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Olaf Build Guide by IRisJesus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IRisJesus

Solo Top Olaf DPS/Offtank/Jungle

IRisJesus Last updated on April 6, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Rework in Progress.

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Hey guys. I'm here with my first guide. And im going to be showing you Olaf: The Berserker. Olaf is a Ridonk champ, considered OP by some he is sometimes a highly sought after champ in Ranked. Sometimes highly banned unfortunately. In my early days (my nub days) i always liked the look of Olaf. But i went with Mordekaiser as my first buy, and Olaf as my second. At first i thought Olaf was garbage. I would run in like an idiot expecting a Penta or something. And when i didnt get a kill. It would put my faith lower on Olaf. But as time went by, i started to gain some confidence. And by level 30, he was my main, and i could stomp all over people. And still do. Even though im just an average player, playing Olaf makes me Look like a pro. And this is why i picked Olaf as my first guide. Hope you all enjoy. Without further delay. Olaf: The Berserker

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First we explain my summoner spells. Again I am no pro. So i will not rant on why they are better than every other spell, because they are not. There is many other viable summoner spells that can be put to great use on Olaf.


Ghost is now the new spell for me, now its a must have. Since your pen is gone. You need to ult to get kills sometimes, and Ghost will let get on their sorry ***es

Ignite is like, a must have on almost everyone. It secures kills and reduces healing, which counters a tough tank, like Dr.Mundo. Its an amazing spell. simply put

Other Viable Spells

Exhaust is still good on Olaf.

A QSS. Works well... But no substitute for your ult. Its just a mini Ult. If you get this, GET Mercurial Scimitar EARLY. it will make cleanse more effective just in case you get stunned twice and dont wanna ult.

A great escape spell, or an effective chase spell. Cant go wrong with flash on anyone.

Good for sustaining in battles. And good for teamfights. Not the best pick....

Really good if you get countered. Because you will die. Its important that you do not Miss CS and XP. Use only if countered. Otherwise dont pick.

Troll Spells


LOLOL. You arent supporting, nor mid, nor will you need it later on.

If you really want to pick that. I have lost faith in the entire world. You will actually be trolling the team with that spell.

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I've Changed to a Long Sword and pots start. The reason is because i want to rush a The Brutalizer for crazy early game lane domination.
Kindlegem is amazing on Olaf. CDR. All day, everyday... yumyum. Spam the **** out of your Reckless Swing now.
Phage is a great item on Olaf. It gives 20 AD, 200 HP ANDDDDD an amazing passive that has a chance to slow on hit. making chasing fleeing enemies way easier. Just you wait though... That passive is about to get way better in a few items.
The Brutalizer is, in my opinion, officially OP. it gives you CDR fr your Undertow 25AD and best of all. Armour Pen!!!! Just for The Big O ( Olaf)
Always good for the hp on Olaf. Since you are an Offtank, or bruiser. This just goes into your Frozen Mallet.
These boots are pure choice. In my opinion, theyre the best on him because it goes with his passive very well.

Tanacity and extra MR is always good

Armor and a great damage reducing passive.
Olaf's bread and butter item. Or atleast one of them. The Frozen Mallet is a bruisers best friend. Next to the Atmogs combo. FM gives you tonnes of health 30 AD. And a very potent slow just for you wussies that try to run.

The new The Black Cleaver is honestly OP. Even after its nerf, its still ridiculous. The armour pen you get is just to much to pass by. And now that is kind of more a bruiser item then anything. I just couldnt pass the The Black Cleaver up. It looks weird, but it does give you health, CDR, armour pen, and a truly BROKEN passive. All in all, before the buff. No way. Now, it should be on every single AD top lane.
This baby is just for your Atma's Impaler. Loads of health. Loads of Damage.
CDR and MOOOOAAARRR Lifestealz. Plus some MR
Godmode armor Pen. Get ready to chew through everything and win games single handedly.

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I bet your looking at these masteries with some questions. And i do have an answer. The reason you see a more AD oriented mastery page, and not a more tanky mastery setup. Is becauseYOU NEED THE AD. It is really needed. You already are going to be starting with low damage. Dont put it any lower. Plus the Ad page just suits Olaf far better than a tanky mastery setup. I dono. Just personal preference.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. There are still other more than viable mastery trees out there. Here is one.

Little less damage. But more Health and Armor in return.Use this if you plan on being a little tankier against some powerful champs.

This is jsut for An all out tank. Take this if you are asked to be your teams tank.

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greater quintessence of armor penetrationx3
Well. you have to use this now since you are not gertting the passive from your ult anymore. Ohwell.

These are still good. But not as viable as armour shred now.

Movement Speed will greatly increase the effectiveness of Olaf's Ragnarok.
This one is self explanatory. Armor just for you early on so you dont take a big beating.

Later on these are Beast. Not so much early. Take if you want some extra health.

Flat HP runes if you want more HP level 1. Not so recommended. But still viable.

Like the percent healthers. These are good later on. Not recommended. But still viable.
Same as Greater seals of armor. If you arent running these armor runes and Magic resist runes on almost everyone. I dono what to say xD. Because everyone uses these runes.

If you want MR quick, these flat MR glyphs will help you, agaisnt say... Vladimir
Greater Mark of Armor Penetrationx9
Heres you armor pen. Its in your marks. Not your Quints.So you will have armor pen, even without the armor pen Quints.

Just more armor for you.

Just some extra damages :).

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Pros / Cons

*He has one of the best slows in the game due to its short CD if picked up (His Undertow)

*His passive Berserker Rage mixed with his Vicious Strikes can completely turn a fight to your favor

* Reckless Swing deals TONNES of damage early on and acts as a mini Darius ult AAANNNDDD it is spammable.

* Ragnorak is extremely good for either extra tankiness or getting away

*Pretty easy to learn

*Can rip apart any AD carry besides Vayne


*A failed Undertow can make or break a kill

*Trying to pick up an Undertow can put you in a dangerous situation

* Reckless Swing costs health so sometimes it hard to know if you use it or not

*Fairly mana hungry until atleast level 5-6

*Fairly weak against bursty champions and true damage (mostly Vayne you counter Irelia)

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Skill Sequence and Skill Strategy

Now i am no God. Im a regular player who enjoys playing his Olaf. Im not here to tell you im a masterful Olaf and you should follow how i play exactly. But i do have some tips a tricks for you. And i hope you find them useful.
P.S Ill try to get some vids up. Im still new to this whole. "craft a guide" thing.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The reason i am keeping my Q and E balanced is that your Q is very useful to. And despite not doing as much damage as Reckless Swing, it still does lots of damage. and its your harass. Vicious strikes is last because its more of your utility, although its really good for turning fights around, even if its at level 1 or 2

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is for Jungle Olaf. Though if you want a balanced skill set. This is still viable in the top lane.

For every 1% of HP missing. You get 1% Attack Speed.

This is you "tide turner". Sometimes, when in a fight. People think they have you. Think again. All of the sudden you burst into a INSANE ADcarry-like auto attacker. And then you mix it with your life steal. You literally win a fight with them at full HP. You at a quarter.

TIP: Sometimes taking some damage before a fight for your AS to go up is worth the risk.


Throws a rangable axe. Slowing enemies and dealing damage. You can pick it up for its CD to be refreshed.

Undertow is your harass, your long range farmer, your chaser, and your opening abilty on most fights. Its your BREAD AND HOT STEMUH BUTTAH. Undertow can be the difference between running away or dieing. It can mean getting a kill, or him getting away, it can mean CS or no CS. Its your true difference maker in all of his abilities.

TIP: Undertow IS RANGEABLE!!!!! Dont just throw it at full range 24/7. Otherwise you might end up paying for it. And It has a long CD so dont forget to pick it up when chasing. And finally, its a great harass. But dont use it all the time. YOU DO USE MANA!!


Olaf's AD is increased by a percent of his HP. Also he gains life steal. This lasts 6 seconds.

Vicious Strikes goes hand in hand with your passive. You gain insane life steal. And a load of damage. This plus your passive changes the fortunes of a fight. Not much else to say.

TIP:This is also your sustain. It has a low mana cost. So really feel free to lifesteal up whenever. Use this in fights about halfway through it. ACTIVATING IT EARLY WONT HELP SINCE HIS PASSIVE WILL NOT BE ON FULL EFFECT, LOWERING THE EFFECT OF Vicious Strikes.


Deals true damage, also dealing a small amount of true damage to your self.

Reckless Swing is your finisher, and just all around good damage in general. Its part of your harass combo, and can be used to push people out of your lane quickly. Its truly insane. Its a mini Darius Ult. :)

TIP: Use this as a combo, Undertow, then Reckless Swing for a devastating harass. Do not cs with it. It causes uneeded damage sometimes plus, it has a CD so, you never know when you might need it. Lastly, KNOW WHEN TO USE IT!. If you are low on health. Life steal the person your going for first. Then reckless swing. Sometimes Reckless Swing puts you really low so you die to a single auto attack.


Passive: You gain Armor pen ( YAY :])
When activated. You cannot be disabled at all for some time. He also gains MR and Armor.

Ragnarok is your escape. But it can also be used to win fights aswell. Nothing much else to say

TIP: When you feel you could lose a duel. Activate Ragnarak. Use it in team fights to tank, and know when and how to use it. DONT JUST POP IT IF YOU GET STUNNED FOR 1 SECOND. Use it when truly in danger.

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Farming and Difficulty Against Other Champs

Being Top against some champs are pretty lame. Not just for Olaf but, really for everyone. Playing top against your counters or just a BS champ makes it really hard to CS at all. Just think of Darius, this fool is going to pull you whenever you go for a last hit and do his spin move to chunk you down. Or maybe you are facing a defensive Mordekaiser and he just Siphon of Destruction's you everytime you get close to creeps. Just sometimes, you might get in over your head with some dumb champs. But when you get into situations like this. You arent completely screwed. You Have Undertow. Your built in insta last hitter from far range. If you find yourself outmatched. Just last hit from a distance and try to harass whenever possible. If you arent outmatched. Use a combo of both Undertow and Basic attacks to last hit.

Now lets just check who you are and arent good againt.

STATUS: Medium
Akali is a must pick/Ban right now. I personally think that her invisibilty is completely broken and her burst is through the roof. But if you take on a bad Akali, you will win. Vision Wards and Oracles will be EXTREMLY helpful here. Careful for the burst.

Mr. Cho'Gath here is actually sort of a toughy. He is pretty much an even match for you. I almost am certain you both wont get kills on eachother. You both have sustain, good damage, and tankiness. The only thing i can think to watch out for is low health. His Ult will kill you if your low enough. Careful play, a cool head, and some ganks from the jungler will make a win in your lane.

lol. This sack of poop gets a whole tier to himself. Now im not saying hes unbeatable, but Darius is... Well, Darius. He can win a fight like that because of his ult. Winning trades will be essential against him early game. Because when level 6 roles around. Get ready to be shat on. Last hit when you can. Harass him when you can. And get ganks when you can. And you just might have a chance on not feeding the Darius.

STATUS:Medium Easy
Fiora aint that tough. She will have loads of AD early on, and has her parry. Which can suck. Plus her ult is a little OP since she can not be targetted. But if you just survive until level 6. Your armour pen will rip through her and kill her before she even has a chance to realize whats up. Just farm and chill a bit until 6. Then own her.

STATUS:Medium Hard
Fizz is a little difficult. You dont very often see him go top. But when you do. Beware. Early on he is underwhelming. But from level 6 and on. He can be extremely dangourous. He is VERY BURSTY usually, and unless you ult when he ults... Your done. Ask for ganks and try to beat him up if he comes close. Last hit from afar if needed.

STATUS:Very Easy
Gangplank is one of the ultimate troll picks against you. He has one move. And one move only. Parrrley. Thats it. unless he is running tonnes of crit runes and masteries and items. its not going to do much to you. Although his Remove Scurvy can be annoying. Dont be afraid to battle this guy whenever you want.

STATUS: Medium
Garen is pretty hard actually. His silence and spin and ult combo can be devastating. And usally hes way to tanky to actually do damage to. Most of the time you re just going to be left to farming, harassing, and ganks to win your lane.

Olaf counters Irelia. just Reckless Swing her and Undertow whenever she comes close and trys to CS. Other than that. Dont underestimate her.

Jarvan IV has been making a nasty scene in the Season 3 LCS. Godly ganks, godly damage, and godly team fighting ability. His kit just brings so much to the table and makes him an icredible jungler and top laner. The upside is you can trade pretty evenly. Downside is that his ult totally counters your ults get away. So ward up and care for ganks.

Now, Jax is a true fight. Hes a hybrid. So hes tough to build against. He deals loads of damage with his Leap Strike and Empower combo. Plus his stun is BS. theoretically you could ult when he stuns. But thats just a plain old waste. Your best chance is to hug your turret, ask for ganks, CS with Undertow, and Reckless Swing whenever the opportunity arises.

STATUS: Medium Hard
Jayce can do some really beast damage... He is a little bursty... That is if he hits you with his Shock Blast first a couple times then goes in for the kill. If you can avoid Shock Blast. You should win. Because of his recent nerfs. His Hammer Stance is sorta garbage. Just dont underestimate and stick to your own business and you will be good.

STATUS: Medium
Lots of people underestimate Kha'Zix's abilities. He can do really sick damage if your by yopurself. And he has a heal. I dont care what anybody says. Kha is not trash. He can be really good in the right situation. Just stick close to minions and you should be fine.

Ive been seeing a lot of Lee Sin mid and top recently. He is good aaaallll game. He has great damage at low levels. But he will start to fall off. so just hang tight till 6. Then rock his shorts off with Ult Ghost combo.

Malphite is an extremely tough opponent. He can go tank or mage. And still be extremly potent. He will out poke you, and out fight you with his Ground Slam attack speed debuff. Which effectively screws up your passive. Hope for the best. Usually all you can ope for is insane ganks. CS without taking damage is going to be impossible. Try to last hit with Undertow from afar.

Master Yi is very "trolly' to pick in general. Although his attack speed is intimidating, he is squishy, mana hungry, and easy to kill early on. Watch out late game. He will become more of a threat.

STATUS:Medium Hard
Ah yes. My first champ. Mordekaiser. He will prove to be an excellent fight post level 6. And even before that, he will poke the **** out of you with his E, Siphon of Destruction, and keep his Ironman sheild up so your axes and swings dont do a thing. You wont need ganks. But they will prove usefull. The reason he is so tough is because he deals tonnes of damage. His ult E Q W combo is really good. and if you live. he will have short CD's later on, post level 6, so theres no getting away. Just kepp your head cool. and wait for his sheild to be down before you make a move.

STATUS: Actually....Wtf....
Nasus... Did i ever underestimate him. Insta-gibs with his q. Then super god mode slows you with Whither. And he isnt very fun to lane against

... Goodluck, hope your better than the other summoner.

Little tough. buuuuttt. He isnt that tough. You just out damage the hell out of him.

Renekton. I like him. Hes got a stun, a heal, and a get away. So he will be a decent match up. try to be aware of his stun. He will try to secure ganks with it. Or just do some bigtime damage to you. When fighting just try to stay on even trades with him. Keep your farm up and wait for a good oppurtunity to strike.

Rengar is OP to say the least. His Savagery deals a million damage, and despite all the nerfs, its still good. As goes for the rest of his abilities. PLAY SMART!!! he might try to play very agressive from the bushes. So try to bait him. Those nerfs did hurt him... So you will have an advantage when fighting him full on 1v1. If you start out bad. Turret hug and farm up and hope for the best.

Thanks to blackbadgers46. I now have some decent info on her. Play normally, Harass and watch out for when she charges in. Trade evenly. And DONT PLAY STUPID AND BLINDLY RUN IN LIKE A FOOL

Shen is just way to tanky. And with some decent items. Can own you. Your best chance is to shut him down early game, then hopefully his late game isnt there later on. Luckily, he does not shut down your farming efforts. Just hes impossible to kill and gank.

Depends on what Singed. But usually i find him to be Olaf's counter pick. Or atleast one of them. Farm from afar and ask for ganks. Best you can do.

I have no clue. Its like Riven. Please update on how he fairs against Olaf. Please leave a comment

Heres what i will say on Teemo. His shrooms stop ganks. His Blinding Dart counters you. since you are sometimes very reliant on your W. And is Poison secures kills. But. you can win. Your Q is not affected by the Blinding Dart. So harass him up. then go in. It is a winnable fight. But a good teemo, will smack you around.

Vi is actually leaning to be the OP side of things. She basically deals true damage every hit and her Excessive Force has a MASSIVE range. It can be used just to attack you too and it seems to do more damage. Vi's ult, Assault and Battery is kind of her downfall. Once she attacks you, theres no going back, so if you see your only at like half health after she throws a full combo, stay in lane and harass her and fight when you have the chance. Shes like a AD Akali, Run in get a kill, run out or die.

Vlad can be annoying. But he suffers from long CD and a mediocre ult against you. Vladimir can escape ganks. But caught without his Sanguine Pool its a for sure kill. Once you get in a fight with him. You should be able to win it. Just be careful. Play smart. And getting cs will be a little tough with out taking some damage.

Wukong is a true adversary. A bad Wu. and you will smack him. A decent Wu. Wu will fight a hard fight but you should come out on top... A good Wu. He will troll you like no tomorrow. Watch for his decoy and ult. Not to mention his Q reduces your armor. and his E gives him AS. Just be careful. and farm normally early.

Op. Riot more nerfs pl0x

Underestimated Yorick. He is still incredible. he will always 4v1 you with ghouls and ult..... GG

STATUS:Very Easy
Troll pick. Just dont let him get early kills. because he can be bursty later on... But. if you have half an eye and an arsehole. you will easily beat this guy

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Ah yes. Jungle Olaf. First lets get this clear. I RARELY JUNGLE Olaf. But when I do, its a pleasure. I wont be a huge help with this jungle part. But it will give you an idea of what to do if you are new to jungling Olaf.


wriggles lantern
Every jungler gets this, its just... You know. A jungle item. Replace with Mercurial Scimitar late game.

Jungle Path
Golem Buff. You will need this right off the bat to spam Undertow.

Get this for the monies and extra xp.

Same as wolves.

Lol. Same as the last two. WARNING. Do not fight until potted up. They actually do alot of damage.

Your final buff to obtain. After this you will gank at level three.

Olaf has a seriously INSANE clearing time. Its so quick. Its like 3 mins. So once your done. You just start ganking.

Preference is:





Im not a jungler. But this is what i do. There are far better guides for Jungle Olaf. So I recommend using those.

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Team Work


Good teamwork is ESSENTIAL on every player, let alone every Olaf. You can win a game, or throw a game with teamwork. Good coordination is key to having a successful game. The best way to have good coordination is to play with some friends, or a good group of guys, and use Skype or Ventrilo. COMMUNICATION WINS GAMES GUYS!

Playing as Olaf means you are the teams bruiser or tank. You will be soaking up a lot of damage in team fights, as well s dealing a lot of damage. Your role in a teamfight is to peel and take out the ADC or APC (AD Carry or AP Carry). Peeling is where you block the opposing teams carry, or carries, from targeting yours. This means you will take "Tonnes of Damage"-Phreak, and could die before you take out a carry. But thats ok, you will have done your job.

PEELING IS ESSENTIAL. If you get slowed while attemting to peel or kill the carry. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ULT. Dunkey shows a good demonstration of this, it may be funny, but its also serious.
Watch from 1:17 to 1:40. Watch closely because it is actually a beautiful Olaf play.

When you have good teamwork, and communication, and you start owning. Its easy to get sidetracked. You will not take Global Objectives, the Dragon and Baron and Turrets. Remember to ALWAYS GET YOUR TEAM TO TAKE DRAGON ANYWHERE FROM LEVEL 8-11. Then you will WANT TO TAKE BARON FROM 15-18, while taking turrets in between. Its not just about kills.

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There i think ive told you everything there is to know about Olaf. Or atleast from my point of view. Go out and have fun. Hes a great champ and i love him, and im sure you will too. This was fun and i plan on making another on Morde. Or message me if you would like to see another champ besides Olaf done. See you soon.