you gain att dmg, att speed, crit, health, ap for ur spin and heal all around good. or the other 12% movement speed item the Phantom Dancer, moar att speed
Youmuu's Ghostblade
If you think tryndamere needs Highlander and its good 2 be able to sprint because u sold your boots :D. also gives att dmg and arpen

If you thought that was alot to read then.....


OffTank bruiser build:

(i explain the reasons for alot of things in build #1. so i dont repeat myself just put 2 and 2 together)
here goes..
1- Berserker's Greaves

2- Executioner's Calling

3- Infinity Edge

You dont have as much crit damage so get it earlier

4- Warmogs Armor
Health, when you get focused or fight in general you have more sustain, can give your teamates time to act + the 4 seconds of undying rage not to metion you drop some ****in hammers in the meantime.

5- atmas impaler
armour crit and damage based on health. AWESOME!

after atmas sell you exec calling and swap it for that bloodthirster,

6- Frozen Mallet
health+damage+slow, with that atmas/frozen mallet/warmogs combo you get +63 damage with atmas impaler's passive

7- That swap for boots item,
Phantom Dancer
Trinity Force
Youmuu's Ghostblade

I will tell u another tanky build because you made it this far. Swap warmogs for thornmail, switch the atmas with a phantom dancer, and switch the frozen mallet for the Guardian angel. only do this if they mostly ad

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Summoner Spells

Now that that long *** item page is done ill make this one quick n easy.

I currently take :

Ghost and Exhaust because i find them to be most usefull to me personaly. i USED to take flash ignite for every game but naww that **** dont fly no moe.

To live after undying remember to save your q first of all and second if u have ghost almsot no matter what situation if u pop ghost 3 seconds after u Undying Rage and run and q at 4 seconds, you will like 95% of the time. Ghost is also great for chasing/evading, the reason people take flash is to get over walls but you spin through walls so there is no point. When you are trying to multi kill you want to be able to get to opponents fast so buring a ghost in a 1v4 is good if your trying to quad and the odds are in your favor

another mocking shout but you can use if it being chased also. really good in the level one fights because you dont have your mocking shout and it negates alot of damage. when your in your lane and its 2v1 you can mocking shout and exhaust one of them to take minimal damage while owning one (or both) of them.

Other spells combos:

Flash+ Ignite
Ghost+ Flash (troll evade if u dont like dieing evar)
Ghost+ Ignite
Flash+ Exhaust
Other spells:

Teleport good for lane sustain (coupled with Good Hands will make it as if you never died or left your lane, youve been getting xp this whole time ;D) and if your team is coordinated and can drop ward and have u tele in base :D
Heal (for noobs)
Cleanse ( just get a Quicksilver Sash)

Spells not to take:
Clarity. mana is for noobs
i dont even know the other ones because they are useless

i heard from a dude from a dude from this guide that heal/ignite is really good 2 for earlygame 2 snowball (doof)

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Laning/pokes/strategies/ leveling up skills

THIS IS WHERE I SHARE MY REAL SECRETS READ THIS PART! its for the people who read the who read the whole guide

Yes im talking about laning strategies also and its gonna be a heaping **** ton. i know this has a lotta text and tbh i would tldr but read this. it is so crucial so crucial

If you play tryn regularly or decided to buy him today you will learn from this

first thing


tryn is melee and has no range pokes so you have to get closer ( i know that was obvious )

Build fury. go for the poke. then run back. and q. regaurdless of if you crit or not (which u will most of the time) because after every poke you heal you will be negating the damage they do and they wont be (unless you have heal noobs or a person with built in heal, nunu is especialy hard to out-poke) you get the idea

Advanced poke:

learn to time your e( Spinning Slash) to go across your lane at more horizontal angle using the edge of your spining slash to poke and/or last hit minions. Using the Spinning Slash this way enables a un counterable (meaning they cant poke back) melee poke that doesnt crit but gets you out of the line of fire. better for last hitting without getting poked.

Advanced poke:

build your fury in your lane and let your opponenet think your being annoyed/pressured/nooby. heal with your q for a few of his pokes then youll see an opportunity to build max fury... when he comes for his next poke use your e, Spinning Slash, and go though and past him. he will either fight you or run and this is the important part.

you will be dealing alot of damage they might be 2, if its a fight and u know it w early to negate their damage and exhaust them when they run or vice versa. if they run wait till they turn around and use w then.

i guess you could use your e then exhaust to negate damage and stop them from running either way. then w when exhaust runs out. remember to save exhaust for this and if u ignite ignite them when they run.

Level 1: 00:05 seconds in:
Ok i take my e first. period. preferance. take q rarely and maybe w if we gonna invade and i dont have exhaust so yeah thats never.

get boots 3 pots go to yo lane

level 3:
you should have each ability unlocked. or if you are getting poked too much then take 2 q 1 e
tryndamere has great sustain because of his q. make sure you are last hitting those minions and getting your fury up.
almost NEVER ATTACK EARLY GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE ATLEAST HALF FURY. crit is crucial. only reason not to is because they have alot lower health than you and they will die lol.

level 5:
dont leave your lane unless you absolutly have to. get the 6 before you b.

level 6:
now you can b if you want and go for a gank mid or something idk whatever but remeber you need to get back on your xp game and get back to your lane

level 7:
if its 2v1 you should have been hugging your tower and poke when they are being dumb but mainly focus on staying alive in your lane so you will over level them. get as much xp as possible whenver possible have your jungle gank once or twice, youll get a few kills or assists. if you can stay in your lane for 10 mins straight great, if u can make 14 mins better. When u b youll have a **** ton of gold and be 2 levels over them.
Try to poke by suprise and when fury is up.

If you didnt stay in your lane that long hopefully you didnt die 3 times because you would have lost your lane and not been overleveling your lane opponents.

If its 1v1 you can be more aggressive. POKE MOAR using your own technique or the few i put ^up^there^.

level 10-14:
depending on how early the teamfights start you may want to engage or farm. if they start early DEFINANTLY stay in your lane when enemies go mid. keep farming you will get ridiculously overleveld if left alone. Look for opportunities like when (perfect example) your team looses a teamfight and the enemies are all half hp.

level 15-18:
Alright hopefuly your doing good, you have all abilities maxed almost but rage. maybe your overleveld maybe not maybe its even or your underlevel.

level 17 or 18 with
build 1 up to phantom you can solo baron for your team, if you got your bloodthirster EC and IE you can normaly do it with one other AD dps champion
if your overleveld you can engage whenever you choose and rape face most likely.
if even level or under level you must pick the time you engage. if your solo in your que ( i know this is ****ed up) let a noob almost die or die because enemy ults/ abilities will be on cooldown and there health will be lower. RAPE FACE moment

Tryndamere Counters:
- Malphite
- cho gath
- Blitzcrank
- Warwick (unless you have ex calling ^^)( he can supress you so you cant rage take care)
- Morgana unless she misses her cage thing then she gets raped after u e right next to her and 3 hit
- Teemo blind so op, poison will get you after rage, be very careful against teemo. if you are playing against him never go into a bush to b after raging in a teamfight. KILLUR SHROOOOMS
-a good Xin Zhao
-anyone that builds 500 armor

Tryndamere is the counter to:
Darius (you must rage early to anticipate his ult. he will smack u and be so mad u didnt die)

Master Yi (rage beats highlander too)

Tristana Miss Fortune Varus and any other ranged adc lategame he will 3-4 hit.
obviously must be within hacking distance. try suprising them through a wall in the jungle

Veigar Morgana those squishy ap's get face raped aslong as u spin / slow/ spin
obviously must be within smashing distance. try suprising them through the wall of their base, proceed to hit until e is back up rage or q if necessary and then go back over the wall

BONUS: for the faithful readers who read my whole guide
People say ignite is a tryndamere counter but not if you save your q. if you look at your Undying Rage timer or know it instinctivly wait till it is 1-0.5 seconds til its up then q. most people ignite tryn to early almost never ignite him correctly remember to always q after a fight or after rage. never heal in battle unless its early game like 6 or 7 and you know it will save you and/or let you win the fight

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For multi's:

Its all about when you engage who you engage, how fed you are, how fed they are, and if your team is with you.

look for enemy health to be about half or a little over on atleast 2 champions, perferable that a tanks hp is lower and a squishies hp is lower. go for the half hp squishy first probably 1-3 hits, next the half hp tank ( might not kill this is what it comes down to ) kill the tank and use whatever abillitie combos u need to kill others. perferable spinning slash through multiple targets and if u reallllyyy wana get trips/quads/pentas and stuff get a Tiamat (splash damage) alot of people say wtf but its usefull.

anyways yeah focus squishies and lower health first.

The other way to do this is to have the team behind you supporting you. a tank is nice and some range champs
you might not get it due to the fact that you might not get every kill, but if your damage output is high enough and your att speed is on par then you should. pentas are easiest in base or in the mid lane. possible to multi at drag or baron also. every game theres the opportunity for a quad/penta ou just have to act and know what yo do in what situation.


it helps to have teamates that you can talk to. dont make a premade just for you to penta thats dumb. but make sure your teamates know when you try for one, or when to ult like Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy, a early karthus ult to lower hp, or a wombo combo (which are epic). Another good thing to have is a support with a zeke's herald more lifesteal and att speed letting u live longer
BonusBONUS: Most quads and penta happen before level 18, pick the right fight.

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first guide btw i would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions


Dat upvote would help :D

I wasnt even fed infact i was going negative that game. Because i stayed in my lane for 5-7 mins after the teamfights began (which began very early level 11 or so) i durasticaly over leveld my opponents. This, some skill, and some support from our varus allowed then penta at the doorstep of their base due to their over extension, winning us the game. I had enough to complete that phantom buttttt they surrender gg no re :Dsold boots becuz i was about 2 buy trin force. Tiamat

If you want to mid for your first time make sure its katarina. use the second advanced poke i talked about. she is way too squishy and aslong as u have the double slow and max fury u will dominate mid lane.