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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

Sona after rework

muggy8 Last updated on March 15, 2011
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this is my build for the revamped Sona what this guide covers is by no means what you should always do every game. in fact with the recent sona buff there's so many different things that you can do with her that she can now be played as semi caster damage from her improved ap ratio in her Q spell or aura bot healer from the increased base heal on her Q

what this guide is not:
- a perfect guide for sona
- to be followed precisely every game
- will win you every game
- easy to use (yes its true sona can be challenging to be good with)
- short (you will be reading for a long time)

what this guide will do for you:
- will give you a solid core build
- offer great suggestions on what to go for after your done the core
- how to play her (and the idea behind most other supports)
- what to do or not to do
- hidden tricks that you can use

i know that there are much criticism about my builds being low on health or low on defense or other things however, dont go down voting until you have actually tried it out and found out its effectiveness

without further delay let us begin

(note this is not complete it will be a work in progress as this is for me to view the guide to see flaws in putting icons in)

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runes, masteries and summoner spells

the runes in the list are very flexible. my standard build for runes are these runes and i personally do like the attack damage runes as they do help ealy game. some say per level attack damage runes balance out with flat attack runes at lv6 so why not per level runes? the reason is because before you reach lv6 you you need the attack damage to farm better. as well its makes your atuo attacks hurt that much more so you can do more harassing. as soon as you reach lv 6 then you no longer need your auto attack your ult pretty much makes it that the only thing you need is to farm.

the mastery tree is the standard 9/0/21 you can put the 9/0/21 in any way you like but this is just one of the ways i like to set up my masteries also i take up all the mana regen masteries there is to improve my mana regen when needed.

asides from flash your other summoner spell is pretty flexible. however being the support, clairvoyance is normally the best choice.
if your running into mana issues more often than not clarity is also a good choice but its pretty useless late game.
ghost is for those who likes to kite alot and i would say kiting is a good thing but do be careful when doing it.
teleport is another option if you would like more global presence during the laning phase and to counter those stupid ppl who are backdooring you all game.
heal is another good choice as your not the burst heal kind of support, having a backup heal is pretty nice to save some lives during team fights.

each summoner spell has its own goods and bads however for simplicity's sake i will assume that you picked clairvoyance and this guide will follow as if you did pick clairvoyance. (hay look its one of the few times phreak was right about what summoner spells to pick)

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the core build

with this core build you will feel like having locket all over again except it doesn't give cooldown reduction nor health regen. however this is essentially the same result locket would have given as far as mana is concerned and it is better to have this late game as you will end up with 2500+ mana. additionally it provides a solid amount of magic resist to help you survive an encounter with the opposing team's ap carry. although this is the core items of the build it doesn't mean you need to get everything listed in the core every game in the order provided.

one thing to note is that the difficulty of choosing a good item build for a support is second to none, not even the tank. and this is true for almost all supports. this is because the core build can be and often will be interrupted at any/some point to add in an emergency item that would help you/the team at any time. these items may be something cheep such as a simple ward or something expensive like oracle or something even more expensive such as mejai's or even banshee. this meaning that you need to adapt the the situation and build accordingly. the difficulty in supports in general is not how to play them and how to executing their moves in the right order, the difficulty lies in the build. each support will have their own core build which is relatively cheep such as + for or + for and after that they will start building items that the situation calls for.

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the skill order

the skill order of for sona also depends on the situation she's in. this is generally chosen at lv 3 if your lane partner is overly aggressive then you would probably want to go with a more passive skill order to keep them in check so he can stay alive during his/her silly tower dive or at least live long enough to kill someone. however if your lane partner is really passive you would probably go with a more active skill order to keep the opposing champs off your turret. additionally you would do good to put points into your spells as the situation calls or. for example when your jungler/mid pings for a gank then put a point into the lower skill between q and w or if you haven't already put a point in your e. or if bothe q and w are the same put one into your w if your lane partner is low health or q if he/she's high health. skill order is also very flexible and should be used to your advantage however i do tend to lean towards this skill order as it is more or less the avrage between the two skill sequence:
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> put points in skills as the situation calls for