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Olaf General Guide by demoralize

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demoralize

[SoloTop] Zero Tank Damage

demoralize Last updated on February 18, 2014
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Ok guys this guide is for the less aggressive players. It sounds paradoxical to say that since this is an all damage no tank build, but non the less if you play aggressive early game you will die. Before you continue to read this build I just want to say that I've won countless times with this build. You will die at some point in the game but I promise, with the kill to death ratio you have you won't mind 4-5 deaths.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Amazing early game damage
[*] Q deals damage to both champs and minions
[*] Amazing Off Lane Jungler
[*] Melts health in seconds
[*] Turns around team fights
[*] Great chase downs

[*] Will probably be seen as the biggest threat
[*] Will get ganked most of the time ( Which is why you don't play aggressive )
[*] If you miss your Q, they will get away
[*] Not tanky, but not squishy
[*] Crazy Mana usage ( early game mostly )

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This is the most important aspect of this build. Your 'Q' is the source of all your power. Early game use your Q to harrass the opponent when they get close to your minions. Use this method to damage the opponent but at the same time getting that sweet sweet cs. Your shoould always be farming even when going off lane or running through jungle.
*You will do major damage with your Q to the opponent reguardless of champion pick early game. If they are really low, depend on your range to kill them but as always, please don't get stupid because 1. Ganks hurt, 2. Turrets hurt, 3. Minions hurt. Remember don't be too aggressive play smart.

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The reason I chose all attack speed is because it is the source of your sustain. Olaf the champ by himself has enough attack scale, so you don't have to worry about attack runes. And since this is a zero tank full attack build sustain is key to winning 1v1's and helpping in team fights. The attack runes will smoothly keep your health where it needs to be once you get your blood thirster along with your "W" into farming.

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Creeping / Jungling

If or whenever you feel like the opponent is playing conservative and staying near that turret, don't wait for minions. Instead just walk into the jungle and take some kills there. Make sure to ask your Jungler ( if you have one ) for permission to enter the jungle territory. Also don't be afraid to go off lane. If the top is being pushed then go help the middle lane out, the Jungler will appreciate the off jungle help and you continue to get cs in the process.

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Over all Olaf can do great as a top laner. On top of the raging damage towards Champs, Olaf can also take down turrets a lot faster than most of the champs on League. With Olaf you WILL get the opponents health to the low's but do not chase unless you know it's a possible kill.
The best way to get kills out of Olaf is interceptions.

Ex 1. The Junglers collide and your jungler is losing, hide in the top bush going down the river and tell your jungler to run towards you. When they get half way into the bush throw the axe and ult in.

*Keep in mind that Olaf's axes no longer go through walls. Don't want an axe trying to throw it on the other side of a wall.

I'd like to know how you guys do with the build so leave questions for me to answer.


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