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Renekton Build Guide by Willowwofjnr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Willowwofjnr

Solo Top With the Croc

Willowwofjnr Last updated on November 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide on Mobafire so good feedback would be nice :D
I main Renekton as my top lane. He is a very versatile champion and has few flaws he is a very mobile top laner that does a large amount of AOE damage In this build I will be telling you how I play Renekton and how effective he is as a Top laner

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I start with AD Marks for the early game damage.

MR Glyphs as you are the tank depending on your lane will depend on whether you want scaling MR or just flat MR.

As you should on any top lane I also have the Armour seals which is always a must on any top laner I believe.

With my AD quints it gives me a lot of early game damage with my W Ruthless Predator as the base damage is very high and does a lot of damage it also helps me win in small trades

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Summoner's Wraith (1) I put 1 point into this for the extra AD when ignite is on cool down
Sorcery (3) Points into this for the extra CDR as it is more useful then more attack speed
Deadliness (4) Standard for everyone who scales off AD
Weapon Expertise (1) Extra Armour Pen always helpful

Durability (4) All 4 into this as scaling health is good for a tank/bruiser
Hardiness (3) Usually all 3 points into this but if your against AP switch it round with Resistance
Resistance (1) As I said above depends on lane
Unyielding (2) Good for when having to trade
Veteran's Scars More health don't mind if I do
Safeguard Good as your tank and you will be taking most tower shots for dives
Block Again Useful for trading
Tenacious Gives good amount of Tenacity
Juggernaut More max health on a tank thank you
Defender Bad during lane phase but in a team fights helps a little bit
Honor Guard 3% less damage from everything your the tank why not

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I Build Renekton very tanky as his normal AD scales decently but I do get The Black Cleaver as it is a very good item on Renekton CDR health Armour Pen and AD a great item for its price. From this it really depends on the enemy team if they are attack speed reliant I rush a Randuin's Omen for the attack speed debuff passive. Or if I am up against a Brusier top lane I tend to rush a Sunfire Cape for the health armour and the AOE DPS. From this you can really adapt your build to what suits you however I always tend to pick up a Spirit Visage mid game as the increased healing works with your Q Cull the Meek from this it is really up to you boots are ether Mercury's Treads Or Ninja Tabi depending on opponents after this it is really self preference

Other Viable options on Renekton are

Frozen Mallet
Gives a large amount of health the passive is good as it gives a slow and the AD is decent however I do not build this much as it does not gives any resistances

Ravenous Hydra
Great for Renekton better wave clear a large amount of AD life steal and the passive is and active are very good I build this a lot of Renekton as it is a very cost efficient item on Renekton

Maw of Malmortius
A good substitute for a Banshee's Veil as it gives more MR also when in lane against an AP carry I would very much rush the Hexdrinker part of this item for the MR and the shield passive

Basically the selfish version of Randuin's Omen I rarely build this item alough the passive is really good

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Very Mobile Lots of early game damage
Very Good Tank
Can go through walls with his E
Amazing amount of AOE damage with ultimate and sunfire cape
Good cc to set up ganks early game with W
HE is a crocodile

He is bad against champions with a silence or stun EG (Garen/Elise)
Needs to get fury built up to do damage with ability's

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In lane against who ?

In this section I will rate champions on how good they are in lane against Renekton out of 10

Garen is one of Renektons main counters I have played this lanes a lot of times and from my experiences I have had good and bad ones it is a tricky lane to play but easy if you know how to play it when you see him active his Q get out of range and try not to stay inside his E as it does damage other then that it probably wont be a kill lane but just farm up as much as possible

Elise is one of those people you hate to lane against as she is AP you need to build MR early and I would start with boots instead of the usually cloths 5 but this lane should be easy enough if played right dodge her E and you should be fine as she cant land her full combo you will need a lot of pots as her q will do a lot of damage to you but other than that she is just a pain in lane

Kennen is one I rarely play against but I seemed to have an easy time against him stun him whilst he is in his E animation and you should be fine other then that try to dodge his Q and you should convincingly beat him in lane and even get a couple of kills on him as he is squishy

Jax this is an interesting one as you are actually in guides his counter but you will need to play it right when he jumps on you with his stun the tactic is to dash out of range when it ends dash back in range with you second E stun him then Q that is really how you counter the Jax also building items like Randuin's Omen helps as it reduces attack speed

Teemo This is a super easy lane and all you should do against him is dash in W his use your second E to dash even further in front of him Q him and you should win trades convincingly Teemo is very easy to play against in lane up 2 6 then after just try to keep note of where his mushrooms are and you should be fine

Darius is just annoying try to stay out of his E range and if you do get grabbed you can just stun Q then E out of range overall this is an easy lane just try not to let him build his passive stacks on you and beware for an al in at level 6 you should be fine

Nasus Funny as if you read the lore he is your brother but carrying on if he uses his whither on you just dash away from him before he can Q you overall this wont be a kill lane because of his passive but try to zone him away from CS and you should be fine he isn't scary at all without farm on his Q. Also be carful though cause his ultimate is basically the same as yours apart from it does & health damage instead and gives him bigger cast ranges other then that should be easy

More lane Opponents coming soon .....

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Start with your W Ruthless Predator against AD top laners as at level it can out trade virtually everyone in the game
Next follow up with you E Slice and Dice so you can jump in harass and jump out before the can trade back.
Follow Up with you Q Cull the Meek so you can jump in do you full combo and jump out again without even taking damage the combo is
E in W auto attack Q and E back out it is a very easy but very effective combo to do

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Passive Reign of Anger
Uses fury same as Tryndamere but unlike him when Renekton has over 50 fury it gives his ability's empowered effects. Another thing to note is when below half health you gain double fury and when in your Ultimate Dominus you gain fury over time

Q Cull the Meek
This is Renektons main pushing duelling everything ability its his bread and butter you should always max this ability first in most situations. A good trick is the enemy's hit with Cull the Meek Actually gives Renekton fury up to a cap of 25. This ability is so good on Renekton as it make Spirit's Visage a good buy on Renekton as it scales of his Q as well. Note when over 50 fury the healing and damage is increased

W Ruthless Predator
A very good ability for Renekton as it gives him a single target stun great for the top lane. The AD ratio when empowered is 225% which is great for chunking out someone's health. Another fact to know is that Ruthless Predator reset his auto attack timer so make sure to always use it after an Auto. Max this last though as the AD ratio's doesn't actually change its cool down just goes down

E Slice and Dice
Another ability which make Renekton my champion of choice empowered the first E of slice and dice will reduce the targets armour and deal more damage not it will only consume the fury if you use the second part of it. Slice and Dice is a 400 unit gap closer great for getting out of bad situation setting up ganks or just generally harassing the enemy.

R Dominus
This is what makes [Renekton my champion of choice you can bait your enemy's into an unwinnable fight due to the health you get when you use it also when ulting you gain Fury per second. And to add to this you grow in size which gives you Q Cull the Meek increased AOE damage and to add to that even more when in ult form it gives you basically a Sunfire Cape AOE damage toll around you

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Renekton is a very strong top laner who I don't see much anymore but still strong he can be very tanky and his AD scaling isn't bad ether.