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Soul Sucking Morgana

Soul Sucking Morgana

Updated on January 30, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss 15 8 15,012 Views 20 Comments
15 8 15,012 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss Build Guide By Chaotic Bliss Updated on January 30, 2011
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How can someone so beautiful be so angry? Morgana is one of the toughest champs in game, and is known for her uber survival. Well I wouldnt say high HP and Bursty champs is uber, but none-the-less she is tough.

Today I offer you my chaotic look of this fallen angel. My madness has brought about a new Morgana. A Morgana whose survival comes not from bursty team mates or high HP. This Morgana is the Shang Sung of LoL. Stealing the Life and Souls from her enemies to keep her-self strong.

Oh the best part of this build... 55% Spell vamp ;)

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Pros / Cons


1. Survival without needing a lot of HP. This Morgana is built to turn dmg into life. That means she can take harassment well. As long as she has someone to land spells on, or minions to farm, she has the potential for unlimited HP.

2. One of the more threatening harassers in game. With the ability to root and drop a painful AoE, she can force recalls like no other. She can also farm full creep waves and force the enemy to fall back while her minions push.

3. Intense farmer. With the ability to farm entire creep waves with a single , she can easily get fed off minions. All that gold and XP in a short time can give you the edge no matter what lane you are in. Her hardcore farming can also be a form of harassment. After all, only a few crazied players will fight without minions of their own around.


1. For all her awesomeness, she must have a drawback. And its the fact she chugs mana as bad as the tiny master of evil. But time your farming and lead with your skill shot, you should be ok.

2. Speaking of her skill shot, , if you cant lead effectively, you will be wasting not only this skill, but the mana that goes with it. This is also important for team fights and ganks. Landing this can make or break these important moments in game.

3. Like other Fallen Angels, this Morgana is item dependant. She needs to be able to get certain items in order to be successful in a game. Though her farming is great, some items are costly and sometimes that can be a set back if she is having a slow game.
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Masteries & Summoner Spells


Tier 1 I take Cripple and Archmage's Savvy. Morgana is a mage, so I take the AP Per LvL masteries and of course Cripple gives a -10 MR and Armor debuff. A slow and debuff is always fun.

Tier 2 I take the CDR. She has long CDs, and this will only help. Faster farming and more harassment. Manager her mana properly, and you will prevail

Tier 3 I take the 15% Mpen and the improved . In the early game that extra 10AP can make a big difference. Its also a win win thing. When I cant use my Summoner Spell I get 10AP. If I can use, I have more harassment and killing power. So its good to have.


Tier 1 I take both the Armor and MR. These will help with her ability to take harassment. You can never go wrong with a lil durability.

Tier 2 Strength of Spirit is my choice. Health regen is always good, and its not hard to add mana to her pool.

Tier 3 I take reduced physical dmg and less minion dmg. These help with suvival a lil bit, and thats good for any mage.

Tier 4 Vet scars for the extra starting life. More life means you can take more harassment and stay in lane longer.

Tier 5 I like Ardor. This spell gives Morgana AP and AS. Now the AS might not seem like a good thing, but it can help with Last Hitting minions that doesnt kill.

Summoner Spell

I like to use and . I take them since I take all the improved versions of them. The sweet power of slowing with a debuff, and more AP with a Dot that can get you the kill. Thats a wicked combo of spells.

Is a good spell to take if you have problems managing her mana. I find that it is better to replace this with . The AP is nice, but not something that you might 'need'.
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Marks Mpen is my choice. I take these since her healing is based on dmg. The more dmg she does, the more she will be healed for. She has great AP scaling, and I like to deal as much dmg as I can.

Seals I take Health Per LvL. These are good for laning and survival. Some might not like these, but they make her tougher than one might think. They also allow for stronger turret diving. If you into that kind of thing.

Glyphs I love Flat CDR. This helps early game since she has long CDs. That means more farming and harassing up time.

Quints I take Mpen too. The same reson as Mpen Marks.
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Ok plain and simple, I always choose one spell to max first. Like most people I max this skill at lvl 9. Some people dont have any reason, but I do. And when it comes to this lovely angel, its .

I focus on her farming power, and this what I use. It also makes last hitting easier. But this isnt just used for farming. Its also great for harassment in two ways.

1. By clearing enemy creeps quickly, you force the enemy to retreat or fight in the middle of your creeps. Only few champs will do that, so this is a great method of farming/harassment.

2. If you land your skill shot and drop this, they are forced to sit in the AoE and take the dmg. That is simply awesome.

is key to the harassment success of Morgana. If you cant land this, you are wasting your mana. Once you can lead well, you will will give more to the team. You might have a kill taken from you, but as long as they die right?

One of her better skills, but I only take one rank, is . The timing of this can save you from beastly AP champs, or dangerous Ults. for example.

One of the most chaotic ults in game belong to this angel. It can effect 1-5 targets, slow, and than stun if they stay in range long enough. is what makes this morgana a beast. It is great burst and if you can land it on someone standing on her AoE... Well lets say that you might as well walk away at full life.

Since this ult doesnt have a target, you dont have to fear being in the middle of team fights and ganks. Again, targeting up to 5 champs, this can easily heal you to give you survival. Adn you want to stay in range to get the second heal and stun. This is one of the better survival Ults, and why not make it work better for you. Burst dmg, and burst heals.
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Now lets get into the madness shall we?

This is the key to this build. The spell camp from this, added to her passive, gives you a total of 55% Spell Vamp. That means more than half of the dmg you deal will heal you. Some people say this is a bad item, but let me explain its benefits.

1. The spell vamp heals you. That said, you can take harassment, cast a spell, and get healed up. This is great for the laning phase. is the best way to come from low health. Drop is one a creep wave and you are almost healing like on his ult.

2. It allows you to dive into team fights. Again, spells heal you and in the chaos of team fights, you will land DB, TS, and your ult. All that burst dmg will become burst healing.

is a great item to have with this angel. You get AP, MR, and give a debuff. And oddly enough, that MR debuff feeds your healing. You have Mpen, but smart players get MR. This helps counter that. And the debuff is about the range of your ult. If you can root, move in to give the debuff, drop AoE and ult... Well its GG.

only feeds the power of this build. You cant beat having improved healing and regen. This isnt AP or anything, but it helps with survival. You cant beat healing while making the enemy suffer.

makes her a tank killer... But at the same time, it helps burst the hell out of anyone. Too bad it doesnt heal you. But this give AP, CDR, and the active is great too. This is a fun item, and I suggest this for any AP build.

are my boots of choice. Now is it overkill on Mpen? Maybe, but when people get smart and buy MR, its good to have.

Options for last item

Im sure you noticed that only 5 items are mentioned. There is a reason for this. There are many items that can round off this build, and I leave it up to you. Ill make a list of possible items and a briefs reason of why I suggest them.

for the health, AP, and the slowing effect. This is great for slowing and keeping the dmg going. In turn you are constantly healing and thats just so much fun.

is a typical item for this angel. Health, Mana, and AP are great for her survival. All of these stats make her harder to kill and Ill explain.

Health is for more survival. This means longer time in lane for farming. Remeber she has great farming power and longer lane time means more money.

Mana keeps you in lane for farming and health regen. So those two reasons alone, make this a great item. Mana for survival and increased farming, sound good to me.

AP is great for dealing more dmg. More dmg means more healing. More healing means longer lane time. Longer lane time means more farming. See what Im getting at?

this is proably one of the better items to get. You can get mana and that mana gives you so much. More mana means more AP. More AP means more dmg. That means more healing, and yeah. Its a lovely snowball effective of madness and lulz lol. This is the prime item to round off this build. But not everyone likes AA lol

if you like to keep up the awesomeness that is my madness. If you die, you come back and than you can heal up again. After all the animation takes about 3-6 seconds, and by than your CDs should be up and ready to heal you. It also makes you a lil more tanky.

or if you want to continue the Spell Vamp, this items are good for you. The build gives 55%, but Revolver will give you a total of 70% Spell Vamp and Gunblade will give you a total of 75% Spell Vamp. IDK about you, but you get some decent AP more SV, and if you go Gunblade you get an active that gives you a small nuke and slow. Combine with DFG and you can say GG.

is great if you want to go balls to the wall for AP. One of these will give you insane dmg and in turn insane healing. This is for those that just want to rape face and lol the whole game. Its a pretty item that is worth its money. But with her farming power, this items cost shouldnt bother you too much.

if you want to be tougher and have that extra survival via its active. Good AP to help with dmg and healing, and armor to help you take a hit. This item is costly, but worth it.

If you think that there is too much Mpen, and not enough CDR. These will put you over the 40% CDR cap, but it dont matter cuz there is no diminishing returns for CDR. So if you want more CDR than Mpen, these are for you.
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Item: Building Items

At the very start of the game, you want to get and head to your lane. Always try to get a solo lane. This will help with farming and your ult can make ganking easier.

You take Doran's so you can have some kind of Mana Regen. Mana is a problem early game so spend it wisely on farming, or if you know you can land . Mana is not something you can afford to waste.

First Recall: Get Teir 1 boots and . This will start you on the way to self healing. Just watch your mana.

Second Recall: Get Will and Sorcerer's and getback into lane. This will give you more Healing and dmg. Let the Chaos rain down!!

Third Recall: Work on . This item is great for 3 reasons.

1. MR to help fight mages

2. AP to help heal amd dmg.

3. Gives a Debuff to help you hit harder and heal better.

Fourth Recall: and work on . These items will make you harder to kill and if you like making people rage quit, these will do the trick. DFG will also help you be able to stand up to tanks or bulky DPS.

Last Recall: This recall you will want to take what ever item you think would be better. There is a list of items in the chapter above.
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Lets face it, farming is one of the things she does best. is the farming tool and it can clear creep waves with one cast and thats gold in your pocket. The cost of items shouldnt be something you worry about. Conserve your mana and you will be good to good. Also make sure you get the Blue Buff at some point.
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Team Work

The best thing Morgana gives to a team fight, is her root. Binding can completely shut down anyone that is caught by it. If the team focused them of course. Her Ult is also very useful as long as enemies stay in range of Morgana.

It is important to lead well with Binding. If you lead right, you will make sure that no one escapes.

This build is full of burst dmg and burst healing, so its ok to dive into a fight sometimes. Just never be the first in. You might be able to live through a big team fight as long as you dont go in first.
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Lets collect my thoughts... This guide gives Morgana 55% Spell Vamp, or more. This guide isnt the usual survival, but its so much more fun. If you want something different but still allows you to bring the pain. There is enough power in this build to get impressive results. There are items that can make this build 'tanky' and some that can make this completely AP OVERLOAD.

Embrace my Madness and spread my Chaos!!
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Tips and Tricks

One thing that I must share is that you can do drive bys and heal. What do I mean by this?

If you find your self running and you need to heal, head to the junlge and throw some spells. Hitting forest creeps will heal you, thus giving you longevity and escape.

Never be afrid of Stealthers. , , and will give them selves away... If you pay attention to your ult. is only usable when a champion is in range of it. Once they are close, you will be able to use it, whether they are stealthed or not. You will be able to see them since the teather between them and you is visable. That said, you can Root, AoE, and call GG.

Learn to lead. If you cant lead, you waste mana. This can also mean the difference between kills and not killing. Remember your skill of leading is important for ganks and team fights. It can also mean the difference between living and dying. Miss this and you might die. Land it, and /laugh as your pursuer fades into the fog of war.
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